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    moved out a kid never left each day are here red carpet eighth grade I had a plan ahead again into the tour exactly okay second timer this Harry Potter hey partner is there a family right here no no no no you are here red carpet no I'm saying cuz there's a lot of Rises is there a ride called the ace family okay what's going on anybody maybe we please do the honors or let them go or after day well as you can tell we are first time here is we're super excited we're going to make the best out of this experience this is the first time but we do want to give a huge shout out tonight to hooking up with the line somebody a different youtubers hi guys did you watch it we love you princess do you want anything in the store huh would you like anything which one you want Babette what do you want yeah you want something okay let's keep looking kind of looks like you a little bit Alexis how do you like the unicorn do you like you don't like him either okay which what do you want which one you like oh you are going if you let that one go baby you don't like that one okay that makes you like scooby Doo you like scooby Doo goo Vizu the bad make sure like this she loved eating a chunky girl she's not done it you see I told you guys Katherine loves his backpack she's on the side if she wants a Louis V backpack or this one what do you want okay guys you do not understand Katherine is so damn beautiful I heard so gorgeous assume are you happy to be here I love your sandal we're an elf part on the theme park right now we're in your part looking for Vivek you want to pick one to pick one up in the air just Wesley wonder you must remain absolutely elastic and or zucchini and oh we get away something all right guys our first ride it's gonna be walking dead yeah you never see the show huh I've seen the show I try to put on the show she'll like Bobby's the hopefully she liked the ride let's do it only do you think that was Oh guys every time we go on a ride to work told us not to film but guess what yeah I want you guys to see everything that's going on I want you guys to get the same experience and we're getting so we got to be status already got already we had the park for 30 minutes she's already sleep so um you can rock Oh unkind thank God his bride Oh good well that's all I got your literally you guys literally just rolled in higher ride with us that's what we thought all right with the whole ride in it I don't care I drop off one he always does that when he's building and like you can't tell because you can see it in the camera he's always like but I'm sorry we have to leave and we want to live here anyway before we fall off this video we have a surprise for our supporters for those who are familiar with our have ran today Friday we have a big sale for you guys at 4:00 p.m. so all you gotta do is click the link in our description where it says a family store is a big sale for you guys if you are unable to purchase one of our hats before today is your day will girl we're giving you a shadow whoever else is like a shadow are going to do it for our falsification and comment and win and obviously you like this video give a thumbs up like comment share and subscribe and like me of my beautiful Queen always say tomorrow yeah make me love me I say I was the guy so we just got done with Universal Studios and now we are at City Walk here's my view here's our view Mama's back there with baby Oh bubblegum oh yeah say hi to the camera they had everyone
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