Molten Lava Vs Giant Ice Block Experiment

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    In this video we played with lava and dumped it on things

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    today we will be testing the world's greatest experiments like lava versus ice safe versus lava that dance on fire clock versus rock tight vs. maverick be a maverick cook-off love a versus ice cream all right I'm about to be a maverick and move some molten hot lava this could end really bad straight this way molten hot lava now we're gonna pour this lava that I move one ice cream on my lava versus Legos we're gonna see if this impenetrable fortress can withstand the lava aah Will Smith would approve aah know what else is hot parrot merch little goofball that calc last shot Oh oh wow our fortress oh my goodness fire hankies on fire trumpet versus chili play me a song my African Jewish doctor versus apples all right well 100 apples keeps the doctor away oh wait just for good measure hey you of G versus me hey did you get the horses for that video yeah the horses are in the yo do you remember you've been staring at the Sun for a while you must have the eye of the tight Chris vs. mirror ah beautiful I can look at myself all day I guess I'm ugly lava versus microwave the hot pot gets cold it needs some heat think we might have overcooked the hot pocket lava vs. folks cool cool don't call this phone again burn it now we don't have to worry about the FBI we're good oh man we lost him Miracle Whip versus Miracle Whip are you sure this is gonna work trust me I'm a doctor how you feeling it still doesn't work all right well let me try my miracle wit oh well it works but now I have cancer those are the side effects Chandler versus poop do totally fuck I need a plunger the punch is gone love a versus state how would you like your steak done well done like well well done yeah pretty well done bring the lava here you go chan chan lava versus toilet so what's gonna happen to the toilet old man standing outside our store versus Chandler can a stop sign stop before it gonna happen tarik is outta there get back in there that's hot that's too hot that's hot all right so if you're ever driving down the road you see lava grab a stop sign use as a shield you're welcome clouds will smart baseball bat versus coconut coconut shards a minor cake of Ferb let's not use coconut why I'm a maverick we do it different okay safe versus lava a maverick would get the code right know what a maverick will do that what Jews love I don't think what was in the safe more maverick merch doughnuts oh this isn't a skit I'm just hungry charger versus lava so in case an enemy nation dropped an EMP and there's no electricity I want to see if I can charge my phone using lava am I gonna get electric is no no there's literally all right look at it all right so look at this his phone is not charging let's see if it charges whoa it didn't work whoa don't do that explorers versus Dora that was a great expedition boys yeah we're explorers now down by shot the glass kind of cracked Chandler versus challenged last person to speak wins $50,000 starting now what what he said love versus candle devil either Jake do not have a lighter oh do you know just get just give it to me okay where y'all going away have a nice fresh scent ps4 versus Xbox one so being a maverick and doing it different and my car battery died so I'm gonna keep innovating like a maverick and charge my car battery with a consult come on it's not rocket science hi Jake is it starting okay alright let's see if a PlayStation 4 work it's it's starting the console of the Maverick for nothing lava versus ice just hold it oh my good they get idiots versus safe poor mama right here I got nothing out Steve I'm a little of my tip number one did it quite works my wallets still stuck we're going for round two we're gonna try to lock this up and who would have thought the exact same thing happened I guess you're not getting to your wallet but I have a credit card those who spend as much money as I want I need it what it's still locked I still can't pay you guys that's empty where's the money you promised me that's my wallet so guys now here look together out if you ever want to melt something you need to get it really hot where you want to do caste like our logo right here we put up on our wall go to PNC supplies they helped us out they got a ton of cool stuff and without them this video wouldn't have been possible
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