GOOD MORNING FOOTBALL - Antonio Brown threatens retirement over banned helmet & protected by Gruden

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    GOOD MORNING FOOTBALL - Raiders Star: Antonio Brown threatens retirement over banned helmet
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    performances and some incredible highlights to kick off the three season and we've got some fantasy owners scratching their heads as well so we're gonna go over that to make sense at the preseason madness and we've got lots going on here how is the booth it was great it was good to be back in the booth get that feeling back shout out the Munich honest like you said of course Andrew Sileo no Jaime Maggio and all of the rams you guys are lucky that I like you because I am still here I'm not going to Hawaii you're not going Aloha means goodbye and it's called good morning football presented by rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans we're live in New York it is August 12th with so much to get you Peter Schreyer is here Kyle Brandt is here Nate Burleson of course my name is Kay Adams let's get right to some business yes fake one Berkeley continues to dazzle us on the practice field if you guys didn't see this over the weekend this is a human cheat code this is him pulling the catch out and saying oh I can do this the Cowboys 49ers game on Saturday night there were many storylines we'll give you all the updates but haven't you heard this kid is the one that's breaking out jalen hurd a converted quarterbacks on wide receiver taking it we'll talk about what's going on with down in San Francisco and you know Patrick mahomes played on Saturday night and I'll tell you what it was a pretty impressive look at this pass here finding Travis Kelce along whoa baby the Chiefs might pick up right where they left off could they be even better in 2019 than they were in 2018 we will discuss on the show today I love our show because we show all of the highlights there's not a game that was played this weekend that you will not see the highlights from right here on the show it's why I love what we do for every NFL fan it's time though right now for some drama and do this a report by NFL Network's Michael Silver said that the Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown was not participating in training camp practices not only because of the frostbite on his feet from cryotherapy but because he's being forced to wear a helmet different from the one that he's exciting to be around I'm excited I got some place for him I hope we can start calling them I'm excited John to see Hard Knocks this week on HBO Kyle what do you make of these comments Gruden on a bee okay member on I used to say Antonio Brown was the coolest player in the league you loved him that was fun this came out on Friday so all weekend all the jokes have already been made every helmet joke every space balls joke and that's fine because right now a B is the joke and I really mean that this is a joke to Jon Gruden who was out there tap-dancing trying to have his back it's a joke to mike Mayock who stuck his neck out made a huge investment in them it's his joke to all his new teammates it is a joke to every other veteran player who's had to change their helmet even if they don't want to it is a joke to every former player who never had the opportunity to wear safe or equipment this grievance against the league is a joke his threat to retire from football is a hilarious joke and the biggest joke is on himself because they'd be as a guy who was the face of one of the most dangerous scary helmet the helmet collision mumps we've ever had and the playoffs against Cincinnati it's a joke and like all bad jokes it's bad timing it's not funny and the only people laughing in are laughing at them it's a joke okay you continue to say that it's a joke it is okay it's joke but it's no laughing matter if a B doesn't show up because he's one of the best receivers not just on this team but in the entire league now of course I could sit here and say I would have loved to seen a B on the sidelines of preseason game number one for the Raiders but he wasn't when it comes to this specific issue I understand where he's coming from I'm not saying that I agreed but I've been there and Kyle you could say this is a joke but you're also a football player yeah and at one point you had to change helmets in that first day first week or even first year was uncomfortable and guys are reluctant to put on a new helmet we're a little superstitious when it comes to our comfort so I know where he's coming for the tools of an artist I get it exactly but what a B is looking at this from the perspective of how I've been dominating for solo and I've been wearing a certain type of cleat a certain type of helmet certain type of shoulder pad and right now at the end of my career if I want to wear this you don't have to over protect me it's on me so let me wear whatever helmet I want with all that said though in a long way I agree with the helmets are here to protect us I've walked in these locker rooms over the last couple years I've seen the technology I see how they're made it just takes a little bit of time getting used to it's like breaking in cleats you have to break in a new helmet it's gonna take some time as a B doesn't decide to put on a helmet sooner or later then I do think a B because when he says I don't need football he's for real no walk away from this game he has the money Artie has the fame he doesn't need to show up all right so to give some context here the helmet that he wants to wear hasn't been manufactured in years it's ten years old this helmet they say that it's as light as can be so you put it on it's basically you're wearing a feather on your head and that's what he's always played in 2017 they put in a new rule that the NFLPA so to his Union and the NFL agreed upon saying these helmets need to be updated we need to have some sort of guidelines last year was a grace period you can wear whatever you want this year they're finally instituting the rule 2016 players right now in NFL camps mm he's the only one who is saying I refuse and making agreements now if that's the hill you want to die on that's fine the Raiders can also say all right you know 30 million dollar guarantee that we could still pull from you because of the way his contract is built is that the hill you want to die on at the at the core of this the crux of this is that what Kyle's saying a lot of people went out on a limb here and someone made this analogy to me this is like someone complaining about having to wear a seat belt hmm in a car and saying why is that a law you have a choice to do that I'm more comfortable about the self or comfort without see I like driving better without the seat oh I'm better at driving without the seat belt if you look at it that way the NFL PA and the NFL are looking out for Antonio Brown safety they're trying to spin it forward for years to come the helmet that he used to wear was an old technology it's been updated and the sacrifice of not wearing that helmet might be better for the long-term because God forbid he wears his old helmet and actually suffers something of an injury right and then it's on him it's not on the league it's not yeah they're trying to protect him from himself I would hope Antonio Brown would know that and there's nothing against him because like I said there's more than 2,000 players in the league he's the only one trying to lash out against this knee there were dozens that then who were enjoying that one last grace year period and one of them I think was Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers another one of those names who now after long careers in the league have to sort of adjust isn't this bigger than the helmet thing like he's out there doing artistry doing what women what we had our showrunners daughter Duan ping pong balls draw logos of the Raiders on his old health that's to me that is more than a reg red flag is this someone who wants to play football I don't know that Antonio Brown wants to play football and then is a huge problem for me if I'm anybody in that building I'm anybody in there sweating through training camp or if I'm the fan that wants to buy tickets to sit in those seats yeah and like the Mike Silver tweet thread was unbelievable it's kind of stuff you're saying is all the way to I'm looking at my bank accounts an Instagram during medians and like I'd love to defend the player we like to try to do that here my hands are tied this is a joke it's a clown show you you're supposed to be the face of the new team you got a huge contract you won't wear the helmet Tom Brady changed his helmet you can change your helmet dude I get it is it your favorite helmet and they I can't believe in magic you could possibly be scoffing at this and I know it conflicts you this is this is terrible because I see it both ways but listening to you guys I have to respond to what's to me and said at the table you say it's a joke inkay says is this a guy who once played football I don't think this is a joke - Antonio Brown and yes Antonio wants play football the reason why I Tony o is so successful is because he has a stubborn mindset and he wants things done his way I get that but there's a reason why he's climbed to the charset and being one of the best receivers in the business and sometimes how you approach life spills over and how you do your business and right now there is this blend between how Antonio was approaching football and how he approaches that as a businessman and that's a gray area for him we can look at it in scoff at it but for Antonio he's looking at it the same way looked at life I'm gonna do it my way and if you don't allow me do it my way I will walk away his teammates are out there on the field right yeah right they're playing there in the new helmets I mean w...
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