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    ultimate long mega ramp BMX stunt map nice starting position I gotta cheat got the chi-chi's very very cool oh my gosh Ethan sickest bailout 2k12 move Ethan move it's amazing it's a new circle Batman you just held up me and Vic Josh Galloway josh josh move not I'm not having this again I've got a movement I've got like a rhythm fuel D riddim filled a rhyme get on up because right there you coulda waited hmm oh my god just fell off yeah pushed me alright oh my guys that guys you just you just have to keep going up like it slow it's not a light thing it's not a light chance to work please please please please I'm so close I understand Oh your bike just fell down this time go waiting my way into the future please give me the check but then we come on checkpoint please i'm climber please underline Mathon grind all right you know if you get the checkpoint you may as well just carry on yeah seven yeah well this is just great this is Josh good exactly my evening how do you go fast I'm actually missioning it oh now I've lost stamina ena hold our belay don't hold it don't hold it look I'm just bombing him so I'm doing and it's not why the spiders a move I'm actually getting cramp I'm actually getting bad crap same I'm lost this is wrong guys I actually need my hand to break it just keeps going people and this is Josh this is a troll this pace ah it's this place this is ever suddenly got pace I think it's slipping I'll just find an injection of pace I'm speeding I'm speeding Shepherd this is actually not fun I just got an injection of pace this is actually so painful like boy 1 come on ah this is a finish line why am i falling down right now I'll catch this this is actually dumb what I wanted to spend my day doing I'm cramping up come on this is ridiculous this is painful what is this ending like this up here I hope there's a glide at the top I think there is yeah there is mate you have to recognize Oh rocket rise space rocket man rise they put me in a power position wait you I think you have to bike the whole way down you do no please please please please can I aconite just like let me get this checkpoint let me go step one going no no no I'm a ghost I killed myself for you I killed myself just ammonia I've only got one more little bit to do alright I'm Farley holy are you supposed to bike the whole way down yeah too fast it's kind of funny no no no I probably be tried no no I was trying to say in the middle Josh I'm so sorry I'm so sorry then even you didn't I'm just gonna turn around oh my god this is so annoying I'm just with the lads this is mad fast are you are you just you don't breaking oh yeah it's a break it you have to break it you have to break the whole way no I'm not how you don't break wait gonna start and he let it go eventually no I'm so troffer nicely look we need to stop Ethan why because it's funny okay that's mean yeah my god I got I got a gap how do you get down here can you glide it yeah you can't next lesson I can finish the race card in but again see here we go oh guy down okay down the route I kicked up those famous Bob Bob a day this is better than finishing the race it's more satisfying to go through tiny containers at the bottom what not wait Josh I'm going down for real yeah I've got down for real but crashes the container to the bomb I did it I did it Josh I did it I rubbed them in him you know Josh I did it Barney imagine I hit the building lighting at a checkpoint hi I'm going for ok past I don't just pass the finish just to be cool why do I drift I finish line I wanna go this way okay nailed it down let's go let's go why can't I like I let you just can't do it why do you not rotate the wrong way you sir my eyes go in a straight line I don't know I break no look I'm gonna do it again Simon and then just wait for it I won't go straight line and so look I'm in down the ramp I go Oh Shirley hi please no uncle this way once you get you need to get into the middle of it Josh bit oh no I hate this Oh gliding Khan doesn't glide the resurrection yeah why do I die this way I could have been closer you know I'm done I'm done I landed on the floor on deer let them spot vous Ethan go there's way too many of us trophies that thing is another word CQ marvelous FF on soo cool - that's a girl for her hood plastic does anyone actually know what this race is like makes friends not friends anymore this is where we witness I'm scared I'm scared I'm scaring him I don't have to shoot him alright look there leave me Simon you're Simon if you can go in the wrong way yeah I think you're dead pal Vic is your pal I can't salvage this I join me my paper in an hour what your Louis I want to never drove an hour Josh did you know drove your mum unless your mom sicko shows me how much oh he did you can ride people nah I'm sorry I know it's you back with these you're gonna shoot forward so I have to back and I wrote I'm shooting up all the rock is I want to kill those how the general population the general population who writes we've got three laps Josh put some working.i where we can have we can assist you in that one Simon all right my sister and being last okay I know we've had our different name like you want me to ride you know like the general population of the United that's so racist that's racer Cuban they say Cubans oh my what is this conversation of why is it about killing I can't see him nor find him Lord do anything - he's busy being high I can't you're gold digger human oh this is just sad this is a really sad racism so yeah you're lost yeah you could like do so a favor and it's let's do you like I'm gonna try I'm gonna try it boys I'm on oh I see you soon I'll see you around boys hey Vic you need to be quicker than I let the finish line it's like right there I'm about to go to the toilet Oh big I don't realize that made a fatal error should we finish quick enough good lady for Miss star the next race you could you could you can stop no no we could go go go go finish the race go finish the race just Mongol back what's on you hasn't it was trying to raise a big wind it what do you mean do you think that who's released race as well no I'm badly yes do it very well Wow the end of my Josh please just please okay okay okay we're gonna finish right we're gonna finish wow that was fun I know you'd finished we could have made even better style and x-ray causes puen antics but instead I get to ride a Lewis Hamilton Karma
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