I Let My Instagram Followers Control My Life For A Day *Boyfriend Edition*

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    hey good okay so for this week's video I actually asked you guys what I should film on Twitter it was a poll I was actually surprised that the majority of you wanted me to do a video where I let Instagram control my day but since that's been around for quite a while I wanted to like change it up a little bit what are you doing I saw I look like an if you find her and I'm not happy he's been editing for months listen I've had a hard time it's not even focusing on me because I look like such I'm fucking it not human right now okay make it now polka something know what I had shade do is actually write out questions for my poles for Instagram I think what you're only eight of them by the way this was my idea you were like oh I think I'm gonna do Instagram controls my life and I'm like well no and you are like doing research on it and I was like no if you do this it's gonna be like what should I have almond milk or coconut milk in my coffee and I'm like no no no no sweetie aunty Conti we're gonna take it there I made a list but you if you don't like if you open up one and you were like oh my god I can't do that then you like game over like video homework well so if you look right here I have eight different poles well no I'm not opening them but it goes in order like throughout the day I this is gonna be a lot you're gonna have a hundred thumbnail options like you might also be changed forever as a person what I need to like prepare for anything do I need somebody to film me do I need to call anybody and say like hey you have to be in this video because I didn't plan it there's one that you might have to call your mom and tell her not to jump there's one where I may not want you to come home and then there's the last one where to be a lot of extra food and I'm excited for it and do I need to like put out the entire day is it gonna take a while yeah a whole day this is like a 12-hour situation this is my gosh oh I'm blurry - alright see you guys tomorrow hi guys good morning it is 9 2 a.m. and I'm just about to start Instagram controlling my day decided by my boyfriend I guess so before I do anything I guess it's time to open poll number 1 from our handy-dandy alright for breakfast it's either drink of beer in the shower or eat and donuts in the bath I guess let's get pulling my day ok so the poll for breakfast drink a beer or post ok I guess I'm gonna go chug some water and let me check my results let's see how we're gonna start breakfast and the at worst of my sister's apartment for a day like 8000 I don't even want to get into it ok checking my results whoa ok so nobody wanted the beer interesting oh my gosh these dogs are going nuts chill I got distracted by all of my pimples and started picking them but I'm gonna get this back ready for when all right so the donuts are here I haven't looked at them at all oh I've never like actually instead of showering in the morning took about it's pretty nice all right let's see what we're working with here oh my gosh this is nuts I love all the Halloween flavors oh my god whoa really crazy low you forget how much you love Donuts until you start eating Donuts again yeah these are like perfectly cooked they're like actually amazing I think people like Trisha Paytas are honestly the most talented people because turning on camera and like somehow entertaining people well just existing and gaming is my actual nightmare because like I don't know I guess like what's going on with us right now we're trying to move because our house is supposed to rest we actually moved back into the house we keep going back and forth but I moved back into the house and then I literally saw a rap bouncing up and down running from under our Mario Cart to up and under our sofa and shade and I moved it out of the house at like 3:00 a.m. and came back here weird time in our lives of course I kicked my sister out and then back up in the apartment that I kicked her out in I also never let myself eat like this for breakfast oh my god I think I just need to be like take a couple bites of everything the 30 pebble one like cereal for breakfast I'm into that mmm those one's a winner oh this one has jelly I don't think I'm like a donut feeling type a little bossy it's just like too much for me but okay I take it back it's actually pretty good know what your hand if it doesn't it's just like when they're sad or like if they're having a day to supporters it doesn't have Donuts and finishes it it's really good all right it's time for our next poll let's see uh where this day is gonna take us pull number two post a James Charles mere aspic on snapchat or send a mirror James Charles aspic to your mom you don't know what he Shane's referring to I think this is wait let me google this I remember like his nudes got leaked at one point but I don't know if he's referring to that or just like something James does frequently okay so this is what I was thinking about where he leaked his own nudes on snapchat I think he was like trying to send it to a guy that he was probably talking to and accidentally hit story which is the tragedy but honestly at least his like actual parts were now I guess this is what we're gonna be a what are you doing right now I'm taking a picture for the pulse okay so here's the poll were working let's see what they say okay let me take this pic it's not safe for work so you can't come okay so I just finished getting ready I already got a DM from James Charles he said oh my god and then I replied to him though and I hope Matt I hope he's not like why are you bringing that up again because when I replied he hasn't replied back but let's just hope all is well between sisters you know all right let's check to see how the poll is doing whoa it's like pretty split 54% on snapchat 46% sent to my mom I mean I guess I have to do what the people want this is gonna be so embarrassing are you kidding me and then in out of context they don't know what I'm filming right now they're gonna be like Rylan sending nudes to somebody that's not his boyfriend or maybe they'll think that I tried to send it to shade I've already had a snapchat scandal hey I blame Shane B I blame all of you for wanting me to publicly post this gym nasty okay here's the side-by-side comparison we have James Charles and gosh am I really gonna do like do I caption it does my boyfriend really want this for me if I get some kind of crazy backlash for this I swear to god I'm coming for him let's just like pretend it didn't happen and open the next up okay I guess we're ready for poll number three where Morgan's clothes or where Shane's clothes she only has one outfit though so if I take his outfit he's stuck here all day honestly all of you guys are so concerned that I was hacked again like you guys are all coming to my defense being like stop getting the heck that would be nuts right now Morgan swimming people like by a lot it is 65% Morgan to 35% Shane I guess I did already do a video on my channel like where I wore Shane's clothes for a week it's weird because when I wear that outfit I look gay when you wear it I look straight no let's go shop I think I'll be able to like put together a cute little sweat suit moment like Ivy Park okay Beyonce Morgan does wear a lot of like hoodies and sweaters and stuff so I think that will be the most realistic because my Morgan Luke of course there's uno and honey hair everywhere I guess I just hope that we're not like doing anything too social I'm not like trying to go to Starbucks looking like this let's see what's in store for us next whole number for drive my G Wagen text my friends for rides interesting I wanted to have a photo shoot in Morgan's outfit but I just caught my reflection in my car and this is so crazily disturbing like if I saw myself getting coffee like this what I would do 53% of you are asking me to have my friends drive me around but I guess we're gonna have to open the next pull to figure out where we're gonna have a friend drive me so this is plus five whoa Shane what get a T in the G tattooed on my lip or get a nipple piercing what I think my boyfriend's gone mad does he think I'm legitimately going to do either of those and why would he want me to have my nipple pierced what's wrong with him okay let me think about this after much deliberation I'm putting Pole five on hold for now if you open up one and you were like oh my god I can't do that like game over like hole number six get a Jojo c-walk costume or get a pregnant Colleen ballinger costume all right I could have a friend definitely take me to a Halloween store or I guess Target or literally anywhere cuz Jojo C hua has taken over the world hold on while I post this poll since you guys chose dresses Jojo see wha Jojo actually DM back and forth of me saying that I could just come actually shop in her closet my friend slash uber driver for the day is just gonna drop the outfit JoJo's and then I guess we're gonna find out where the day will take us oh hey my rides here way too much stomach hats don't expose me but also this is rich hi actually they've seen you I've been here before where am I going by the way oh okay let's get on the freeway what something doing today what I've been honestly doing nothing getting a new roommate we both has a day off and we were gonna do a bunch of productive errands that we want to talk it and got Starbucks I'm literally going from here to a hot wait really yeah what else do you do on a Thursday okay mister hello but clearly interested everyone without job will th...
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