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    honey is a free shopping tool that automatically searches the internet for the best promo codes every single time you shop online it works on over 30,000 sites like Ulta Sephora Domino's and as you can see here when shopping at Petco for my dogs I automatically saved over $30 at checkout because I have honey it's free and you can install the extension at two clicks of a button by going to join honey calm slash Rylan I've networked with honey on many occasions and they have recently let me know that all of you that have used honey has saved on average over $30 just for shopping online all you have to do is click the link below or go to join honey ENCOM slash what's going on and not even sure if I told you but I ordered a bunch of products for cheeto and they're not even like the craziest products in the world they're like things that I need or cheetah needs to make all of our life's better a little bit and I just want to like an unboxing first impressions before I like actually try them out there I get some scissors and I gotta catch my breath Gina come on but you want to see all your presents I'm mad at the dogs to go to diarrhea on my clothes on the carpet next to my bed last night so now they're in the doghouse literally and Hugo is my new queen how much money did you spend on all this crap what why we're not gonna use any of this no okay so I splurged the most on the litter box because it's like bluetooth it tells me when cheeto takes a shit if there's a nightlight that's Wi-Fi activated it cleans itself won't even fix our current toilet yet we're buying cheeto a fucking robot wailing well we don't have to clean our current toilet yes we do there's poop in it right now okay but like you know what I mean I can hit flush Cheetos yeah can you hit it can you hit it once in a while the flush breasts it Shane gets really mad cuz sometimes I forget cuz there's like a bidet it's like one of those ones that sprays your butthole which is like an grosser and then not only is it poop then there's little chunks of it's a whole thing but then sometimes I forget and then he wakes up and gets so angry yeah but I'm like that's the worst thing I do where is like in the box why didn't you put these together before because I felt like part of the unboxing was the fun part nobody cares about that No so you want me to build everything and then like check back in yeah build everything get everything set up and like a little cat you know like a cat room like a Neverland for cats by technology but like you know and then we'll walk in and then give cheeto a tour of all the products nobody wants to see this so they don't want to know like how hard it was to do nobody's gonna buy this here's Mike a tree tell me she don't look what is that we literally have trees I didn't realize all this stuff is super hard to build this is crazy you literally could have just gotten him food there are boxes inside of boxes watch cheeto like the packaging more than any of the to put him in a box house easy literally guess he likes that more than he's gonna like any of the other crap hi you guys oh god my dogs have just woke me up and today I thought that it may be fun to buy my cat every recommended product that I can find I thought I would just buy literally anything and everything to spoil cheeto a little bit you know why not let her live let him live he's a book probably killing so okay just when I thought we were friends let's do this cheeto you little shithead guess what you're getting spoiled today everything's probably gonna take a week to get here but all right are you ready to go to the bathroom printer Dustin hi how are you sit shake honey can't do any tricks shake all right let's go to the bathroom buddy now just means you I mean you in the wild lab you look good you got a shit maybe you should go to the bathroom I'll check back in with you All Right see you later are you walking away from my problems okay so I've showered and brushed my teeth so that I could give you only the best version of myself it is time to splurge on some products for cheeto another thing I wanted was a pet and monitoring camera we do have security cameras in the house but this is one that you could talk through and it's also like motion activated if the dog starts barking with 1080p video two-way audio night vision Emma Watson is on their website saying this is life changing what it has a lot of reviews and four and a half three and a half stars likes I'm actually gonna take a look at its competition and order one of them and you'll be shocked when it shows up hello okay so today I have not showered that is why I'm wearing half but I wanted to test out for the first time where did she go our fur bow and I actually ended up ditching the pet tube and going with this product because a it was Amazon's like recommended by and B I saw this kid unbox the pet cube once you get into the pet cube camera you'll notice that the camera is not great quality and that turned me off the whole experience so this fur bro that I got does everything the pets you did but seemingly better I thought it was cute that they even sent some treats to put inside of it so I guess let's unbox her and set it up I do really like how its packaged it's very aesthetically pleasing the box is like high quality and it doesn't look like there's a lot of pieces or a ton of work to set it up like everything else that I bought download the app follow the simple setup instruction let's open your fur bro is ready let's get started take me on a tour of my fur trapper bo o verbo oh this is cute poster to toss the trees treat thriller is not very good because this 3 left over right here that's okay so I actually put it on Cheetos cat tower so that you can see the entire room as you can see it has like a wide eyed fish lens look how crazy this is I can like literally spy on them let me see if I can spook them Shane Shane what's T oh he's starting to get spooked what is that I thought what the hell was that oh yeah I can see I can talk it has night vision here uh-huh I can for a truck that's me you didn't tell us about that that's illegal you can't secretly record hi Ella for Nia I wanted to spend with you guys you're eating on the couch another thing that I've been looking at because cheeto every time I have given him a water bowl has never used it the dogs always have a thing full of water so he has access to water whenever he wants but I never really see him drink water and I found like this cute product from cat it that is a flower water fountain so I thought maybe if his water bowl was a cute bow and maybe he might be a little more interested should use you retract infections and then she was propagating from it puts fresh water on it's on Amazon for $28 and it's a best-seller with a lot of reviews with 4 out of 5 stars okay so this one cheeto is actually a water fountain so look at this wait I think we ready put these all together it's not like a huge assembly I thought this was cute and it like filters the water for the cat oh my god what if we teach you how to drink out of a Starbucks cup this seems so dangerous I mean it's supposed to be a fountain yeah but you have a plug in a sink in extra water this is not right I don't think this is right so what I've learned from all these cat products is that they're a nightmare to put together you have to watch a million tutorials and then you still might not understand I realized I didn't have the pump going directly up through the flower which was probably my fault but honestly this just isn't very easy plug it in wow it's just like kind of anticlimactic here look it we both he's not very good you know I spent $28 officer you sip it look at it I bet you know it drink out of it oh wait god this is so fucking dangerous come here we oh my god I hate this we drink it okay honey we drink it drink it the water like this okay there you go look at it this sucks I'm the only one that uses it honey will you if you filled that with like diet coke or something and then put it up there I would drink out of it all day Oh God rejection sucks the next thing that I really want to get and actually the reason I'm doing this video was to justify buying this product for cheeto but also mainly for me and that is I don't know if you've seen this before but they actually have been running Instagram as well at least for me for this litter robot the automatic self-cleaning litter box that really works as the globe slowly rotates the patented sifting process separates the clumps from the clean litter depositing them into a carbon filter drawer below Cheetos litter box is literally going to be the death of me because Shane used to do it when I was highly allergic to cheeto and I think I've just acclimated to whatever he puts out into the world and I used to have this automatic one but for some reason cheeto just stopped using it he started hating it and would go outside of his litter box and dogs love eating cat poop so then the dogs would eat the poop if I didn't get to it first and it's a nightmare so this thing claims and it's gonna solve all of my problems and it better because it's expensive I mean the lower-end one is 450 and this is for a freaking litter box a litter box but because the litter box is something I hate doing so much it's almost just like worth trying anything I hope you think's interesting and I hope you like cats and honestly if you don't like cats well I don't know what to tell you but I like my catalog 165,000 people own this litter box I feel like it has to be trustworthy in some respect right most cats big or small young or old curious...
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