DMing Celebrities To Pick My Makeup

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to DM 100 of my favorite celebrities and ask them to pick products for my makeup routine! Will anyone actually answer? Will the finished look come together? Enjoy as you watch and find out!

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    EDITOR: Louis Gargiula

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


    hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel for today's video I'm very excited because we're doing a trend that has been going around honestly quite a lot on YouTube recently and not is the damming a bunch of celebrities challenge basically creators are reaching out to different celebrities and sending the messages seeing if the respond or asking questions or in my case for today asking them to be a part of my makeup routine now I just want to give a quick shout out to soft as nails and Sylvia Ghani because they already did this before me but I thought it'd be really fun to try to do it myself and a bunch of different people who've actually reached out to me for this challenge which is very very strange but also very very cool at the same time I used to make jokes my friends about being famous clearly they did not go over too well but for today's video we're gonna be damming some real celebrities and seeing if they want to be a part of my makeup routine alright you guys let's just jump right into everything I have my Instagram DMS and open and were just gonna start setting some messages and see what happened so the first step of my makeup routine is obviously going to be a primer so I feel like I wanted a I'm at some different celebrities that have a really really beautiful skin and the first person that comes to mind is Miss Bella Hadid so I'm going to send her a and Sorrenti M little but I lost and her on July 1st and said did you just hand the plane to we're actually on a flight Taylor from New York to LA and we were both running late for meetings and we both did our makeup on the plane it was low-key kind of iconic I mean obviously how to each other but she did not see my DM so let's see if she sees this one so after a primer cost Foundation and you guys know I definitely love a full covered and makeup look so I definitely want to reach out to somebody who like also is always painted every time so the first one that comes to mind is a sister cardi B her makeup artist Erica is so freaking talented so I think she'll have a good one one day she'll send okay the last person that I wanted am for foundation is probably like the longest shot from happening in this entire video but there was a slight chance and that is Queen living legend herself Rihanna because she does not fancy beauty she has her own foundation it's a really really bomb so lost hi Queen little Queen hope you're doing well I was so excited for all of the new pieces from the affinity collection do you want to participate and recommend a foundation or me it's who use winky face because she's a businesswoman and I know she'll see this marketing opportunity other foundation comes concealer so I shake the perfect person to reach out to for this as Isis terrorists are a Larson she is so beautiful and yes we did have a beef beforehand but we've deemed we popped it out and now we are good sisters and I feel like she will come through it with a good and fresh suggestion let's see if sisters are not replies now after concealer from me it comes setting powder and obviously the whole point of powder is to lock your face in place so it lasts all day long and when I think a setting powder I definitely think I want to DM at Kim pay trust because she's literally one my favorite artists of all time right now and I have seen her alive and she goes crazy she is so insanely talented and that means her makeup artist has to really lock her face in please so I feel like she might have a really good suggestion I literally obsessed with her and we've dammed back and forth a few different times so hopefully she replies next comes a bronzer and contouring that obviously means somebody who is chiseled who was beautiful and in the Sun so I think we should go ahead and DM Camilla Kibeho she's our lime queen it's so crazy because the first time I ever him back to me like a pea was outside of an ariana grande concert weirdly enough I was going in and she was coming out and I was like running and she literally was like oh my god it's not James and I turned around and I was like and it was like the crazies interacted my entire life because I literally was obsessed with her and her music and her voice and whole I still remember it like it was literally yesterday we took a selfie together and I've loved her ever since it is so cool to see her blow up so hopefully she replies and I suggest I bronzer okay you guys so the next intro routine is going to be blush and I feel like blush is a very like innocent cute youthful timid makeup product so when I think of that I think of million Bobby at brown and obviously on stranger things 11 does not work too much makeup but when she walks on red carpet Millie always looks so beautiful so she might have a great suggestion once I blush this on I always go ahead and bake but we already have our sister setting powder so the next that was going to be our brows and when I think of like really beautiful structure at brows one of the first people that comes to mind is sister at Madison B era because she always literally perfect I don't even understand how one human being can look like that but she might have a good suggestion sent to Madison beer after eyebrows are slated in place the next epic waymaker protein is always a shadow and when I think of iconic red carpet I said it looks that I've literally changed industry let's be real the first person to come to mind is Miss Kim kardashian-west her makeup artist Mario and her have created so many iconic looks together and cameras always buy at such an amazing friend and role model to me so let's see what she has to suggest hi mom hope you're doing well and the reaction to the new collection has been amazing you might want smoking like chronic look so up maybe I can create an iconic one with your suggestion well Matt's the beard Santa T okay so the positive thought to give me more details what you mean oops I said grow products myself brow products let's do it so user to net let's let's let's see what's G let's see what she suggests let's see what let's see what she let's see what she suggests another person that always has iconic eyeshadow looks has got to be Queen and Lady Gaga I don't think she'll answer I've never gotten to meet her before but I want to literally so so badly Lady Gaga inspired me so much as a kid and truly was somebody who like made me feel like it was a paid to be myself I love her hopefully one day I will be able to give her a hug and to say thank you for everything she has done also she just announced her new makeup line to House laboratories I already pre-ordered the entire thing so if you guys want to review when that comes out definitely let me know but let's see she has an eyeshadow recommendation after I said it always comes mascara and the person that I absolutely 100% want to damn for this is Queen Paris Hilton because I feel like she always has a beautiful stunning lash on so I think she definitely has to have it good at recommendation hi Queen hold your wow I'm gonna imagine a video of me in Paris Hilton like that be everything to me just like oh oh give anything to film with her I feel like it would be it's so iconic imagine like I become Paris Hilton sugar baby for a day oh that's a good one that is a good one you guys if you want to see me in Paris glam together love me now that would be so hot autumn eyeshadow and lashes are all on the next step of my makeup routine is always high later when I think of a highlighter the absolute first person that comes to mind is JLo she literally revolutionized highlighter and just going from within I've met her a person before she is literally the most perfect looking human being you could ever imagine in your entire life she and a-rod told me that their daughters were in fact sisters so hello you guys if you're watching the video and love me the most cannot wait to meet you sometime very very soon oh I hope she replies now just in case JLo doesn't see it because she's obviously busy with her show right now I want to do one other person for highlighter and I think we need a boy and this here's somewhere hello I've avoided makeup and I have not damned a single boy yet oh my god let's do Troye Sivan he's literally killing it in the musical right now and he started on YouTube so hopefully he will appreciate the effort going into this video and will definitely reply let me write to him after her that her next voice comes my lips and of course we have the perfect person to Diana for a lip suggested that as Queen Kylie Jenner herself and venture of the Kylie lip kit she thought it has every shade you could possibly imagine so I know still have a good suggestion and last but finally not least we have Settings ready to walk my face in place all day long and for this step I wanted am probably the most famous person on the entire planet right now and that is a lil nos ex who better to suggest the settings pray and then him it because if he's taking his horses to the old town road I feel like horse riding is like a very or rigorous sports so he's got her know how to keep the makeup on all day long I feel like I want to do one last person for Settings bright and I think I need to do someone that like knows Beauty at least a little bit Oh Oh shame it all hiya sister say congratulations your pregnancy first of all that baby is literally going to be the most beautiful child probably ever in the entire world y'all better watch out she's coming oh my god I could not even believe that I would forget this but we need to do our king Shawn Mendes hello Shawn and I have Dan back and forth on Twitter and we also Matt the mikela for the first time and he was literally the nicest ever I was...
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