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    A healthy dose NBA 2K20 memes is always good for the heart. I'm reacting to the funniest ones.


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    I have very high expectations for this video on the last 2k mean video guys knocked it out the park now 2k 20s out so you have no excuse to not do the same thing I want to laugh I hope you guys make me laugh today I put out this tweet time for some NBA 2k to any means hit me with the best ones you got so let's do it the first name is from stephen a's burner me gets ready to pull the shot defense on my career look guys they're quadruple teaming him what's very accurate very very frustrating is it funny not so much 7 out of 10 can we talk about these double teams real quick i just the game just started I'm on the bench you don't mean on my team I have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving so why y'all coming after me is pissing me off man I don't even want to be there to begin with I literally just want my bags bro that's it I don't even want to play to mode I was so frustrated last night this this right here is true angered was what I was feeling check this out bro I'm shooting 3 for 11 on my career and they're sending double teams at me like Kevin Durant and Kyrie aren't on the same court Whitney stop doubling say stop my mental health is deteriorating some people have a G you just have to get better age none my career we just want our badges and we're gone no one's trying to get good at my career you're playing against bots buddy holy man it was a tough night tell you that took a lot of perseverance man my willpower is being tested that's enough of that the server's went to K 20 launched at 12 the piece disappearing meme guys wow 6 out of 10 Ronnie 2k the movie and look it's a gif of Pinocchio's nose growing Ronnie has lied so much I don't even know why he would do that to himself cuz now any time he says something nobody's gonna believe what he said Ronnie could literally say something like yo I just bought this new Ferrari check it out new four or five eight you know I mean everyone's gonna be like no Ronnie that was rendered we don't believe you lost credibility Roddy's face when we got the game and told and he lied about the extra pie charts thank ya it's a surprise Pikachu emoji emoji oh man I'm really ah guys I'm falling off I can't even do meme reactions properly gifts memes emojis accurate yeah yeah funny a little bit six out of ten someone tweeted 2k isn't cheating you just suck with a is that Rihanna it might be Rihanna there's a quote tweet here saying y'all not Vic y'all fat well then we're just going right for the heart huh now see reacting to this me missus setup cuz then you guys just gonna say agent you're fat I know doesn't mean I can't also laugh at other fat people you better believe when I lose all my weight I'm gonna be making all kind of fat jokes with y'all alright to K isn't cheating what are you talking about bro it's almost always to Kay's fault almost everyone fix this and fix that the person who runs to Kay's Twitter it's not really my problem man like I get what you're going for but I feel like you could have done a little better you could have got to the point in a little bit more of a creative fashion and because you didn't do that I'm sorry I'm gonna have to give you a three out of ten when you're running rack and you're wide open and the center goes up on four people look guys the oh so popular spongebob I i'ma head out meme it's very accurate very frustrating and I haven't played rec this year is because I value my mental health I mean my career you kind of have to but rec rec is a decision that you're making I'll rather play 3 V 3 point 5 u 5 pro-am Park I'd rather watch paint dry from being honest what did they add to that mode they literally just added a crowd which if we're being honest doesn't impact the game whatsoever it just adds latency so no I don't want to be in Ville wreck also have we noticed that 2k lost to Jordan rec sponsorship their footlocker sponsorship and what if they lose they lost a couple other ones hey y'all get the point alright I walked into Game Stop and said you got to get the headphones speaking about headphones did you guys see that one cutscene in my career where they literally forced you to advertise beats oh I don't know I'm proud that 2k is finding the most creative ways to make money or I'm pissed off that they're forcing me to sit through this book because somebody paid them so that we have to all see it tell them to bring me my money no sorry I'll get this one ladies and gentlemen why would you walk into a game stop and say give me my money unless of course you're returning the game but even in that instance you're not really getting not much more than some Game Stop credits I'm not gonna lie I was gonna do a video