WHO IS THE SMARTER BROTHER!? (5th Grade Questions)

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    WHO IS THE SMARTER BROTHER?! The winner will get Krispy Kreme and Little Caesars, the loser will be 25 and live at home. I love these humans.

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    who invented the telephone sprint welcome back Wolfpack to another episode of what them is Josh thinking today I decided to do some trivia with our beautiful thick boys Jonah and Vardhan and see which one of them is smarter than a seventh grader here's the only issue vardhan's an actual seventh grader while Jonah is a 25 year old who loves Pokemon so I figured we'll do a tribute contest super-cute and we should have a reward for whoever gets a question right and well I've decided to go to the most rewarding place under the Sun you guessed it double K Krispy Kreme hello how are you what kind of donuts would be good as a reward for a trivia the glazed okay yeah I'd say let's can I have a dozen glazed please oh my god Oh a sample oh my gosh thank you so much wanna see if I can eat it in one bite okay ready oh no sorry thank you hi so I felt like gettin a bleak enough prizes for the tribute questions I get some Little Caesars Pizza - I do see in the comments section where you're all I don't feed Jonah anymore that's not fair it's unhealthy and my answer to that is you're not wrong what is this it's a car why are you right driving this my bad sentence you don't believe it I thought mine did give me a word sir this is David's loaner car I can't believe how perfectly the Tesla allows my Cameron it's just sit I know oh my god it's great this is like a really contradictory scene because you look rich you've got like your iced coffee and like your who gives a attitude you are standing in the backyard and wearing basketball shoes I really don't know what you look like you're entering a porn what are we doing this is another part of the play by maureen we know this yeah we're gonna go back and do a trivia contest so you excited what's not exactly how did I get so lucky with this crew feel like I would Powerball every time I'm with you wait so we wouldn't got the key from your mom and you somehow lost it when all we've done is driving the car I had it for a second yes stupid we're on the sky stupid it's like stuck in Hannah's hair but it's like someone a sheep is loving in his hair I'm not quite following but I know what you mean by Todd and I appreciate your passion I'll go get a haircut for the first-ever episode of who's smarter than a seventh grader Mardon you're in seventh grade right yeah I haven't finished school all right what do we win don't worry about it okay it's gonna be little surprise that not be fooling it better be a better be example among your I love the brotherly dynamic that's all remember that you're 25 okay here we go here we go what sweet food is made by bees using nectar from flowers honey honey okay let's go over there this is the sponsored by honey honey is an active no it's not but honey I'm down for a sponsorship yeah yeah honey sponsor new question don't blurt out the answer please hey seventh graders how many colors are in a rainbow seven Wow Wow you got it right this is just a preliminary round and then we're gonna go to the prize room what is the name of the bear in the jungle book for none but mommy forgot that guy he's like he's like somebody does a Scarface's Steven Jonah you have a chance to steal their theme not even close it's Baloo Baloo the bear okay okay question number three what big country is closest to New Zealand Jonah so sorry Austria no that's wrong hey which Italian city is famous for its leaning tower France but Vera donuts in Italian city Oh Italian that's just you just said Italian you like that way love you were nothing I know you know Jonah your opportunity to steal la pieza both wrong way to a nun just to news is one of the two pisa Leaning Tower of Pisa all right next question Hey what does Fred Flintstone wear around his neck for not necklace sorry I see what were your reasoning once but no damn what is it Johnny your opportunity to steal joining your time is up wait wait new particle a neck pillow like what you'd wear on an airplane yeah is he just taking random naps around the stone a sure what how many years are in a millennium Jona 30 gosh it's not even close burn on 6,000 this is gonna be a long game it's a thousand guys millennia Nelson it's okay it's okay this is a warm-up now let's get to the prize round but hey guys what is the capital of England Krispy Kreme we have four dozens over there you know it's better than four dozen Krispy Kreme five should we blur out the Krispy Kreme logo because of how poorly they've treated you on Twitter did that yeah we did a whole video about it they don't mean back oh yeah yeah I love it it's not Krispy Kreme it's not Christmas tree all by Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme is cheeks go to Dunkin Donuts instead Dunkin Donuts is amazing because you got that last answer right you get put one finger out next question can I'm gonna say this with my regards I like that I like that okay we're doing the Sun or the game you took my bread is what school does Harry Potter attend followers Wow very good Jonah another one of the weed delicious ones thank you Stars and Stripes is the nickname of the flag of which country Jonah are you trying anymore down there I don't even know the answer for you Jonah number three of course once he sees don't message together Pharaoh is the title given to the rulers of which ancient country Jonah on this one Mardan for the opportunity to steal tombs Egypt he jobs very nice well done finger out took my sons who founded the first public library in the United States of America burned on Abraham Lincoln no Jonah Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin father God I wouldn't know that either that's a tough one maybe you're been to the library no cool who invented the telephone spring and what temperature does water boil somebody to know ninety know what thirty to one-third no one forty-five it's fried Ram Oh what another prize you want another yes yes everyone's favorite rapper Little Caesar in the nursery rhyme who sat on a wall before having helped me I was gonna say that technically you didn't do something but no another one another one no let me let me talk to that what's the points no point to the delicious food er depriving the owner what you call a baby sheep laughs Wow Bardock I'm hungry make a trip to Italy cuz it sound but that'll stop someone else ceases what's that tastes like victory mm-hmm he's good right isn't winning name Batman's crime-fighting partner Vernon Robin Hood no judges aren't to accept that Jonah hey guys who painted the Mona Lisa Jonah da Vinci Wow that very nice please one more slice of pizza you deserve a young man you deserve it that's Jonah enjoy your slice of pizza well done really good what letter is the only letter that does not appear in the name of a US state Y X Z or Q 1 final answer yeah well this website says I need to log in to find the answer so it can just screw it so our bonus round let's see who's the most street smart huh oh yeah let's have some real-world question at the moment smell it have you um yeah what are the two accounts you can open up at a bank checking in seven well Jonah well then if someone wants to fight you should you let them punch you in the face first and then you're not liable yes yeah nice substance well great job can I do that yeah okay next question what's the most important reason to go to college bit wrong well done what's in it's part of a long krispy kreme line freeze enemies free samples nice Sarah long time you were late what's the best way to get out of a speeding ticket Vegas either yes what's the best way to make quick money still be money from your mom's purse our night what's the best part of playing video games learning your curse words nice what's the best way to get a girl to fall in love with you tell her you're part of the boxplot nice what's the best way to get free food when you're hungry become best friends with Josh Peck ah all right well I think we've all decided and it's clear now that part online and uh well the grand prize winner gets something pretty special you're allowed to tease me so bargain ah I just waited my teaser this is where I try to discern my podcast from the just tens of thousands of others so let's make it special to make it stick out so you listen to this in your car and your commute drive home to infinity I need a key or that yes please sign me up but the truth is it's not that special it's just me talking to friends some famous people some not famous people people that I'm interested in people that I find fascinating who have had a human experience that I want to know more about you bought time from Hot Topic I'm not afraid anymore Wow cue
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