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    This was surprisingly hard!! Can we get to 250k likes!? and comment which color you would eat for 24 hours!!
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    Oh what's up everyone welcome back to my youtube channel so what bad news turns out I have a stress fracture in my left leg so I'm walking around crutches well I'm not really I don't listen to the doctor all right so today I am eating only one colored food for 24 hours and not just me I am forcing the Lexie's to do it as well my sister Lexi as well as Lexi Handler one of my best friends all right guys before this video starts hit that like button then comment down below and let me know which color you would choose to only eat for 24 hours feel like I would be blue cuz like blue raspberry stuff is so good at blue every candy so good all right here we go Lexi both guys so you guys I have a special day planned for us today what do you mean oh no is we're gonna eat one color we're an entire 24 hours I'll give you each $50 okay so basically what we're gonna do is I have this hat and this has all the colors in the rainbow in it what and whatever color we pick you have to eat for the whole day okay does that make sense so basically you cannot eat any other color I'm scared I'm like a really icky eater you want to pick Birds yellow spicy stuff I don't know all right let's see your next yeah I know not good I don't like bananas I mean yeah my turn well since there's only one laughing okay way do we go really okay okay let me think of stuff that's green salad asparagus guys ready yeah so what we're gonna do is just for aesthetic we're gonna change into our cubbies everybody go change into the color waiter all right so we're all dressed in our colors now in case we forget what color we are all right Lexi ready yeah all right so first we have breakfast so I was thinking guys we'll go to the grocery store get a bunch of our colored stuff and make a smoothie here at home so I'm pretty hungry so we're gonna go to the grocery store right now to get supplies for our smoothies are you guys ready for that so thanks for the excitement Lexi did you see anything that you like no remember your read well think about this our apples right inside your first item pink a little caught him in a water melone okay that works lettuce turn up the beat so lexi has Oliver stuff for her smoothie are you sure that's my turnout read yeah it's like Oh Fred it might not be good all right Lexi you got everything only three things cuz I'm making a pina colada I don't know if that's going to turn out yellow mine's gonna be so healthy it's gonna be kind of gross I think so we got all of our smoothie stuff from the store and we are ready to make our smoothies you guys ready let's do it quantum alone sherry a little pink lemonade cream sherry ooh Lexie's turn for the smoothie Lexi go for frozen pineapple coconut milk coconut ice cream it is time to blend them right cucumber green apple banana spinach ice frozen pineapple coconut milk wow that is very green I don't know if I'm alright guys are you ready to drink okay three two one boy I hate that I hate that I get it what sighs tastes like spinach that literally tastes like green spinach okay all right guys well this is our breakfast so drink up so it's about that time for lunch you guys hungry for lunch yeah I'm starving you didn't drink your smoothie that's why so where should we go where should we go for lunch lemonade all right let me in has a good leg it's like a buffet style restaurant you guys ready for lunch Lexie what do you get Lexie what are you gonna get I'm gonna go for the broccoli all right so I got my plate of green things I also got green lemonade lexi has her yellow lemonade I got soup and then I'm just gonna eat whatever this red stuff is out of your salad you know those are peppers right yeah go go go oh my gosh well how does it taste green food is super boring it just tastes so bland you know so what do I do now that wasn't planned guys do you guys want gelato or like ice cream that was so fun all right well gelato it is then thank you all right so we all got ice cream that I was our color I got Lucky Charms not strawberry lemon custard so you can only eat red if she's hungry all right so we are getting gas right now and I think it's time for a snack break you'll need snack I need right here whoa let go the snack I scored green things you have a lot of red things you have my yellow things I think we're ready to check out back from the mini-mart and I have all of my green snack Oh Lexi is over here dividing literally all the sour patch kids this is mine the green okay I'll take the green Lexi take the yellow have been wondering where the other Lexi went turns out what is this Starbucks well I knew you were gonna say something like that I have a very smart idea I think we should go get pizza I'm one of those like build your own pizza to eat marinara they have all the ingredients out I get to pick the color that you are let's go get some pizza Pizza the rule is everyone can have crap opening on then you have to have the color that you have hate this stupid YouTube videos Lexi's just getting cheese on it right so just so we got our pizzas so mine is just veggies and bread Lexi depends is just tomato sauce and peppers and then my sisters is just cheese this is a boringest piece of every my entire life all right so it is the end of the day we know we are stuck which means for the challenge is over I'm so hungry right now you guys are a little too excited so god this challenge is all right guys what should they do Lexi you guys should hit that light bag let's try and get this video to million like maybe two hundred thousand 250 maybe I don't know what can we get guys also guys make sure you subscribe to Lexi's channel and Lexi's channel links will be in the description below make sure you don't get them mixed up and yeah thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next week you haven't see me what I'm hangry happy I'm getting it's a Peppa
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