AB Discusses His Future And All Slander Amongst His Name (Ex Steeler Issues)

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    for eight years it seemed like everything was smooth and perfect yeah the ninth year like what what happened you know sometimes things are bigger than just my issues you know the big grand scheme of things for us to win you know the integrity of things could kind of go out the window when the ultimate thing is for us to win you never you work if you work for me for nine years wouldn't you respect you - no my girlfriend name or my dad's name my kid or you know what would you expect me to meet your kid or at least know you on the level of some sort of integrity to know like hey man I appreciate what you do what are you talking about there I mean the owner the owner work in an organization Antonio Browns tension with the Steelers was also building on the field following a game-ending interception to the Broncos in week 12 of the 2018 season quarterback Ben Roethlisberger publicly questioned Browns route running I thought they'd be a a B you have to come flat you can't drift in the end zone because those under cuts can happen criticism really is a part of the job you know I'm saying I answer criticism would achievement but you know on a professional level is like yo like if I'm your guy make me know I'm your guy but don't say I'm your god and a point finger don't say I'm your God and no told me the ball the whole first quarter you're not I mean I would have liked for me and Ben would it be cool I thought we was cool but when I think I'd only been in his house one time he'd been in my house one time you know I mean we don't work out in the offseason it's like y'all we really want to win you think that's winning that's not winning and I don't got to put my faith for no one cuz you know I would trusting God in myself since day one brought from Liberty City I've been betting on myself Brown is proud of the 18,000 square foot mansion where he resides not merely because of its decadence but because of the climb that it represents it is a climb that began just 25 miles south in the streets of Liberty City considered one of the most dangerous parts of Miami this block discrete these people what made me who I am today until you've really come back home yeah no drugs watch police what's the scariest thing you saw here one died in my house just like my family had 20 guns on a pool table then you're off my house right here in the apartment how old were you at that point probably like seven years old what do you think what the hell is going on here yo what's going on a seven do you even compute the fact that this is not normal there was nowhere in a real well but here in Liberty City is normal it is that reality that took Brown from the streets of Liberty City to the lights of Heinz Field to become a six round draft pick in 2010 and the NFL's highest-paid wide receivers in 2017 but in recent years the tensions would escalate in the public Browns sideline frustrations fueled outside criticisms which in turn fueled responses from Brown I'm fully here I go to work every day about my business and I don't take you for granted you know my business is winning here I come at a win and a win winning right I'm pissed off the friction between brown and the Steelers culminated in the final game of the season Brown for much of the week was a no-show at practice rich 17 yeah what happened week 17 and we coming off a big lawsuit against the Saints yeah I'm sore we just been on the turf I come see the coach I said coach what are you thinking like you know I'm in a couple of days to get right cause like man swords man just go home if you saw go home you need to go home all right go home it's the last game buddy I went home coach Mike Tomlin said he attempted without success to communicate with Brown leading up to game day Tomlin told reporters not until Sunday morning did Brown's agent call to say the receiver could play Tomlin said it was too late so now everyone want to have a meeting they want to talk you want to invite me over to his house as I burn the biggest game of the season you said go home cuz I'm so you know I mean if I'm gonna do something within the team we got to be on the same page we got a relay we gotta understand each other we got to know what we set out to do was it just too late at that point yes to lay it is super too late right of course I'm gonna go to a new team Brian March I get a new contract somewhere else a lot of still is but you know how they do you man you get to the back end they go to playing these games I'm Who I am like probably work off you gotta be smart - oh you like ya junkie even after the dramatics and discontent led Braun to demand a trade general manager Kevin Kohlberg made a comment that to some seemingly validated a portion of Browns concerns On February 20th Kolbert was asked about Roethlisberger's criticism of teammates to which the GM pointed to Big Ben's Super Bowl resume and experience and added he has fifty two kids under him what do you think of Kevin coverts comments 52 kids he pretty much is explaining what I already had told everyone he just confirmed it he tried to clarify of course he try to clarify because he know he stated the truth and he going mag pad on his words but what what what ideally grown man is called another grown man a kid 52 kids like like you don't have no respect for these guys like these the guys that go to work for you and that's what I'm telling you guys that that's what that's my issue I'm saying it's all about respect and even it's just a principle no one's that's like if I call you a kid like bro out of respect how would you feel you were professional how would you feel what playing me penny do you take Lena I take the breakdown in the relationship I'm gonna take anybody I just think I took responsibility for my situation you know I didn't point a finger I didn't make no one look bad I didn't throw stones at anyone and and and I just taught share with you what happened you don't seem angry I'm really angry for what like I'm healthy I'm healthy you I'm a six-round freakin jab picked from frickin Liberty City it's no joke that I'm just positive and poised because look why I come from you know I'm saying I don't need to prove nothing to anyone if I if they want to play they gonna play by my rules you
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