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    Hey Larlees, todays video is A HUGE pr unboxing. so many new products in makeup! I also had my niece aka sidekick Eryn helping me unbox! she has so much fun digging in the makeup. I love you guys xo - Laura
    Just and FYI
    I Know this is an excessive amount of makeup. Brands send this makeup as a courtesy, and for advertising. With that being said I can’t possibly used it all, a lot I use to do reviews for you guys! The makeup I swatch but still can’t use completely goes to family members and friends in AL that don’t have the means to buy a lot of makeup. The unused makeup goes to donation women’s shelters and to you guys my loving audience that watches my channel! Thank you guys!

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    jump in this video real quick to let you guys know I am in doing a huge giveaway with five winners but expired shipping boxes there all you have to do is subscribe to my channel and leave one comment down below good luck I'll have the end date and everything the description box don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment down below and your intern and was PR stand for public relations hey guys what's up welcome to my channel today's video isn't very exciting this crazy guest star on this channel oh my no tell me you are I'm Erin she's my niece this is Erin she lives with me that was who oh okay we literally have a ton of stuff to go through today so this video is gonna get a little bit long a little trick that I always do when watching really long videos on YouTube is I hit the little nut and I changed the speed of the video to a faster speed so I can get through the video in half a time that still see everything and know everything that I want to know actually watch every YouTube video in fast time do you know wait we should see the subscribe song subscribe to my channel before you leave let's jump right in alright I think we should start with this one I'm gonna give it a slice I want to slice it can't meet the box while Aaron's opening one I'm gonna open the other we are double teaming oh my gosh this is such a cute bag this is actually from dub look how cute this bag is friend up yeah whoa girl we love it says dub and Vaseline go we love Devon Vaseline in this house okay let's open the bag oh my gosh how cute they give us a little Vaseline we got so we got soap in this house I'm down thank you guys so much this is such a cute little package we are but that's also because I like it because it's pink the pink Rosa yeah yes I actually use often the white dove so this actually in my bathtub it's like the best like pure clean so to mate with okay thank you guys this is from essence beauty I want to open up this this is cute look what you got to go lipsticks are the sticks and I know that's see oh my god girl this is something that I would heard would say is that I believe this is something I ordered on this you know what sent to me I apologize for the confusion but you definitely should fit it it feels nice even though I don't want to look how pretty that is oh this is from fresh Beauty it says hi Larr meet our juiciest launch of 2019 vitamin nectar globe juice oh that sounds nice you love fresh orange this is from Bree she owe Grigio well we got in there it's hashtag go bananas they sent me a mini of my favorite glow water I'm obsessed is this so nice and refreshing of the Viper nectar glow water is fire they offer scent if you know you can use the whole thing let me get some whites right on your deck they also sent me the vitamin nectar globe moisturizer ooh and the soil soy soy cleanser I might smell the shampoo real quickly give a little sniff girl if it's called hashtag go bananas betting that it smells like bananas Aaron no okay okay okay what are you just let me get there get yourself always smells like banana oh it smells like banana candy you know this is nice thank you for sending this to me this is from plush flesh this is from flesh this seems like some cool packaging honestly I don't even know how to begin to open this watch uh it's a little complicated but don't you worry touches one of my favorite brands ever so oh look how cute this is they're gonna meet packaged and just kind of fake lemon it says 100% cruelty free vegan yes cleanly formatted yes okay so I'm gonna look at it oh it's even got some fake grass in it China is their new foundation ooh primer it's open one of the foundations and one of the primers oh this is the new foundation from flesh and I'm so excited your flesh foundation fine your flesh this is so cute I know it's such a cute little pair package we got a card it comes in forty shades has seven different undertones it has medium natural looking coverage that's never cakey and it cares about your skin it has skin loving ingredients in it sounds really beautiful we'll see oh we got this beautiful box from Tasha - you're being soaked peony I don't know if you guys could see the lid but oh look at this boxes filled with flowers and it's such a pretty box I think this is like adorable ooh okay what is this though is that just a face cream oh this is their melting eye cream oh my gosh I bet this isn't melting I cream yeah talk just