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    Today I spill my top secrets to create a flawless face & some common mistakes to avoid! Hope you enjoy seeing both the Dos & Don'ts in action!!! Let me know what you want to see next! xo's ~ Tati


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    Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.


    hey guys welcome to today's video I'm super excited to do crappy makeup on one side of my face and really incredible makeup on the other and guide you through a visual tour of what to do and what not to do these are just my tips and I'm going to break down what I do to make my skin look as flawless as can be if I put my hair back because professional okay so the first thing that we are going to do is prime half of my face a lot of people skip over the steps they think it is unnecessary and I am someone that absolutely believes in primers I know when I was going through like a makeup must past for my sister who was a nurse her biggest complaint was not how would you like the ridiculous routine in the morning she just wanted to know how to extend the life of her makeup and I was like well are you stand watching everything and she's like what a sandwich he made and I'm like are you cleaning a primer underneath your foundation and then setting everything with a powder and a setting spray and she's like no I'm just using foundation and concealer so I think it is a pretty common mistake to skip over a primer I really like pore minimizing primer because I have pores in this region right here not very proud of them I like to fill them in I feel like it makes everything else look so much better this is the new love affair right now that I cannot get enough of this is from Smashbox with the photo finish foundation primer it's oil-free pore minimizing I also really love the pore fessional we've just we've been together for a while this is a very light whipped pore filling primer and you don't need tons of pore filling and you want more more moisturizing shade if you are not 100% after just pore filling and you want moisturization and a little more glide for your makeup and something like this from Milani is great this is B prime light I like it because it's strobing which essentially means it's a radiant primer and this one is oil-free as well so these are my favorites at the moment I'm taking about this size amount and just pressing stirring on the areas where I feel like I have really crappy pores and I kind of pull the product down a little bit to kind of spread it out and then I like to really press I'm just like dye pores I have my monitor to the side so if you see me like glancing over like that's what I'm looking at you can see that I have a lot more shine on this side I like it this side much better going into a little foundation because right on top of my primer I like to go in with foundation I'm going to be using the wet and wild photo focus foundation in soft beige now a lot of people will take foundations directly on their face which you can do that that's not totally like a sale thing that you're doing or you can take it off the back of your hand which I used to do for years and then for some reason I forget to wash my hand and I'd be out in public and I'd be like oh my god like why do I have foundation all over my hands when I use now is so sanitary and amazing and helped your product to last a lot longer I use a glass palette this one is from Barnes you could use a dish you could use a just anything blast flat like even when I'm in hotels I will take a little glass cup and I will flip them upside down and use them as my palette so make sure you have a palette and then grab your foundation off of that palette so I'm going to take a dampened Beauty Blender and I'm going to pick up some of the foundation and I'm just going to stamp this starting in the middle of my face and I'm going to make sure that I blend all the way out to my ear a lot of people mess up by not taking their foundation all the way down on the jawline and then you see a huge demarcation but also people forget to blend back to their ear so make sure that you're blending in this entire region here I kind of pull my baby hairs back a little bit so we don't get caught up in that business and just press and down the foundation in the other thing you want to do is make sure that you are getting this area right in here it is really easy to forget to put foundation or makeup right here especially if you do your eyebrows first or your eye makeup first which is totally fine just make sure when it comes to blending that you are actually focusing on blending all the different areas of your face and not just looking directly straight into the mirror which also means that if you have the kind of gap right here in your nose which I do I have such a hard time blending out this area here you can take your fingertips you can take a concealer brush right now what I'm really into is this Ecotools sponge I'm going to just press right in my nostril basically so the key here is to really blend out every area on the face don't treat it just like a flat surface treat it like you're going to be seen in real life which you are you turn your head the light grabs in different areas your face you know needs to be blended into the neck and the ear so don't just do the mask that's a fail the other side of my face I'm just going to use my fingertips to blend the product and there really isn't anything that wrong with doing this technique other than it just doesn't blend it as beautifully in my opinion and you can end up using too much product you don't have anything pulling the product away and I'm not going to intentionally like try to do a horrible horrible job on this other side because I want you to see those subtle differences but you might not think that you're making but maybe you are the purpose or there are subtle things you might not think are a big deal when you are doing your makeup step by step every day if you aren't blending things the right way if you aren't layering makeup the right way it will still probably look good but what I'm hoping to get you guys to is great makeup everyday so you know these little tricks and you have them in your back pocket to use as you're getting ready for whatever event in life you're getting ready for this is one of my favorite tricks in the book to take a precise eyeliner brush that is not slanted but does not have any width to it that is just really idiot bitty so this would be normally intended to create a line on your eye like so to do maybe a nice little cat eye but what I'm going to show you is how to use this to conceal areas very specifically on your face so I'm going to take this concealer palette from Memorial I have been really enjoying this I'm going to mix the first and second shade kind of blot off a little excess product on to my pallet in front of me and then I'm going to be able to go in to any of these areas on my face one--this F is on my face ruining the flawless side are you kidding me right now and this is also a how to fix makeup when you mess up but you didn't intend to mess up if you ever need like a magic eraser just re grab your dampened Beauty Blender almost every single time if you have excess product on it it will kind of work with your magic eraser I'm going to take my brush just load it up with concealer and I'm going to be able to pinpoint areas on my face that I want to conceal without adding a ton of product then you can just take your finger and kind of blot and dab the product in now on the dull side I'm just going to take my finger into the concealer and I'm going to attempt to conceal an area that really does not require that much concealing so I'm still going to be able to conceal it but you're visibly going to see more concealer than maybe you would need to okay so that kind of draws attention negatively to the face where is this you are just adding that heavy pigment concealer in a pinpoint fashion right where you need it and no one's going to know that you have it there now we're going to go straight into highlighting on the good side of the face so I'm going to pick a little bit of my custom cover drops from cover FX this is in the shade it's just like a really I see one select shield so we're getting really glowy up in here I'm going to take a little bit on my pallet I'm going to take the same dampened Beauty Blender that I used grab just a tiny bit of the product here and I'm just going to bounce this on the high points of the face you can immediately see like a gorgeous shine I'm going to take the tip and kind of blend back any of the harshness towards the front of the face now I'm doing this underneath my concealer I am kind waiting to mesh everything together and you'll see what I'm about to do so on the other side I am going to go in and rank and go into my pension or on the other side I'm going to go in this concealer and I'm going to use a shade that is a few shades too light for me just you guys can see what happens if you really get carried away with the highlighting trend which you want your concealer to be a little bit lighter than your foundation but it doesn't need to be like four shades lighter so I'm going to go in with a much lighter concealer over here and attempt to highlight with it now ideally I would be blending this out with a Beauty Blender because I like the push-pull of a sponge where you are pressing products into the skin but you are also pulling away some of the excess so it doesn't look heavy to the DI and putting all the like the highlighting point so that side is highlighted not the greatest oh my grandma time for any z-bo break it's like my obsession right now you guys vivia why am i thinking of like the Deo Mayo things I do later CVS sounds totally different this is a ginger root beer if you're looking for a stevia-sweetened soda oh my gosh what I'm going to do on this I now is take an ivory concealer this is a lift and firm concealer from Eliza...
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