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    What's up guys! LT.LICKME here! Today I present Missed Call Trolling 12 featuring Pennywise! This is a late Halloween special (what did you expect) but I hope you enjoy it!

    Special thanks to Paul Foster for your help on the project!
    (AKA: P5ykconomixxx)


    hello is anybody there is anyone there what's good a little man hello my name is Georgie what is yours ha ha ha you don't need to know my name ok sorry oh how do you love me sound like you five goddamn years old I'm six oh why you playing on this day I go handle your business - oh my god dude even got a fucking phone - fuck is this Paris thinking no - Steve Jobs or some shit Pennywise what the fuck come on Georgie pick up the ball I just want to talk hello anybody else in this shit come on what in the fuck was that you playing like a kid yeah don't go on the fucking bathroom to go Hemi Georgia hey there anything in the bathroom oh my fucking god give me this is Rio stupid ass God first in the fucking movie oh my god don't go in the fucking bathroom god damn it yeah yo hell no man this nigga sound like the real fucking thing yeah I can't man this shit don't you take that fucking hand bro don't take it you know this shit sound too fucking real shit oh hell no yo you keep your crazy ass away man really really yeah that's right fuck out a bitch ass clown no you go back down the fucking sewer go ahead and take Georgie stupid ass with you hey you stop walking towards the fucking mic right now fuck out here fuck yo Amy are you fucking playing man fuck out it no I'm here for Willie or this shit got a stop light like you you good acting all that shit but this should be putting on why I don't fuck with this clown shit what'd you just say what did you just say no you said play what you no more man you guys just wanted a penny wises ass beat if any wise don't get the fuck up off the mic and leave you Amy look man you eyes you make you laugh - no you made me - fuck that laughs and I said no you creepy bitch now Bobo you're a joke yeah uncle shit me knock duh who the fuck's there who's there stop fucking joking with me you asshole wrong with you may take advantage of our biggest sale of the year by one ton jump now with G feel calm warm overlap bro I said tell me what you map up your bad bro yo I said tell me with your map up you mad bro yo I said tell me what you map up I said tell me what you know
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