I Tried the Viral Exploding Nail Polish Remover and OMG (DO NOT BUY)

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    "I have never been terrified of nail polish in my life until now"

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    I mean what is going on here well hello everyone it's me Christine again for the past few weeks you guys have non-stop and tagging me in some viral facebook video posts of a new weird nail-polish remover that makes your nail polish pop off like popcorn take a look at that shit vanish polish remove your nail polish in just 30 seconds beauty gurus are swearing by this revolutionary remover really I have literally not seen one me to go talk about this it's like her nail is exploding from the inside it looks like something out of stranger things hey wait a second those aren't the same now I'm pretty sure that those are nail art blogger Hannah roxxon's nails Hannah are these your nails 70,000 units sold that's only because you're a sponsored Facebook post I guess it worked on me but I've also seen more than one version of pretty much what I think is the exact same product so on Pinterest I saw this one burst nail polish remover is revolutionary back now that's what you call rough peel board right see these look like pretty much the same product to me but they're just selling it under a couple different names as someone who paints their nails quite often I spent a lot of time in my life for a moving nail polish because you have to remove nail polish in order to put more on you see I mean unless you're gonna polish mount as many of you know my preference is at least for my main hand to use a peel off base coat because it's just the most convenient way for me to be able to quickly pop off my nail polish and then I get to keep them in my pili bag now I think most people would agree that using liquid acetone based nail polish remover is probably the most common nail polish for removing solution because you just soak it up with a cotton pad you rub it off and it's simple and it just works we've also seen some more interesting ways to remove now like those finger tubs and even some gimmicky mail remover products like nail fix and chill oh my god nail polish is great again I feel so chill and spray nail polish remover simply spray towards your nails and get it everywhere both of which I have made a video on but this new vanished polish bursting exploding nail shit is something that I've never seen before and I'm intrigued I really want to know what it's all about does it explode more than just the nail polish cuz that's my main research question so let's test it out and see if this thing really works first off you should know that I ordered this product from six different suppliers three weeks before filming this video just when those ads started going viral I realized that on Amazon there's actually multiple listings of essentially the same stuff just under different brand names you see they all seem to recycle the same pictures and they also seem to ship from China so I knew it was gonna take a while to get here and this bottle is the first of them to come in all the others are still in transit across the ocean or maybe they got lost in the ocean I don't know that's why I got from six different suppliers so I've got magic remover remove soak off gel polish so that's the confusing thing a lot of the listing says remove gel but then they also said removes any kind of nail polish so I'm assuming it works for everything if it works for gel because gel is the hardest to take off that make sense protect of your hand I would like to remove with easy please II okay I'm not gonna harp on the label too much it was obviously just translated from another language and they clearly did not have an English speaking language person proofread it it's fine this isn't uncommon for a lot of products I buy from overseas honestly all right shall we smell it ah it's not so familiar what is that it smells like the substance that I used to use in my dad's car shop like 10 years ago to help make the the paint on rims like on wheels peel up so you could refinish them again my dad used to own like an auto body shop and I would help with whatever I could which was usually just like getting coffee and tea but also I stripped and helped prepped wheels sometimes that's just my childhood memories of this ice we're very similar smells but back to magic remover this stuff has a tint of blue and it's very thick definitely sticks to itself it almost has a gelatin like texture like you can see little rough beads within it where are the ingredients on this they're nowhere they're not listed god I can't even find the ingredients on the listing on Amazon you know there might be a reason why this says try not to apply it on the skin because it might burn your skin you know maybe chemicals have changed in the last 15 years in the car industry or in the nail industry so I'm not gonna conclude that this is something that I use 15 years ago and my dad's shop but it just smells awfully familiar to me hello everyone voiceover Kristine here just a quick editor's note I want to share with you after I filmed this video I messaged a few of the companies selling this product and ask them for the ingredients and I got some interesting responses sorry our ingredient list can't be provided if you have any uncomfortable after using it please stop using it okay this item people who are allergic cannot use thanks but I did get one meaningful response this product is a mixture there is an organic weak base absolute ethanol and cellulose and at least on the vanish polish website there FAQ list three ingredients as natural resins cellulose and deionized water which is interesting because these things don't really sound like ingredients that would cause such a wild chemical reaction in male polish personally I'm pretty suspicious of all of these products and I think it's really important to point out that I have yet to see a bottle of this stuff by any brand name with the ingredients actually listed on the product and that makes me question whether this stuff meets any kind of cosmetic safety regulations if the ingredients aren't even listed on it that and well how similar I think this stuff is to paints recently I've also seen some people in the nail polish industry suggest that this stuff might be a harmful industrial solvent if anyone could offer a scientific explanation for what this stuff is and whether it is actually safe to apply on your nails I would love to hear it but for now just in general don't use cosmetic products if you don't know what's in them or if you have any reason not to trust the listed ingredients alright who wants to test this shit I've got some regular nail polish some gel nail polish a gel nail polish curing lamp and some swatch sticks because do you think I was really gonna test this shit on my own nails I refuse to accept the risk of my nails exploding so first let's try it the way that I think this product was intended which is for gel nail polish which is tricky for people to remove at home with regular nail polish remover because it really requires soaking the nail in acetone or if you go to a salon sometimes they'll drill the nail polish off we bake that shit for a minute I like baking actually no I don't I hate baking you know what I like though making overnight oats and while that's curing let's just do up a swatch with regular nail polish I did a flaky holiday would you look at that now I'm matching what's on my other Hey okay that's okay are we ready everyone say a prayer for this poor innocent swatch stick that did absolutely nothing wrong you automatic splitting shedding zero injury yeah me to say those odds made me think it was like an instant explosion but it's not hold on a sec I'm gonna do this again come on this particular listing it actually suggests you you're supposed to file the nail down first that's not how the ads presented it but let's see make sure I do a nice thick even really not as exciting as I was hoping there's no explosions let's try it on regular polish you can almost hear this it sounds like crackling I just touch my ear no I'm not seeing any bursting but it seems like it's eating at it oh wow oh shit okay that really work that's disgusting look at the goop is this any easier to clean up but you know these were just swatch sticks maybe we need a human subject to test this properly by an it's tea time nice nails yeah Brett Ben's been testing products for me he's testing a long-lasting base so it's been long enough I think we're done with these tests do you want to take that off yeah please I've got just the thing then magic remover just don't mind these guys this human safe I don't know it's from mastic code magic nail polish remover what does it feel like do you feel anything it's really quite cold it looks like a glue stick now it says don't get this on your skin but it doesn't say why like it doesn't tell you what's gonna like in this there's no ingredients listed and it was great good they're on the bottom nope well that's definitely not bad da approve I'm not even seeing any nail polish popping popping what's what's supposed to have looks like someone's brain is imploding that's my brain when I watched turned room do not put in your body we need to be reminded that let's be fair could you just make a cake and not put nail polish no but do you see how like if you look up close you see a bunch of tiny little bubbles under the surface it's not dramatically popping off well maybe hallow taco nail polish is too high quality and you need to try a different thing maybe I don't know if I'm relieved or disappointed that you're sloppy but here's the thing like if you soaked your nails and acetone for three minutes it would also come off that easily woul...
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