Young Dolph & Key Glock React to $18 Million Watch, $94k Cheeto, & OFF-WHITE Sneakers | Cop or Drop

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    Young Dolph & Key Glock swung by Highsnobiety and let us know if they would ‘Cop or Drop’ OFF-WHITE X The Webster Exclusive Moto Wrap Sneakers, Golf Le Fleur* X Converse One Star 'Colorblock' pack, Bape SS19 Bapesta Lows, Louis Vuitton monogram Admiral Jacket, Ebay Cheeto shaped like a golden retriever, Maison Margiela Fusion sneakers in blue, Jacob & Co the Billionaire watch, Beverly Hills 90H20 Diamond Edition water, and Amiri chain suede boots.


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    yeow-kee got dudes are we gonna cop a drop ya-da-da-da ha ha ha what is it out of my wife I wear all white with just nothing shoes alone they hard but I won't like drop them off Dropbox why do you wanna know why do I want me to shoot you know my heart when I deal with like big or what abate me too but they haunt ain't no about no bacon it's nothing you know I'm saying but the meeting hall hang on I said any heart they bought depending on what I'm doing that way one time what's that st. Seraphim and fell down on for what what did you know that might say this all art there's a pain huh and they really being on I understand what you say you saying it's a cheat on what about the cheeto so in cinah for 94,000 yeah let me see you don't look like no doll to me like a Cheeto I have plenty bags are going super tripping man I shouldn't ban cheeto drop Bob Hall a cop so I'm a nothing's got no eighteen wings peeling them off of my wife all right eighteen million on the watch no get my little home from there they're going with it top it from him a million dollars Missy caught me I won't go past it but I won't I see something we're spending mean this heart they put them up they are in blue real down can't drink the water one time is like knitter you paying for the cap the time with people is like everybody want a house on the air did a lot of people and you got everybody like I got this I mean they want everybody wanna flicks on somebody like jumps in and no matter how broke your ears I ritually everybody want to do something to pour something look at this check this out and you got this and you ain't seen it so no one's there so it's a couple people gonna buy it it is off me no booze do not I know I walk going do these they supe don't with Dumb and Dumber see go copy right now easy lives up I can't ain't the dumbest of the dumb is out right now man it were all platform they bumping this shit on on Uranus on Mars Jupiter everywhere go get it knowing that
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