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    The Ultimate Dupetorial on my Identical twin sisters! Can you tell the difference?
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    Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.


    what did you just say so my face is fatter than hers your face is not better than hers so what are you trying to say my face is better than room so you're saying is oh my god hey guys welcome to today's video I am accompanied by my identical twins it's super creepy how much they look alike I know but it's gonna make for a good time because I'm gonna do a drugstore look luxury look they're gonna be the same looks on basically the same face okay I thought you're gonna say the same person but you can't look so much alike right now usually my sisters have like a different outfit on someone's wearing a ponytail someone has something different going on yeah but like I'm looking in the monitor and you guys look identical we do the hair identical let's do this we're gonna see what performs better I have a full look totally laid out full dupes I'm gonna give you guys like the the lowdown on everything they haven't seen what I have behind me here so it's gonna be so much fun they both want the luxury look they're like I don't care just make me look pretty just broadly versus Erick come on oh I'm just kidding no just right here she's gonna make you like pretty no matter what yeah I'm back you're like try they're in chairs to keep them like same height everything and I'm just gonna be like okay we are gonna start by priming the face oh wait we wanted to like just wash the face a little bit so I have nurse Jamie's amethyst mutational again Oh nurse Jamie it's her amethyst beauty tool and I having a face massage it's amazing huh see I got better at this since last time here we go oh yes do you see so the only thing that I'm using high and on both is going to be my chart primer cuz I just don't have another one that's pore filling this way and I want them to look so like snatched and smooth and this one really does it I use Tarte primer - I guess I'm luxury in life what do you use what why don't you use primer because I'm lazy you have your 500 brushes right here he has these brushes she has these brushes she has these brushes and these brushes come to my house so for anyone wondering what she has I don't know if you've showed them but on a palette she has the foundation and concealer laid out so it's on the palette well and even though there's a mirror behind us let us clarify that we are really not paying attention and we can't read backwards so and even when they can read words no offense they don't know what happened this crap that's not true I have gotten that so much better honest she's a liar I do too what are you putting on her primer did you I know I've gotten so much better so am i when I was going through my pregnancy I had a lot of downtime and I watched a lot of videos you had to explain what you went through with Emily sure I had a condition called vasopressin the hospital for about six weeks and she was five weeks early and they said that the delivery date was gonna be on the 11th that I was in the delivery room and I had obviously a hissy section because with this condition there was absolutely no way for her to come out naturally in the o.r the doctor had said time of birth 11:11 and I'm like laying there on the tail like on the table I'm like wait did you just say 11:11 my sis she's gonna freak out Elevens follow me everywhere like ever good all my thought about and like the mute like I was able to have music playing it was just so like special - I don't know yeah that was a hard time so we're just lucky she's here safe and sound and that was definitely the hardest probably the hardest thing I've ever been through but we're here and were on the other side now so mm-hmm you have a perfect little angel okay so what I'm doing right now is a little highlight concealing I am gonna do a little bit of contour I'm gonna change up my sponge with Sabrina who's like you're like wiggle station and these are alive these are chairs from my kitchen and they I apologize stop smiling I can't do concealer on you in here she's been creepy huh no you're ruining it why are you laughing at me I'm not with you I know why you're laughing because we're twins we just know these things how did you hide California we just I just knew what I'm gonna do is the Scott technique where she's just gonna keep her face relaxed and I'm gonna kind of try and use the monitor to see as well but we want to are you gonna do the Scott technique on me - mm-hmm all you need is something that's a darker color so look at your chin right now now look straight on the camera you see how it's just like a little bit more sharp yours is sharp too but it just gives out that looks really cool mmm right mm-hmm so and you're gonna put foundation on top of it so it's gonna end up looking very very natural of course you do want to blend everything so you guys don't really need much forehead contour but just for balance and just for fun cuz we're doing this I did want to do this technique make sure you blend it in this time I mean it was me blending it last time but you know hey what James so rude no because I'm on the edge you know I reduce sound it'll not fear I told you you are rude really mm-hmm do you already know which one do you think will turn out better actually that's a good question oh they'll turn out kind of the same actually really you know makeup will wear differently like that's part of why sometimes the more expensive sometimes more expensive makeup wears better throughout the day and that's the difference and sometimes it takes longer to blend the drugstore but I think this is gonna look the same do you contour I do like if I'm going somewhere like out-out then I do but usually I'll just hit it up with bronzer do you contour not really I'll play with makeup and I'll you know you know the right thing to do it's just why does it always happen that when you play with your makeup at the end of the day when you still have just a little on a little on it looks amazing and you're like oh I'm not going anywhere happens to me at all there's like they're finally asleep and I'm like ah I have an hour to myself before I fall asleep great and I look fab I look amazing oh my gosh this is getting weirder Wow Keeney the little you just crossed over into the twilight zone and I think he looks so pretty oh my it looks so pretty - oh thanks I am going to now foundation you behind the scenes this was really happening it's happening isn't she beautiful people say we look like twins I don't don't your lips do look like a little bigger Thanks my turn you're up you're up changing a brush you always want to pop out the creases before you go into the powder what do you think is the one thing that that you must do when you're doing your makeup like what is the one essential thing that you think you always have to do I think just paying attention to where one product I think well to answer your question you said we are on trial or something sorry like off-camera but you have to make sure that you're blending each product so that you don't have this line of like and here's the blush and here's the powder and here's the bra do you want it to kind of all look like you don't know where one item starts and stops you know my foxy or am i basic hmm fancy you're basically fancy jalapeno chips ah I remember you guys sent me a huge box when I was pregnant mm-hmm and then I came to your house to visit you while you're in the hospital and AM NOT but most of them so I'm just kind of bumping up her contour that is way pigment good holy smokes Holy Smoke she said it holy smokes holy smokes Holy Smoke do you remember the one time that we were in the grocery store we were checking out and the lady was like oh my gosh she was twins just you and me I think we're like teenagers and she's like let me guess who's older we were Siobhan's yeah and she points to me we were nervous so yeah and you were so mad that was like in the time where I was offended that everybody thought I was the younger sister and I'm like I'm 18 oh no this is disrespect we were like hahaha yeah now that you've now we're all your sister younger so what's your most favorite high-end luxe item and your favorite low-end item or not low-end like drugstore item just one yeah just one yeah right nope just one good I don't know I'm really into the honest blush right now but that's like somewhere in the middle so doesn't really count tell me we're going out after this to the Persians I never get to go though we're going to Gelson's we're going to prison oh snap oh wow that looks really good if I could play in highlighter all day I would you ever get a little carried away with highlight which that can happen just take whatever sponge yeah I saw it in between her eyes look it a little but I like that look it actually I feel is super flattering mm-hm and once we're done I'm gonna hit the face with powder one more time and kind of it's awesome because the lights are collecting here but it does like if you turn and whatnot it's like such a nice look you know you should be a model ah thanks you should too you just gave yourself a compliment Logan would say oh my goodness you should be like I'm mommy he's definitely come up to me and hugged my leg and been like mom hmm rich yeah why are you laughing I was like maybe we should have baby Logan come in and like I'll have Erika here be like hi honey how was your nap it's mommy he's like you're not and then you can come out of the bathroom you like I'm mom and I just like this kitchen really p...
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