one of my favorite brands so I'll definitely be trying that out thank you so much torture I love swag no put something sweet I love their sweat so the next package is from Oprah and it's called island time on the card huh Thank You Oprah that's cute 5 o'clock glow so I'm opening this little box this is the island time palette and it has blush and highlighter shades in it which actually looks so gorgeous don't forget guys have a coupon code at AFRICOM for 20% off and the code is lauralee it also says a pressed powder I think this is a highlighter you want to test it on me if it is it's a hot peaking blush I don't think you want me to try that on you and then we also got like six different lippies I don't know how to count five different lippies from Oprah which goes aren't they pretty they're like pinks and news which goes with their little summertime collection hey our next box that we have here that's so cute isn't that so cute this is from First Take beauty and Erin let's just make a bag the pink is oh I think we turned ten years old I think it's like they're ten year 10 year old birthday celebrating 10 years of filling fab they send me the face cleaner the radiance pads are really nice and they have like the birthday packaging which I think it's cute and then they also sent their cream moisturizer thank you guys so much my first day Beauty this is from wonder it's a blush and bronzer duo we got a lumen ating face oil yeah that's a one my favorite products from them and we got a brightening cream I live for their illuminating face oil that's the stuff you're playing with the other day yeah it is so pretty it smells good how pretty is this blush and bronzer and they're nice we got the brightening cream Oh at least now give a pump let's see what it looks like oh it felt really nice ooh oh my gosh oh it's oh so nice smells so good okay I'm definitely gonna be trying this out more it's 40 bucks the duo face palette is 36 and the glow ahead illuminating face oil is 48 so here's another one of the palettes oh that's that face so much okay what is it face all oh I think you did too where's the lid good girl we didn't lose the lid we didn't realize in the first aid beauty you make a bag it came with like a little cute scar okay I also came to the cute little pin but I'm trying to get out oh and it came with a little baggie oh this stuff came in that tiny make it bad can you believe it alright guys this one seems really cool it's paint palette okay I'm gonna show you guys okay ready one two oh so this is from glam light their new artist paint palette oh look at the way it opens Wow look at the color see this is really cool good so the next package I just open is from I think Costa Kos a fort and they have a really interesting packaging like this little lip balm are you gonna open that lip balm it comes like a little package I definitely do hey guys I'm gonna be testing it out for you guys let's see oh that's interesting oh then they have these lipsticks will just look pretty cool it's my color yes so you tented and then I looks like to have a tinted face all which seems pretty interesting but I just squeezed out some of the face oh oh it's running so I just rubbed it in a little bit here and it's just super olie and it has I get into it the old kind of feels dry Oh show those lips that one's really pretty this is interesting I've never like seen this brand before or even heard of them so I'm pretty excited to get to play with their product I love this early this is such a pretty card guys I recently did a look with this palette on my channel so if you want to check that out I will link that video down below because I already got my palette early and then I gotta in PR so I will be including this palette into the giveaway at the beginning of the video that we talked about why do I live for Tarte real quick her sitting Magic Erasers oh my god to keep the seat clean this is so cute you choose your shade and you get the primer and the setting spray in the sponge this is such a cute little deal Thank You chart there's this new palette with strawberry dreams and then we have the three lips so this will be again included in the giveaway in the beginning of the video someone will be getting a good smelling and pretty palate for a tart you get the three-piece set so the foundation is 39 I think you get the rest of the stuff for 34 I think that's the situation next packages from whoa okay so I got this big box from Milani oh okay link you know that already okay give me this finger take C cos like that oh so it looks like in every single drawer is another one of their eyeshadow palettes which I think this is super cute oh my gosh yes so this one is the gilded new or palette it's kind of deeper shades this is the gilded violet the one I'm holding and I have the guilt it Jade palette and the prettiest one to me is the gilded umber palette I think that's I love all the colors in there me too then I got a package from the glam glow hello sexy so it says that their use of mud masks is finally back it's the ten minute facial and this is the first box I ever use from glam glow and I do absolutely adore it so thank you guys so much for sendin...
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