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    guys we just did a podcast with the one B only we talked about so much ramen we talked about the combat much controversy about why he left where he was depression Shido guess why you get to make a video with your dad today come down it's a crazy that when he gets excited he just looks like he's thinking about his own death he's so confusing hey guys yes I am still sick which means today's video is gonna be really stupid I'm also wearing a new sweatshirt this was owned by Rylands grandma who died and I stole it from her closet that's my aesthetic somebody else's dead grandma's clothes it says I can't remember what I forgot to forget I relate to that at the moment because I can't remember who I am or why I'm here that's how much take Willimon know I really do love this sweater though and I really am sad that Rylan's grandma died because I really liked her but I like to deal with pain by making jokes about it because I'm not a healthy person and I have a lot of issues so yesterday I was on the couch sick watching the view and Whoopi Goldberg did a segment where she showed her favorite things and one of her favorite things was cat weed it's called meow get it meow you wanna yeah that happened so I know you're thinking that's a dumb idea and a waste of money so I bought it not only did I buy it I bought all of it so today cheeto is gonna be trying cat weed I'm sorry you know I don't have anything for you but if you want to chop up your dog fooding you can snort it okay so it actually came in the mail today and I put it on this table and literally without even opening it cheeto went crazy oh my god can smell it through the box oh that was a crackhead look I think we found something he likes more than food yeah it was a lot all right so let's open it up together okay I have the goods so I've never actually seen real weed before I know that's shocking considering the amount of crazy food videos I've made and also the fact that I've made mountain cakes out of every type of food possible today we're gonna be making a pizza cake we making a big ass walk okay syrup oh my god oh my god oh my god yes all of those happened without drugs all right here we go oh my god once again I've never seen weed but this looks like what weed looks like in movies which is not what I thought the first time I saw boobs sorry mom oh this is crazy what is this are we supposed to smoke this all right I'm gonna give you like an overview shot by the way this is not sponsored but I would love a world in which I could possibly get sponsored by Maui Juwanna super woman's like the Loreal girl and I'm like mad you wanna try some oh my god that looks like weed Oh God little pad joints do we smoke them I don't understand how this works mmm that a jewelry box room spray or wait do I spray this in his face do people spray wheat I'm so confused oh and just for the experience I might have got a cat dreadlock wait now listen this is not like culture appropriation that's not what I'm trying to do but when I think of weed I think about Marley and Bob Marley has dreadlocks and I thought it would be cute on my cat stop coming for me tumblr oh and I also got this this is a different company but when I was looking at cat weed on Amazon I also found cat wide I loved getting scammed okay I need to figure out how to open this I got it see kids there's something's not working crush it up against a wall oh my god look I have so many thoughts oh my god I have an idea what if I showed this to somebody who actually smokes we'd try to trick them this is not planned I just thought of this and then what if they actually try to smoke it it might kill them but it's worth it who do I know there's smoke weed why are all my friends sober I feel like to be around me you almost need to be overdosed okay I'm gonna call Garrett because I know he has some weed smoking friends me what I'm literally a grandma I don't know one of these kids who's a weed smoker hello do you know any weed smokers this is not a wee brand deal right I didn't explain what I'm doing well I'm a big weed smoker now and I'm live Eliza and Christine are shaking Tanna mojo does she do weed she has to do something harder than that they're going to have sex like ten feet away from me and I'm going to react to it thank you okay well have them come over I have some weed kind of okay thank you babe okay so I'm setting out all of my cat weed onto this table the sad thing is I think I would do this video not on dayquil okay let's look at this one huh we gotta try on the wig okay cheetah temper your makeover okay stop fighting it stop fighting it I told you we're replicating Bob Marley it's not gonna be a scandal okay wait no no no baby come on wow I actually relate to him on something we both love fighting a glow up okay have some weed and calm down but baby out huh he looks so cute you out yeah okay okay you want me to take it off okay I'll take it up okay do you love me tell me you love me okay that's fighting me well tell me let me oh I love our bond okay oh no let's try the wig on you I feel like you're more into drag oh my god go show Dad your new hair go show Manila oh crap okay unintentionally now a beard okay so Garrett's friend is on his way over so we can prank him with the fake cat weed but first let's try it on cheeto do you want to come and give our cat drugs welcome to the cat drug lair my gosh so is this how we eat comes in like a jar yeah I normally like one of these but if you're storing your pot at home then you can use a mason jar or you can have a little pot treasure chest kind of like this I love your new weed DIY channel laurdiy are we high right now is that too much is he gonna overdose I mean let's see what happens I mean what I'm a parent we oh my god he likes it Oh cute oh fuck oh this is not gonna go well come on baby god I mean he's acting stoned already yeah the fact that he's not attacking me right now I'm trying to rip off my skin means that he's really high he likes it oh my god the count finally likes me all I had to do was give him drugs no not for you we I don't know if that's needed you know the weed was for you not the drugs no spray get him going okay I don't quite understand the spray like do we you're just gonna spray it on his head oh wait he's acting crazy I'm not crazy this spray is nuts wait he's actually acting kind of crazy right now he's like paranoid he's scared he's confused he wants to do a collab with Tina mojo he wants to be a rapper oh my god oh my god he's crazy did use even trouble wait I want the spray okay get some of me doing my cat drugs can I actually spray this mm oh I have no idea he's acting crazy what if he starts talking what if he starts rapping bad caddy no bitch why whores it's oh my God he's actually stunned Shane look at this we were halfway did we give him too much and write about dad he only had a little bit oh my God look at him he's stripping oh my god don't give him a snapchat it looks like he's gone oh let me take the weed away from him are you I think it's working I've never seen you high before do you extreme yeah definitely let's do it just for a night okay should I try the spray boo I'm so crazy I'm so wild it smells horrific we it's burning I think I don't know did you not see what should a human not be drinking Matt nib okay well let's light it up I guess yeah oh no I actually do want to try lighting and Joey I mean yeah joy yeah I'm gonna get to Mia wanna okay do you know how to do that no I mean yeah I'm cool nice grandma sweater oh actually that is literally from my grandma I already told them I needed to get approval from you I said she was dead Shane but I said it loved her but I stole her sweater okay she goes back for more weed and know he's going crazy we can't have this I'm gonna have to kick you out wait I need to read the instructions before I do that let me light it up so do I just like do this yeah and then white it and believe it in I don't think you're supposed to okay this smells like my brother I mean not now but like when he's smoking nice cooling you got kicked out long story man the flame already went out do you don't know how to use a lighter either Shane there we go what I'm gonna win dy like this that's how I feel right now okay well let's just leave this here someone Caleb walks in he'll think that we're just like hitting a doobie right okay we need to get the animals away from the fake drugs look at him Chito literally looks like he's was a robber car but this is a good photo for Instagram snapshot okay we're not instagramming right now we're doing fake drugs with our pets actually wait maybe look he's all high and these artists little house oh my god he just licked me he's stoned if you put your hand back you bite it oh my god I figured it out I just have to give him drugs now I get why some crazy moms give their babies alcohol I'm not having kids a video just a little bit in the bottle a little only nipple little fireball here works oh my god rum chata and a baby bottle it'll look like milk like when you're in public baby hacks nobody wants to exercise okay we relating to him less I think I'm gonna pass out I don't feel good well I mean that stuff did smell awful if I died right now mm-hmm can you still look like this no we're gonna leave you here and we're gonna go talk to Garrett's weed smoking friend being a druggie mom is a lot I actually need to read the instructions it's organic what you spill all over the disorder it's wet okay it says it s...
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