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    Jeffree Star Magic Concealer // C7
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    Perricone No Makeup Mascara

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    Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.


    hey guys welcome to today's video we're gonna be talking about products that absolutely do not work that I do not like that are in all price points and of all categories so some skincare body care self tanner that was a disaster oh my oh we need to talk about it makeup items higher-end drugstore I have a bin in front of me I was gonna do just ten but there is more than time so we're just gonna get down to it I do want to say that if you like this makeup look which I am loving like everything that I'm wearing right now I love as opposed to this that I'm staring at like ah I had a bad time with you but then I'm like I look in the monitor and I'm like gorgeous makeup beautiful this is the no makeup makeup foundation from Perricone I just filmed that video I'll link it below the only thing I altered was and in the video I explained I put a couple other normal makeup items mixed in with the no makeup makeup and then for this one I was like I'm feeling like maybe just like a little more is more so I popped on some lashes from lava lashes everything I used will be listed in the description box below as usual but if you want to see that video go check it out and if you have not subscribed yet please do ring the bell so you're notified of my upcoming videos because this is the place where we try it all the good the bad the great instant reviews where tests bad products drugstore high-end it's kind of like a mix of everything for makeup lovers so if you want to be notified of when I upload then ring the bell alright let's hop right in let's talk about the self-tan nightmare I'm really disappointed because I had heard good things and I really liked the idea of a moisturizing self-tanner this is an oil self-tan it's called the hydrating natural glow tips and tricks' don't use this moving on just kidding I'm going to tell you more this says to wait at least eight hours before bathing to allow color to develop it's like a longer developing time so I put it on and I was like oh my god yeah it's like everything was great aside from the fact that it is super messy so immediately I was like gosh this is like staining my bathroom counter like you kind of have to work fast and like make sure you're in a space where you don't mind self-tan that's very liquidy like water liquid like it's not even an oil liquid it's just like water it's the craziest it will get everywhere but I put it on and I was like oh yeah I feel so good and then the next morning I woke up and I was working out and I'm like oh oh my god like I'm up embarrassed to wear short sleeves right now and it is hot outside a self-tan disaster in my opinion is like one of the worst because I have scrubbed I have tried I have pulled every trick I someone said to put toothpaste on my arm I did that I don't know what more I can do other than just wait this one out but it is just like it just did not develop right and I use self-tanner like I know how to use self-tanner you know how to make it look good I really love loving tan really love San Tropez the one time that I got the most flawless tan of my life was when I thought it would be like a really fun take on the mixing like a bunch of products together type of a thing remember when everyone was doing like mixing all my foundations mixing all my powders and I was like a challenge video that was going around and I remember I was laying in bed and I'm like I know all makes all of my self tanners it'll be so fun and may be terrible and it'll be really funny and fun and interesting and so I had like a Red Bull and I was like whisking together like all of my self tanners and I'm like don't know how this is gonna land it was the best hand of my life what is happening with this whole trend of mixing literally anything together and having it turn out good I looked like Barbie legs like oh I daydream about it and I'm like maybe I should just always do that like mix it all together anyway that was the best self-tan the second best self-tan is the pre shower San Tropez let's move on to the makeup because that's more fun right let's talk about Scarah this is a newer launch break my heart this from laura mercier the caviar volume does not give me enough volume i wore this to separate times and both times i grabbed for something else to pile on top of it because for me i like a lot of lash obviously I love wearing falsies but when I'm not wearing falsies I really want something to lift curl lengthen volumize not flake not smudge not be overly clumpy but also not be too thin or natural it's kind of like in the middle I demand a lot from my mascara this did not do it the brush is just too big and soft it feels like it's just not enough to like wiggle in there and like wiggle wiggle wiggle and pull which is my method and I kind of blink into my mascara as well and this one just gave me the equivalent of like a basic drugstore mascara oh my gosh I don't want to say that about anything Laura Mercier because I love a lot of Laura Mercier products specifically the skin products the translucent powder that everybody adores the foundations that they bring out are always just so gorgeous and I was hoping I would like this more I don't stellar beauty has been another brand that I really really love I talked about their glosses I talk about their primers I really enjoy a lot of their powders for the face blush shadows they have a really really great range I will link below a video where I first tried the range altogether it sold at Sephora celexa 4s and then online this mascara though just same thing this one was too firm so it's just like I can't be pleased don't like it's too soft too firm not doing enough I wanted to do everything and you know what I have found formulas that will do everything I will give you a rattling of like my top 5 right now Sally's club the Tom Ford wow that's like - price point polar opposites I also super still love L'Oreal lash paradise essence makes great mascaras the one in the purple tube is my favorite and then benefit roller lash is actually super good especially for the lower lash line thanks mom for getting me back into one okay moving right along I have something from hard candy that I picked up at Walmart after going to the dentist because in my life when I go to the dentist I always go to Walmart I don't have a Walmart in my neighborhood and my dentist is far away but he's so great and so I always end up going to Walmart after to see if they have new drugstore makeup new hard candy things that they don't carry at your regular CVS Rite Aid and hard candy is specifically like what I'd go on the hunt for so I picked up this and I was hoping that it would be I don't know what I was it look at this it's like chalk do you even see any kind of a shine like let me show you just so you see just how much this is not reflecting it's the craziest thing ever I was having like the most killer makeup day and I was like whoo I need highlight and I was like I know what I'm doing my new hard candy highlighter and I put it on and I was like hey my life right now I can't believe I wrecked everything for his dumb highlighter just does nothing except for makes it look like you dusted chalk on your face no I don't like it this was super disappointing do you know what's also disappointing that I filmed an entire video trying out a lot of luxury products for the first time and I lost the card that happened sometimes as a youtuber and it was a sad day for me but I tried this one on camera and it will not build I don't know what the deal is I bought this I saw it online and for some reason I was like look at that packaging that is stunning this really is pulling my attention I love the color setup this is gonna be magical and it just was so not magical you guys like this is so underwhelming especially for the price like are you kidding me it's like dulled down and like just not even anything that great this was expensive and I just want to tell you guys if you see this the collection looks so great do think twice about purchasing this because even if you're someone that really likes just a subtle application of color because some people do like that I like for there to be at least a medium level of pigmentation to more extreme pigmentation I just want to waste my time I don't want to be here forever but some people like a lighter wash of color and that's fine this one gives you such a light wash of color that are almost dusts everywhere and looks a little bit uneven and because it has that Sheen in it in all of the colors it's just difficult to work with in my opinion another shadow that I'm just not into and it's because all of them break so freaking easily is from linky looks and also like this is an individual pan I'm sure that you can crack it out of here and put it in like a Z palette but I have a bunch of them that are broken don't even waste your time with this when he looks has much better products their diamond powder for setting the face is beautiful they have beautiful lip products they do have a lot of eyeshadow palettes that I love I've tried out their cocoa palette they have a Kitty palette this one right here is the law take it and palette and you know it's not the most magical ever I like the coffee one the best it kind of smells like coffee too but these in the actual palette like this protects it much better so you would be better off purchasing this one versus these little mini individuals you have been learned they will break and you will be sad and you could have avoided it if you watch this video maybe you did okay so moving on from there I have another YSL product and this is the eyeliner faux SIL now this is really beautiful a...
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