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    hey you guys good morning so it is Christmas Eve I have job as the family well at least some of them because today we're going to make ice cream at the cutest little ice cream shop in Denver called little man's ice cream shop they invited us over to make our own flavor so I feel very bougie also my family's right here my mom my dad my sister morgue annex if you haven't seen them pillow it smells so good and this is Lord who set everything up so as you can see we make ice cream in a vintage house been going since 2008 so we're walking into where they actually make all of the ice cream machine wait why are they all named up they're celebrities they're all named f40 sebastian furious are these ingredients all for us whatever you guys want she's freaking out right now yo I'm sure Jade already found some food what is this no you guys are collabing right now I would I guess this is where you guys make waffle comes this is where we make the waffle cones bass simple drinkable drinkable Amelia one scoop on to there you guys are gonna smell like just all day by the way which is fecal matter Oh exactly perfect no all right just grab it you're gonna place it on this bed okay push it into the crevice okay and then that goes in here and then oh shut up push with that hand how I say don't be afraid of guide are in there shame I broke it okay I think this one's done Oh Kurt ingredient book so we're making it completely from scratch Italy from scratch oh wow whatever you guys win it it's a lot of work let's lube up Paul Walker and is this like the standard Lube that you would buy in a store or what here we go this is not actually this process but you know what it feels great that goes in there this is not safe for me to be very hot this is 14 percent butterfat milk that's good why are you guys already eating before we're done making ice cream so what are you guys thinking as far as flavor because I'm very basic and I only like Oreos and cookie dough that sounds like my ass I think there should be a family situation like everybody gets one time now to press Start on the machine for our beautiful creation okay oh my gosh should I hit this immediately looming sleek hill oh my god it's beautiful somebody good oh my god oh fuck pictures in it there's no time to eat mommy and Mom okay alright there's enough for a second book oh I see something a little different with that one second bucket okay Oreos this one might be the winner oh my god that was very stressful I felt a lot of pressure to get a gradient sand as fast as possible there's gonna be an official taste test and this is the yeah no we're not bidding thank you is it good I am Wiig list we just made another baby Jesus Christmas part - oh my god I'm sorry okay yes oh yeah oh my god dumi to feed it to you oh wow mama new developments we found sugar cookies and oh my god you're gonna ruin perfectly delicious ice cream are you fucking crazy cinnamon toast crunch mixed with ice cream oh my god Shane's liking this ice cream more than me so now that the ingredients are fully placed we have to name both of them before we really dive into eating carnival barf it means you had a good time you think anyone would ever buy that shame sprinkle your life change okay coming in with the hot title feeling something a Saturday morning vibe because our cereal in it Morgan is the only one that eats ice cream for breakfast we're actually at the ice cream shop and we're gonna taste test our own flavors they let us inside and they put our ice cream in the freezer so I believe this one's ours and this one back here is ours as well correct are you ready Shane I mean I've already been eating it all day why are you acting this is I haven't actually tasted it yet yeah wait I did a baby Wow I think either carnival barf the best well that's good sprinkles in it I'm into cookies for breakfast I think the cinnamon touch that isn't everything oh you mean the cinnamon touch that you said was a issue you're gonna ruin perfectly delicious ice cream I never know what I want until it hits me in the face cookies for breakfast is the winner UI cookies for breakfast - I don't like sprinkles dad what's your vote we all like cookies for breakfast except for shade yeah this is the clear what is so good haha all right Lauren I had never made ice cream before and I'm here for it I loved your ice cream and I think we might have to look into adding it to the menu I don't know the flavor but we'll see which sounds better then maybe we'll make a decision I'll definitely make sure like you guys know if it's ever here but until then this was delicious you're ever in Denver Colorado you gotta come to a little man ice-cream it is so good and there might even be a Shane Dawson Rylan Adams flavor probably not but you could drink
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