returning NBA 2k 19 at launch like when everybody was lining up to get the game I was gonna walk up there and return it ray sent this video oh no its flight guys it's a flight one how mother Birds be in the park when they make a green with no quick draw crying laughing emoji oh wait hold on back from the volume up it's a flight video you know ears bleeding edge there's something wrong with flight the Hasse so pumping my Quang trying to put out all the fires Ronny started oh very accurate also very funny yes yes yes yes yes oh my god that's not even a mean why did y'all like this why does it have 400 light crisp all you had to give people warnings before you just take off all your clothes and post photos of you doing so I'll live I had to prepare for something like that can't just be scrolling on my phone in the middle of day and see a naked picture of Chris Paul me having 95 midrange but no badges and I think is that Patty Mills or Tony Parker one of the two air balling miserably this your badges are so damn important doesn't matter if you spent 50 on your attributes upgrade your player if you'll had the badges yup you're gonna be shooting air ball free throws ladies and gentlemen nine and a half out of ten right there my guy this better be a ten out of ten meme my squad we don't need a fifth let's just get a random the random look guys it's a spongebob Gary meme this is supposed to be a ten out of ten how is this a ten out of ten it's accurate but I wouldn't even say it's funny that's a five if that's me being generous here okay I seen this one this one is a classic at this point cuz y'all just keep hitting y'all keep sending it to me every single time I do on these videos it looks like you got something from Magic Johnson what is it and if the key and Peele sweating me I'm not gonna lie to you the first time I saw this I laughed so hard it was a 12 out of 10 mean but because I've seen it for two years now because I believe this meme started back in two K 18 I will give this I'll try that it tagged and it's still really hilarious is it messed up yeah yeah we could agree on that is it also funny yeah it is Popeyes new chicken sandwich comes out agent is the Spongebob excited a meme a jet fan okay that's not even funny though first of all I haven't had the sandwich since it came out because I value my time I'm not gonna wait in line for two hours I have to do second of all it's not new everyone tried to tell me the sandwich was new it's been around y'all haven't tried it yet I been you about the sandwich I hide it multiple times in fact I rather have the fried chicken over the sandwich eggs baby so not only is this meme nowhere near accurate it's also not funny i'ma had to give this one a 0 out of 10 when the servers are already dead day one Ronnie 2k oh man it's a Stephen a meme so you know it's gonna be good do not attach any association of this to me whatsoever I have nothing to do with such idiocy such blasphemy oculus nonsense this is so disrespectful for a long time Ronnie two K's damn Twitter bio was a I'm not the surfer guy he kind of just embraced the meme over the last few years and it's true that Ronnie doesn't develop the game and it's just funny to take shots at him from time to time but this year this year Ronnie brought it on himself Oh rhinock sent one heart player dribbles for two seconds stamina item ahead Oh a career funny seven-and-a-half out of 10 to case staff as soon as the game dropped look guys it's Squidward this time I am out is it as funny mm-hmm is it accurate yeah that's a six out of ten if we're being honest with each other game chat is the best mode in the game and I couldn't agree more ladies and generally is it weird that one of the things I'm most excited about what suitcase 20 is the fact that I can hear people engage that without my damn ears bleeding now I could talk in high-definition Ronnie hype sup news in 2k 22 K 19.5 drops Ronnie I thought y'all knew I was joking the entire 2k community man there's some iconic moments in 2k history like the time I think it was before it's UK's 17s launch when Ronnie TK made all those promises about under water parks and snow and stuff and they pretended like he was joking I just this realization just hit me first of all funny meme 9 out of 10 second of all he hasn't changed he's just stepped this game up this year ladies and gentlemen for all knowing there is a problem with your connection to our online services war every other game I play just says hey ma'am we apologize the server's crashed no not to que cambiar fault is never their fault you know some kids gonna be waiting all week for Friday and their grandma brings them there was a sale at Game Stop that 2k you wanted it was five dollars whoa what what that I have so many questions who did that though which one y'all did that...
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