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    hands up you guys yes we're back look uh the opposite of what my mom said what you and me I know oh my god the hug fucking okay now there's a scratch okay oh my god did you see the kid just the kiss bitch look at the kiss Geo kissy kissy kiss daddy jido kiss daddy just made a more iconic love story oh wait oh hi guys yes we are back and I wanted to do this video for literally no one but myself I was at Amazon the other night at 2:00 a.m. and I bought something that was extremely stupid and not for video I had literally bought a cat DJ turntable scratching post bitch Marshmallow Man and shook is it Marshmallow Man I don't know I'm old anyways I thought that I didn't I was like wait what else is here on Amazon and then I bought a whole bunch of shit and then I was like you know what let's make a video which by the way it's so sad that I bought all these products just for us now first things first we have to raise Gino's fashion game so I tried to find a costume that was a bag of Cheetos and I couldn't find it then I almost put him in an actual bag of Cheetos with the hole in it but that was abusive so I got the next best thing oh he's gonna hate this here we go wait let's eat running it Shindo show him your outfit jump oh my god jump I want to see flying Pizza bitch give it to us oh my god it's not delivery its cheeto I think he hates it John yeah I am way too excited about that oh my god these are the pizza costume drinking McDonald's okay so this next anecca really looks but it says it's not this is a cat grooming bag I guess you put your cat in it and then put him in a bathtub I don't know all I know is bitch it looks like a purse all right it's a cheeto let's turn you in doing here back oh my god what the torture device okay roll away No cheeto no stop he is so fucking crazy with food he knows there's food in there that's why he's doing this what are you eating white chocolate what kind of a cat wants white chocolate look I'm fucking that up my Cheetos time to get your purse come on hold still baby get away from the food no no what my mom felt like oh my god wait you guys need to see the phone look hey guys it's time for another what's in my bag now I have a few things in here that are essential I have my keys my gum a toothpick you never once stood in your dream oh and have a living thing and guess what I'm doing a giveaway okay cheeto let's get out of here you hate this no don't hate me don't hate me I'm the one that gives you food okay I think I know how to make it up to him let's make him a DJ this is literally everything cheeto get out of the food bitch he's like this with every single type of food what happens when I open up my trash cheeto look it daddy opened up the trash look at this look at this fuckery it's trash cheeto I can't with this damn cat okay cheeto get us turnt cheeto stop looking at the food come on get this party lit okay Paris Hilton can be a fucking DJ that you can figure this shit out with your buddy come on with you with you with you with you that's getting charts all he cares about is food that's all he cares about that's not even food it's a stuff you're eating the leftover food that is burnt on the stove why are you fucking me man cheeto come on when you're forcing a profession on your child come on baby make daddy rich make me remix come on sign of the times remix we're waiting for it harry has requested a remix from DJ hot cheeto then we're gonna give it to a bun yeah what about that food I owe its food its food come on oh oh it's food yep perfect now play uh my child is never gonna be a star okay so now we're gonna turn this toy it's very annoying and I already fucking hated okay come on see those in the doughnut with the with a rat on it come on yes yes oh my god yes oh he's so smart oh he's a genius he just probably thinks it's food oh fuck oh it's coming for you oh no oh I broke it oh God now he's gonna actually eat it and die okay shit okay no give it back you fuck look look there's a thing in the middle of it look yeah yeah get it get it when the dick is weird but you give it a chance and then you leave Chino we're having fun okay let's see what else I got Oh oh my god this okay so this is a brush for your cat but you put it in your mouth like a tongue and then you lick them it literally says on the back have you ever wanted to lick your cat the fuck is wrong with you people that being said I want to lick my cat let's do it time for you to get groomed by mama okay that's love yeah yeah I'm liking this too much we need to move on No oh my god Oh Jia you are going to hate me after this but I have to do it we've got a pirate costume so I feel like he might actually like this okay oh my see you know he loves it because he's screaming oh do you hate it oh come on I want you to be like a drag queen I just want to dress you up oh I think she does kind of living for this look hi baby do you like your look Wow I think he literally likes it my baby only loves costumes and food just like your mommy come search for the booty yes cheetah walk the plank come on bitch find that buried treasure you know a bitch I am the treasure you are a sassy little bitch god I love you okay so these are bubbles that are specifically made for your cat I don't really know what that means but I guess they can eat them and like play with them or just ignore that because they're not food whoo it's scary how genuinely excited I just got all right Katie let's blow the bottle okay ready kiddo over it you know look look come on literally couldn't give less of a fuck catch it come on I think he's genuinely afraid come on cheetah look come on don't run from the party come on we're supposed to be having fun now have fun with your mom come on we're gonna go to the movies and we're gonna go to Yogurtland we're gonna go to prep for 21 I'm gonna try on something too young you're gonna say mom take that out you fat gross old bitch oh I love mummy daughter day I think he likes it as he's hiding under a chair look Chuck look what is that what is that he's like bitch it ain't fries it ain't a cake I don't give a fuck whoo what are those okay now I just feel like I'm torturing him this was supposed to be a fun day but it's fine you want to go out and hang out your friends and your mom that's fine it's about old ladies getting murdered alone in their house because their children leave Cupido seriously have fun I'll pick you up tonight just text me hey if I'm still alive next product now this is more for me but this is a pet urine and sting detector so I guess when you turn it on it shows you where your dog or cat or self has pissed okay so here is the magic detector this is a flashlight why do I always get ripped off all right let's put the batteries in it whew okay all right I like this I'm exam now this also comes with these special glasses that are gonna help me see all the piss oh my god when you put it on everything just looks like this I don't know if I peed all over the whole house or if it's just the glasses or both mother-daughter day just got a lot more fun okay honey let's go find some pee all right now I know specifically that you know peed over here yesterday so let's see if it picks it up the fuck this literally is not doing anything like it doesn't even brighten up an area at all this is stupid Chino what do you think hmm it's not food so you don't care okay he pees on these all the time anything no nothing waste of money fuck all right safety piton binge this isn't gonna work he's peed on all the youtuber books cheetos show me the pee come on show me the piss is that pee no that's actual shit don't need a flashlight to see that who has dumb glasses and wasted their money this guy I don't even think this would detect pee in a toilet zippy you pee in there oh my god it turns it blue wait am I crazy wait okay bitch this is fucking me up it's turning blue no I know I'm going to use this is a hoodie oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm gonna cry I'm gonna cry is that my phone vibrating or my kitty purring it's both hello new mom I'm sure I am a crazy person oh my god going to the movies hi need to be quiet please we're trying to enjoy the film shut up you crazy cat lady bitch jealousy's the sickness get well soon you're gonna be here all day hold on oh my god I found my their daddy's belly who wants to die do you love it okay I'm not crazy that sounded like yeah right yeah that one didn't okay now this next thing I got is a fucking leash to take him outside all right come on Chino let's go outside I know I don't want you to either what come on we got to go outside someday come on come on baby let's go outside yeah come on yeah look look around look at all the nature yeah no it's boring I know wait I think he likes it are we you think fine are we having fun did mother-daughter day just get a little more exciting wow this is fun outside you want to go back no no you like it out here don't you Oh God we're drifting apart I thought we had so much in common drag food never being happy but now you like nature oh they grow up so fast you really do like this this is actually really cute oh my god I think I'm actually gonna cry what's happening to me alright let's go back inside that's hot oh my God look at him he's like no I don't wanna go back he's like oh my God look at all the possibilities that aren't living with you come on baby back to hell back to prison back to this place that you probably hate oh he really doesn't want to come back come...
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