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    I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical day for me. You guys have been asking to see my new office, but I thought it would be fun to show you everything from the moment I wake up, so I'm taking you into my home, my closet, my business meetings, my photoshoots and more. More videos to come! x Kylie


    I said that I was gonna start this vlog a lot earlier but I slept with stormy last night she woke me up at 6:00 wouldn't stop crying it wasn't it wasn't the time to grab my camera and start filming stormy is back asleep I'm about to take a shower brush my teeth I have a long day today and I'll tell you guys about it after we show okay so I just took a shower wash my face I have a really long day today so I'm doing a bunch of meetings I have like a cosmetic meeting a skin meeting I gotta meet with my mom my business manager I want to show you guys my office I can't wait for that also it's Arielle's birthday Arielle is my makeup artist slash friend and I am surprising him with a birthday dinner because he said he wasn't doing anything for his birthday I love birthdays my phone is going off see this is when the day starts I'm getting text messages Kim we have a family group shot my mom and lovely John who you will meet today okay so stay tuned we got a busy day I'm not really gonna film glam because it's not that exciting very quick breakfast and then get into it okay I'm in the middle of glam but I'm gonna wake stormy up because she's got to go to the farm and they're good right now she is sooner did you have a good thing laugh are you gonna meet me at the office today yes hi you what your glasses I feel like I could wear and make all these little custom t-shirts for her this little talentless t-shirt do we think white biker shorts guys are black I'm gonna do black sand she's going to the farm I love you I'm gonna finish getting ready to okay so now I'm gonna go get dressed turn the camera around because Brian my fitting room right now I might wear one of these three dresses tonight I want to or something pink because my whole office is like black and pink I love this Alexander Wang pink jacket with the pink matching pants I also love this pink little workers jumpsuit chose the jumpsuit because I don't even have time to think about it I paired it with these white Chanel sneakers and just a little silver hoop earrings to match the buttons and some rings and then I found these glasses which are pretty cute so that's a look at the day and then yeah now I gotta choose a purse I'm thinking maybe white I gotta love this little box or clear which I like to I think I'm gonna go with white because it's easy okay think I'm gonna take this guy today now we're gonna go I'm gonna head on I can't wait for you guys to see the hoppy office we're double filming so you're filming and I'm coming I'm shooting a flood we're doing something special together look at us we're so bright today wait can we wearing gray oh this is an exciting day we are I really don't know what we're exactly what we're doing today but we have like love coming okay well yeah right we have a collab coming could hold me for half I have to do a photo shoot later otherwise I wouldn't have fallen out you're on my blog my blog vlog its vlog mommy it's really good what are you eating Chinese chicken salad okay so we're gonna go to a little private meeting that you guys can't come in on but we will see you after for the kind of cosmetic meeting stormy and her cousins at the farm I cannot take this I got I love you all right look Judith hi Marie thank you so much this looks delicious but what we want to do is get all of these like the color for the components and the deco and all of that done what about cream can we see this color with gold Kendall on it and black and black of Kendall I think we should do this for our anniversary on the November 30th all Gold's worked off the option - oh I hear a little baby it's - come here baby thank you guys oh you like this oh you like this your car Wow okay I love you I love you well Cassie you soon it's hard to manage mom life and work life sometimes so that's why I made her a bedroom here so she could be with me and still have fun the first SPF product for Kylie's skin you see Stormy's and all my meetings she really is I for sure I want to do a highly skin Kylie skin summer truck serve and serve soft serve me stop serve ice cream ice coffee hey just like super cute summer vibes and sell the products at the same time around our legs here okay back this is your toner oh so human mini face wash so cute all right so I'm taking a little break I might have a little snack I had to cut you guys off on the chi-lites good meeting because I don't want to ruin any surprises but I'm gonna have a meeting with my business manager and then I'm gonna do some touch-ups and get into my Kylie cosmetics a little photo shoot and go to the other side of the office hi you guys what are we about to do photo shoot shoot new lip kiss alright so I'm almost done for the day I'm gonna wait for her Andrew look through her Isha's makeup YUM I can't wait all right so I changed into this lovely sexy robe I'm gonna do some touch-ups and then get right in and do these shots really quick I'm really fast with these and then we're off back home to change and surprise Arielle tonight so yeah Angelina is just gonna tell him Arielle we got to go out we got to do something for your birthday and she is gonna take him to dinner and then we're all gonna be there and surprise him all right we just finished glamming with faroush and i'm gonna do the first shot super quick I'm wearing Hosey velvet right now that's gonna be launching prepared cosmetics Posie is one of my most popular shades so I made it Belle because I know people love my velvet formula a lot why are you just blue can be also am shooting bear mat bear is a gorgeous we're just nude this is what it looks like what those will be launching on Kylie cosmetics stay tuned on the Instagram for that date let's go shoot okay so we just finished a full day at the office we had meetings we did a shoot and now off to our iou's birthday dinner I'm literally gonna wear this home Oh cuz I'm way too comfortable oh oh oh thank you so much just so used to you just handling it is awkward since we have to drive to the city I'm not gonna wear my dress I'm gonna change when I meet Heather cuz I got to go pick her up I'm hungry I'm ready to eat and we're rushing down there cuz we're late for an important date all right we're coming for you baby I have my dress right here because I didn't minutes so but I just want to talk to you guys about Kylie skin restocking on June 5th I'm restocking full sets the factory sets on June 1st you can get everything on June 5th or if you want to wait till June 10th that's when I'll be restocking individual products and I want to edit to a plug lipcott never the name is I'd look good in action so I put the liner on and then I put the matte lip in the center it's just I hate you guys Arielle just nine he boasted I hate surprises I hate when people surprise me I'm not the type I don't like the attention so I literally cannot wait to surprise him Wow now I wanna now I want to surprise them even more Arielle I'm so sorry I have to do this for you because I love you okay mission you think alright my huh how they're just gone here we're getting in the dress this dress everything baby all right here okay I'm just leaving I was gonna say bye I'm just gonna go to dinner I don't even know maybe like midnight guy they just cussed everybody out it's like your sponsor ruined my surprise can't be on time seriously no because I know where Arielle is I'm on tops on RL but I told everyone to be there at 8:00 and one person is there but that's what I have to do is surprise parties you got to tell them 7:00 if you want them there at 9:00 like yeah it's bad I know made Angelina stall hopefully he doesn't show up with only I can't wait to make it he's almost here he's about to pull up we've been having the best time Mario's let's finish speed from the bottom of my heart I adore you with all my heart and I literally do any love you the night is over we're all leaving I love you thank you for watching my youtube channel subscribe like this video make sure you comment down below what you would like to see next from me and give it a big thumbs out
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