Staying At The WORST Reviewed Hotel in Malaysia (1 STAR)

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    Today we are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and i figured we'd seek out the worst reviewed hotel and this one... wow just wow.... only $6 USD for a night.... sketch?
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    who stays here like what kind of people stay at a place like this you don't I mean piece of macabre Sh hello everybody how you guys doing my name is Brennan Taylor we're in Malaysia right now and we are about to do something very dumb we're about to go to a one-star hotel so welcome back to another episode of my unfortunate life choices I'm doing this video a little bit different today usually I read the reviews in the beginning we're gonna read the reviews at the end just so we can really be not biased before we're going into this place I did peek them a little bit just to make sure it wasn't one star and it is indeed so before we go in I want you guys to do that sign do you see how it says 23 ring it that is about six or seven US dollars so that's absolutely nothing if you guys remember when I went to that one star in LA it was still a hundred bucks you know you're king that looks like splattered blood it goes this is six dollars I can only imagine what this room looks like with that being said let's just go inside and check it out gradual yourself so it's got to be nice trained to see what I want to take a shower the Hawaii we wonderful forum now in the available lately so what I'm saying I would not give you 75 what happened to the same house head definiteiy come to take me 50 in 16 that in a fourth floor fourth floor Smokey's are outside about the new gives me I like your sure thank you I don't have an answer right you do yes thank you upstairs a little first things first she said every pass where we honor I said no and she just gave us the room anyways I wrote my name was Bob Evans Alabama like she trying to like cutting it's an extra you think so you could know where little fall but for now it's not even I'll have the 11 3 then woke up early number 31 this is doesn't leave the hotel side hotel name haven't even filled this out yet it's all the element like this duct tape only get together so you come and do a little crack no I not everything there's no way seeing here too hot his balls Wow so this this room costed about $10 maybe it would be 15 bucks for a night that's all the costs and this is basic living this is a minimalist dream the shell a shower is another the bathroom like the shower is the bathroom at each other why all these bucks buck just crawling around bird this shell all this car groceries see running water you see it no go in there Jethro there's cockroaches and all the bugs on the ground there's literally a massive cockroach well it didn't even go is my question there must be cracker a-hole okay that a dead cockroach right there piece it with hot brush that's disgusting man and be literally on a hole in the roof right there this whole unit is not a fall down it's a wooded damage before look how dirty everything is literally everything gonna stick on the walls this is disgust like look at that like this is handprints and it's dirty odds filthiness fell so listen you know the bees what there's no safe in here this door is not secure at all like that look at the lock it's literally just one of the bathroom locks say kiss thank you you leave you stuffing you like people can ageless not me that's do-it-yourself so this is Malaysia's one-star hotel compared to the LA hotel that we stayed at least we had amenities like a chair a couch we had other little things this literally is a room nothing else but a moment about them over there in the corner very well could be blood there's some white stains right there oh hey come on oh that comes across here that's the sound so a bit like yeah that's like piss stain what's this black stain ringing you see that on a moan oh this is just one one show I'll tell you ready already leave that that's like blood - uh-huh dude there's literally blood stains all over this town that's disgust pause Oh I wondered how they like what's their process of washing stuff here watching off to ten days you have big pillars lots go up again oh that's just dirt but look at the color coloration of it's like just dirty that's what way is that the pattern Oh like see that we see that there's the Ryan pull out a little bit looks like a vein let's pull that out I reckon there's gonna be probably like roaches on it yet I mean the street blood their bed bugs everywhere there's been clothes everywhere where oh yeah I see them all those are big bugs you see em on the edge running oh my god their money says won't go in there this is an infiltration look at him right here that corner look at all those are all bedbugs oh my god we got it look underneath this mattress real quick who's he look at that oh because a dripping down like somewhat this I can literally tell you what happened someone's laying there but they're getting it on so he gets off splorch it's on the wall it drips down they don't even clean it and they probably check out the go this is disgusting let's look underneath this mattress I mean really issues I feel like I know it's crawling all over my bucks right on the pillow that is definitely like a bed bug or something someone confirm what kind of bug that is and why it's crawling on the bed I haven't sat down and read all the reviews yet because we wanted to try something different and go to the hotel and then read the reviews after so that we're not biased just checking the reviews to make sure it was a one-star before coming I saw that it said that there's bugs on it and the fact that there's actually butter on the bed is absolutely horrendous for a hotel like who stays here like what kind of people stay at a place like this you know I mean most days that pillow all right let's do this good all right put it back normal and then lift it up I say just pull the cover off first maybe yeah I'm like Chris what is that Cooper you think yes oh my god this one there's a bug right there okay focus yeah that's bad bad ischl straight bed bug or bed bug eggs put it down was hoping Eve you just like their love hole touching the bed bugs you look like there's bugs on me yeah I see what I'm gonna do my that's just a ball that's it we don't even need to stay in Italy we can see with light on this whole wall right here is to literally about to break in half if it's cracked in half you can probably see the other room next door well you can tell this what damage of all you sounds like it's a different color like oh yeah that's all what it does it's all around in this place if there is a huge rainstorm or something that this place might probably leak most likely and all these different hole definitely our arguments want that hole is of this what Ali I'm surprised that this air conditioning is still even standing there look there's there's a kiss mark a lipstick stain mark like who kisses this dirty-ass balls I can't get a man to this wall wait it's no no I literally feel things crawling on my legs all right let's get outta here actually discussing let's go see what the hotel has like the amenities of this hotel here's the reaction what's out here this is the lounge area baby's lounge chair that a single chair has cushion and people have their laundry just hanging people live like this but I actually feel like I feel like yeah I want to find something that staying here and ask them why they're staying I think that's what Detroit but even like with this budget that I just spent right you could probably get a somewhat better place I mean well I think people - ooh sounds like a place to bring someone did the boom-boom and so this place might actually be kind of what you go to just bang hookers like as bad as that sounds there is places like this for such $50.00 I can told her we were only gonna be here for two hours someone could literally come up with a girl all right guy can be like yeah we all want the room for an hour pay the fee get the room boom boom get out and clean it off though yeah probably make the beds again like I doubt they're gonna go and wash those sheets just because we went in there for now well I just realized it was no blanket on the bed yeah it was just a shade on the metrics like bare minimum like barely livable don't you mention sleeping on like you lie on this shade on the bed and you just got nothing on top of you good a towel hot all together for warmth this place smells rancid like something it's almost like something crawled under something died and they haven't found where it is dear customer kindly note that any Goods and our valuables belonging to you are your responsibility amendment not response for any goods in our valuables stolen miss for in this place there in other words this has happened here and there's a also doubtful you should take care of your stuff and I almost promise you because this could happen they could have a second key and when you leave they go in there and steal your shit we're not surprised without it because that's why they wrote misplaced because like technically no one broke in they just had a key in on no AC I'm sweating my balls off I suppose yeah because they're all staying cheaper in those rings was repaired the $25 plays see what's out there okay so we've literally found this stairway that goes nowhere but look if this one but then we're not responsible for it all right I need to get out of here okay we're gonna go back to the hotel we're gonna read some of these reviews and see what other people's experiences work us on the other hand I feel like I'm infested with bedbugs like I don't I feel disgusting I think I need to jump into a poor anything spot us guys right now Oh mom you're lucky you lucked out this time all right...
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