Modern Warfare 2019 Multiplayer - 7 Things You NEED TO KNOW

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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) has finally served up some multiplayer details. We've got the information for you right here.
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    so Infinity Ward held a big streaming event for call of duty modern warfare today focusing on the multiplayer we've got a bunch of new details as well as some reinforcements and some things we've already known so today we're gonna break it all down here with 7 things you need to know about call of duty modern warfare it's multiplayer there are actually more than 7 things in here technically we're flying fast to get you this info so let's just get started off with number 7 and talk about the game modes so it's a Call of Duty game as you're still gonna have your standard game modes that you've come to expect domination deathmatch stuff like that is still there for you to enjoy in various iterations along with 6v6 10 vs 10 and 20 vs. 20 variations the game will also feature the recently announced to v2 mode that we've seen highlighted in streams called gun fight which is a ton of fun but if you missed the reveal or just need a refresher gunfight we'll throw to two-player teams against each other with randomized loadouts on small maps optimized for close-quarter encounters and you'll have to take out your opponents in 40 seconds or the rules will change all on the fly there's no healing or revising gun fight so the mode is clearly optimized for quick goofy bite-sized encounters that are a ton of fun and it's a really good way to shake up multiplayer especially if you're bouncing between modes Infinity Ward also announced a new game mode called ground war now according to Infinity Ward and Activision ground war is and this is their words not mine an epic large-scale mode supporting more than 100 players now out of that brief description we don't really know much else about the new mode there's some speculation that it would be the modern warfare update to last year's blackout battle royale mode which if true would see a player increase up from black ass 88 player maximum but like we said concrete details about that mode aren't really available at making this video so time will tell but next at number 6 we have realistic mode this was briefly highlighted you catch glimpses of it in the trailer and honestly this mode is so much fun that it's worth talking about its own point on this list here so certain maps have a night mode and this can be can advantage with realistic mode which is kind of like a simple deathmatch mode with no HUD where the lights are completely out because of the new graphics and lighting engine the dark areas of the map are truly pitch-black and you need to rely on your night vision goggles to survive aiming-down-sights activates your laser which can only be seen if you have your night vision goggles on this means that if other players are creeping around into the dark and they have their goggles on they can see you aiming so you have to choose very carefully when you aim and perfect your shots because you can give yourself away so quickly also fun fact to the ATS looks a little different because the character can't hold the sight close up to their face because they have the giant night vision goggles protruding and certain guns reflect that it's really fun in an incredibly tense mode that relies on just raw aiming and lasers and darkness and it does exactly what it says it feels more realistic and challenging but it also might be the best mode the game has it's not completely a new idea or anything but this implementation of it great next at number five character wise operators are making a return here this time it once again is faction based and you choose between coalition or allegiance think sort of like Tier one operators versus rebels and smaller bands of soldiers as previously known there will be cosmetic stuff to unlock and customize your chosen character think like you know pants jackets goggles tactical ponchos and those cool hoods they showed on the stream today and the loadout that you have is as follows nothing crazy a standard weapon and a primary weapon with customizations three perks and to tactical gadgets but what has been confirmed this time is that there's no pick 10 system for character Bill's like we've seen in other games instead there is a much stronger focus on weapon customization which will get you next at number four gunsmith mode was highlighted which is the new weapon customization that has the potential to be really freaking awesome with gunsmith you have a weapon and the system lets you pick five attachments for a weapon if there are guns specific perks like for example you can change the caliber of a gun like swap an ak-47 to an ak-47 you but a perk like that will take up one of the five attachment slots because it's special apparently though with the slots each weapon has a staggering range of 30 to 60 attachments and they all affect a range of different stats for your weapon there will also be paint jobs for the guns that's been confirmed these attachments are all individually modelled and highly realistic because activision has like infinite money now and it ranges from stocks grips sights muzzles under grip and barrels many of these are unique to specific weapons and then others overlap it seems like this is going to be one of the main areas of progression in the game this is gonna be the stuff you're working towards more than anything and I'm really into it next at number three kill streaks make a return and they're going to be even bigger than they have in games past you're still going to get a lot of what you're used to as a reward for training kills you know radar UAV care packages stuff like that they function more or less the same but some of them have new twists but Infinity Ward took the time to feature some of the newer and more bombastic ones over the course of the multiplayer gameplay reveal though showing off things like the infantry assault so after getting a seven kill streak you can call in support that will literally drop in an APC man light infantry vehicle complete with a big old 50 Cal machine gun on top so you can just hop in drive around and tear dudes up this could definitely make things interesting and standard multiplayer mode since we haven't really seen vehicles in a Call of Duty game like that I mean like outside of blackout it could be great it's also worth noting that there's no tactical nuke as a reward for a maximum kill streak this time around instead you can call in a care package with the juggernut Assault gear so grab the juggernaut crate and you're immediately outfitted in that heavy duty assault gear and armed with this big heavy machine gun you saw in the trailer they also apparently made it so that it blasts metal music at you the whole time but it's also not for you it can be heard in a three-dimensional space while other players are hearing it out in the world which is a really cool touch especially for a mainstream game like this but I really appreciate that but coming down to number 2 there are a few small gameplay changes coming to modern warfare as well for example the really cool one doors can now be opened and closed in multiplayer in a more tactical way which can be definitely used to your advantage like opening a door only slightly to toss in a grenade or you can kick it down and storm on in if a door is within the blast radius that have been explosive that will also open the door as well you can also mount your gun up against the wall to corner in and get a recoil bonus also Infinity Ward decided to go with unlimited sprint this time around and you're able to use a perk if you want to temporarily upped your sprint speed even more plus you can just sprint through those doors also there's no mini-map in standard multiplayer modes and you can also reload Wally an ad yes you can also get creative and think outside the box a little bit so like if someone on your team has a recon drone you can actually toss c4 onto it and then boom you have this like portable flying explosive that you can totally ruin someone stay with there's also some cool little details added to the game as well which we've talked about in a previous video go check that out but there's stuff like smoking gun barrels and honestly some of these smaller changes might not sound like a big deal to some but you'd be surprised how much of a difference it really does make if you watch game ranks we've talked about it on the Friday show here and there getting some hands-on with the game a few weeks ago and yeah the changes do make the game feel different does it feel drastically different not really but it feels different enough to be significant and we had a good time with it nothing in the game feels tacked on it's fun Call of Duty with a lot more shooting people through doors and walls and most notably the weapons feel way more powerful and realistically convincing and although you can't see it in the stream visually the game looks damn good thanks to the photogrammetry graphics technology that they're using here also we're looking forward to the single-player campaign again check out the video we did on that let's move on but down to number one let's wrap up some more details call of duty modern warfare is going to have an open beta and there are a few different windows of dates to be aware of seeing that Activision has done a deal with Playstation the beta is going to go live on ps4 first with early access running from September 12th to 13th then opening up for other ps4 players on September 14th and running until September 16th then early access for all platforms will open up on September 19 and run until the 20th then stay with me September 21st to 23rd is when it will be open for all players across all platforms now we don't know what modes exactly will be playable during the beta but we do know that it will be cross play completely and that m...
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