SHROUD ▪ Tries NEW COD:MW 2v2 Vs MYTH! At Multiplayer Reveal Event【Call Of Duty Modern Warfare】

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    I'm like oh shit oh my god okay let's do this Tyler you hear me No the flank like to be - its to be to one slow one flow Jericho's low you can't need until like three seconds in and a one ding somebody do the gun yes I'll join for the Beagle dude the dude the guns have just like when you shoot them oh my gosh this guns fun and the guns seem that we always have the same loadout sheriff who said once you can't regen in this serger kouzlo you could hit him in the legs or whatever I'm gonna need them how we need to meet wow I'm low we have more HP than them yeah you can you can wall oh thank you you just MLA sure oh dude he pushes a shot good please I maniac bring the hip yeah use it for two rounds six rounds to win he's not bad Jericho's go white you put me against these people what's going mid up top I'm holding up top I'm just watching right in top right now hey once one's low nating ones right under you on the right hand side needed one one pushing behind you hey once yeah he was literally Juby to my my shit you know to me my shit I can't be stopped I'm good I watch this fucking one tap it want some left left low on the left that left-hand side low right side middle sucker come on oh okay Oh once a little left side once the left side once mid I tried Oh fucker was stowed that's funny through the recoil on this thing man 1 right look liking them oh thank god I'm trolling I'm trolling early I'm sure all like dude I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I tried doing a 360 or my sense isn't fast enough it was awkward remember double to double tap to sprint fastest fuck getaway Tucker we just need one round I think okay I'm just gonna shoot a RPG left just pre-fire no of it one's going left but son well I think nice sprinting left nice time did you just RPG you okay you shot this oh my you'll hide yeah it's just set the first of seven that's why I was kind of memeing once we got six that was just like all right let's give him some rounds no offense to Tucker sure yeah I know we want society position hollow though and we haven't played for an hour I don't think they're gonna stop they're definitely people are watching oh so it's oh it's going turn by so we gotta wait for everyone to finish them look like okay so is this kind of like a tournament a little bit okay cool an exhibition not a tournament okay I can't even understand its I think they can hear you yeah oh you guys are dirty they say nicely no no what do you guys want to know about shroud so I can get out enemy him that it's all the same woman Wow oh they're all telling me thank you thank you I'm not married they're much trolls how many people are watching you how many people yeah I don't dirty yeah you guys it's not even in in regular mode it should sub only mode so these new subscribers so if I let go the rest of the video it'd be even worse yeah you guys your mother's would not wanna be rehearsing Tyler this is like a little tournament an exhibition yeah they just family they just want to get their word across something new I don't even acknowledge their listen you know existence right now is like yeah it's great great love it Doritos in fact could be like the reader yes nacho cheese the fiery something spicy chat help me out yeah what kind of Doritos the Shroud like wonder if they actually know that you don't want to watch it yes I am with drunk guys we're just actually looking at your fans when they're commenting out ahead of Doritos in this exact moment yes I was really hungry you need to fuel up with fishing when you're playing for hours at a time so you're moving on to the next round what do you feel like you did well honestly I didn't feel like I did anything well my my buddy over here with Tyler he was he was doing all the heavy lifting how's the trolling I feel like everyone here definitely yeah because even though I was trolling I was still doing really good it is extremely different it still has like that Call of Duty feel to it where you run a gun but they definitely tuned it down it's a lot more tactical slower base like scoping in their weapons the way you can change your weapons overall I'm a fan and I want to play 20 verse 20 that's right we barely got the play because of technical issues but I'm super stoked about easy full-auto does decent damage overall it's like a well balanced way all right and now we wait again we're waiting again chat oh we're playing Diego and MIT this is gonna be harder Thank You Diego and MIT this who were playing can you hear me tell me okay this is gonna be tough Diego's really good so Smith sorry chat you're on another level right now oh I can't even it's going so fast I can't even read it actually no it's not a problem it's a good problem good problem to have can someone release the plebs so I want to see how it looks when everyone's chatting well there we go it's not moving it's literally broken but oh there we go we saw something it's going in like screenshots it just freezes yeah no lock them up so what happens if we lose that we just do we just pack the pack up the gear my chat still doesn't work I can't see anything that's crazy there he knows should be paying me you kidding me things I said goddamn three two hello we're playing on you Matt by the way oh let's get it yeah little brighter l86a2 it's like an app it's like an LMG it's an overt yeah if everyone's like playing really patient you eventually have to bring your flag back I'm gonna left Diego okay staying up top might not be the play maybe I'm not a fan of this weapon oh my god that's a card Diego's dead flash them it's on the right or an eyeful I didn't know what my hockey was I press the wrong button at first press the yeah did you wanna if you wanna he was so low oh my good good mp5 kind of see one drop one drop mid I hit the a go with my nade left nice let's play charades I'm flashing mid hit them right side mid right side right side right side yeah he was like I'm stairs Oh what the this is a double-barrel by the way in Suzanne a sniper okay I didn't hit him okay just use this hipfire I think it's hot dude that pops Kyle Pop's hard Oh - right - right - right flashing framework nice it once low very low whistle on floor away oh yeah went left I needed left I don't see anyone left Steagall Oh my god that Diego lo I'm gonna need okay I'm flanking right hit on me I think that was a hedge fund he died one shot this is a like a winchester or something damn nice shot do you go with on right stairs oh he was right nice I think I hit him with my Molly bring the leg Luis look at this is a ragdoll dude haha damn most well-balanced seven kills across the board
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