How To Carve a billiard ball into a SKULL

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    hey guys I'm now on tick-tock thank you so much to them for sponsoring today's video be sure to stick around to find out about my top secret tick tock giveaway stop that we're here at the antique ball it's very scary okay even the toys are scared dude this guy keeps staring at me okay there is a reason for me being here besides walking around being scared I'm looking for things that I can turn into art I don't know like it could be carved or changed in some way let's actually look for some stuff we can do that with yeah okay mm-hmm that's cool that might be interesting see if I can hear the ocean that definitely could be made into something uh-huh well we'll just find something else I guess I think it's almost perfect but I think it really needed just a little more ear hair check this out that's cool I think I can make something out of these so let's go back home and find out shall we okay we are back with my balls what I want to do is I want to carve one of these into a skull I actually got that idea from a guy on Instagram Scott biscuit I'll put a link in the description go check him out he does awesome work anyways he does these awesome skulls and so I wanted to see if I could - so let's take a look at what I'm gonna be using as a reference hello I find it rather humorous that Bobby thinks he can use me as his reference I mean it tickles my funny bone anyways it's not that I don't want to i'm just bound tired okay I'll stop so I got this guy on Amazon and his name is uh what is your name d'Artagnan but we're just gonna call him Winston for short it was one of the least expensive but most anatomically correct skulls that I could find and I just want to say thanks Winston it takes a lot of guts sorry well at least I'm not the one playing with my boss haha we have fun here alright let's go to the shed where there's some air conditioning it's hot in the garage that's better all right let me show you what tools I'll be using to carve this you probably already know I'm going to be using my rotary cava also look down here whoops dadgummit I've never carved a skull and I've also never carved a billiard ball so this is gonna be a learning experience for both of us the bits I'm going to be using I know I'll probably use some of these then we also have the structure tooth tungsten carbide cutters like this that's things I don't know what I'm gonna be using but I know I'm gonna be using some of them the first step is to pan back slightly with the camera then go ahead and draw on some reference points with your marker like eyes nose and mouth that way you'll know where to start carving okay well I've decided to not use these pool balls because well look at it well you just look at it see that color that is not the original color I was going for anyways I went ahead broke down and bought one of these I know you guys wanted to see me carve the 8-ball anyways so well where we because this ball is black it's a good idea to remove the outer layer that way you can see your reference points when you're drawing them on now what I'm doing is taking the sides back to reveal the front facing profile and do the same for the side profile as well why that uh hi Beth okay you can see here we've got the very very rough shape trying to get the profile this way and most of the profile this way done build a good foundation for your carvings to then add more and more in subtler and subtler shapes and details notice I have carved off the actual drawing for the face well I'm just gonna go back and as I go just keep drawing those details back on when I carve them off and just keep going until we got ourselves a little skull but Bobby you already have me you're right man I do okay let's get back to it and like I just said I'm redrawing on some of those details in the reference points like where the nose will be and removing some material on either side of the nose bump switching up bits from the tungsten carbide cutter to one of these helical bits kind of got that frame there sorry about that refining the side of the jaw and where those divots go in on either side of the jawbone now giving him a good nose picking cleaning out those holes getting everything shaped up I'm looking back and forth to my reference as I'm doing this now you know those areas that divot in on the side of the skull where your temples are that's also helping to reveal the upper cheekbone area Latvia what a handsome fellow all right we're about to do some detail work so I'm going to switch out my bit for something way smaller before we go any further I want to tell you about my sponsor today tick tock what I need you to do is go into the description and download tick tock so you can follow me at Bobby Duke arts see a whole bunch more shenanigans that I'm going to be getting into also exclusive only tick tock content and when you do that in two weeks time I will be giving away a highly detailed mold of my hand I signed it on the bottom wherever you live I don't care where you live I will ship it to you free of charge what's really cool about tick tock is it gives me all of the tools I need to be totally creative within the platform interesting sound effects cool music filters it's all there you can edit it in out tick tock is really breaking barriers in the creative space so if you want to wind my hand in marriage actually know go download tick cookies in the link and follow me Bobby Duke arts okay now back to the video you know that thing we were just doing that video video let's go back to it really get into his nose and relieve that area of its boogers drawing in some of the details of where the jawbone will be and how a little look it's really important to carve a little bit and then draw your reference points back on that way you don't get lost because it's really easy to while you're carving using another aggressive little guy to scoop out area behind the jaw using a diamond beh carving out those little Skippy dupes that are on the tops and bottom of the teeth now I'm using a really sharp bit to come in and start tracing that outline around each tooth and also start shaping it also teeth are kind of tapered they taper from narrow at the top to wider down at the base where they meet alright so here's how we have this guy at the moment focus you can see we put in most of his teeth and scraped out all of the gingivitis added some little holes in the eyes pierced this area did a little more detail underneath this cow it's looking pretty cool now what we got to do is stop shaking basically just clean up all the details we already have give it a good sanding and then after that polish it up it's gonna be done wound Bobby why don't you love me anymore you'll never talk about me I okay using one of my diamonds bells is kind of like a sandpaper before ice and give everything a really good sand and then go back in and put in those little squiggly lines when you were a bet and your skull was like multiple sections where they used together lock BAM now I'm using some polishing compound on a buffing wheel go over the entire thing to bring it to a super shiny surface now we are finished now look thank you so much for making it to the end of the video and remember with a couple of tools and some creativity you can make this too also remember to download tik tok and go ahead and give me a follow if you want to chance at winning my hand I will be announcing the winner in my next video but if you want to find out sooner go ahead and give me a follow on Twitter as well also also I love you pesky bee
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