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    hello friends it's me your favorite messy hair youtuber I tried not to be messy hair youtuber today and failed miserably prepare your brains because today we're doing some more riddles Colin suspected that his wife Hannah had a lover but he could never catch her hold up they put digital next on our riddle I'm just kidding one day Colin's friend called him I have just seen Hannah in a clothing store where that man hold your horses y'all sure it wasn't the sales associate yes in here jump into conclusion Collin rushed to the store and saw his wife with a jacket in her hand I know everything you're buying clothes for your lover actually this jacket is for you is she lying that's the question is she lying the jacket is a size medium this dude at least a two XL she could have been like yeah this jack is for me why I was asking if they had it in your size but no of course she's a liar so you like size medium boy sorry I couldn't be a size medium also who's she dating in a leprechaun with a green suit yes she is she is lying the jacket is too small for him sorry bro she's just into leprechauns can you detect your partner's infidelity going to bed hi emojis hold on she just made coffee she got a face full of makeup she got a dress on she got heel on she's going out for the night I ain't going to bed she a liar oh I see that dude he just chilling under her bed waiting for her to text her boyfriend back he going to bad you got him too bad are you going under the bed bruh I seriously thought that was a shoe I looked at that I thought she kicked one of her shoes off like she messy she got another shoe right there but she's smuggling a whole entire man's under her bed texting her boyfriend downstairs like uh-huh going to bed sweetie these redheads name well that's actually wild I didn't see that that's like if you guys saw that before me purple dye hey the girl in the cage are the girl who's gonna fall into the piranhas okay the cage you might have a chance both of the ropes are about to break okay you know what the cage you're dunzo but I feel like the rope you have your hands tied you could just like climate oh but the piranhas they smell the cut on her hands I don't know comment below feed them to the fishies Scott and Jessica we're on their honeymoon they stayed at a hotel by the sea Wow so privileged let's go to the beach I don't feel well honey you wanna go to the region I just want to sleep but it's okay if you go alone when a woman tells you that she's lying it's a test it's not okay you go alone but I'm just gonna ask to see if you will but anyways he failed the test and Scott forgot his sunscreen Oh No being a ginger you already know sorry ma'am your husband he's a tomato now so he returned 20 minutes later jessica was not there he came down to the pool and saw Jessica on a deck chair why aren't you in the room are you alone here I felt better and came down to swim a bit wow she gonna pull this on that honeymoon and like I give this relationship like a week then it's dunzo sure I'm all alone here Scott realized that Jessica was lying okay first of all jessica is a hella sketchy how did he realize she was lying okay it's pretty obvious first she was like I don't know feel well go to the beach without me literally 20 minutes later you can't you're drinking mimosas by the pool brah look at the look in her eye she gonna literally look at her man's on their honeymoon I feel like sure I'm all alone here then whose drink is that oh yeah whose glasses back hi Jessica come on man why don't even get married in the first place y'all on your honeymoon and you already gonna be having drinks with dudes at the hotel literally on your honeymoon seriously I know it's a riddle but like y'all need to chill what is wrong here besides the fact that bananas cost $25 and watermelons cost $6 what alternate universe we live in in imagine paying $30 for a tomato all right no but for real the three is upside down y'all I ain't even gonna mention the extremely high prices like just oh no the signs are upside down oh ho what a horrible mistake how is it possible but you're a man 20:19 this dr. sound real stupid right now why'd you agree to do an ultrasound on a dude this man have a baby is the person on the orange surprise that they're male or that they're pregnant is what I want to know why does this only women can have babies it's not a man it's a woman who got short hair and short eyelashes the patient does not shut up you're not a man no Adam's apple she's a woman yes yeah told you otherwise you can have a baby sorry bros babies are for ha Ellison was found dead in the laundry late at night oh no clothes so clean they got me dead the police examined the scene and interviewed the people magic pop walkie there coffee in one hand Donna in the other like yes oh no it's a very unfortunate thing that happened tonight delicious who came to the laundry last night I came at 7:30 p.m. there were no other visitors and the laundry when I was about to leave another woman came I came at 8:15 p.m. there was nothing special about that day I just washed my clothes in love ha mrs. June just I'm blind I don't know there was a body when I came in or not who did it oh there's an earring on the ground Laura you dirty stinky liar y'all really threw him over laundry that she yanked her earring out this is your punishment Laura she don't mess around over freakin laundry mat poor Ellison she just got out of yoga practice Oh Laura was trying to protect yourself Allison ripped off an earring like I should just chilling like oh yeah you know there was nothing special about that day nothing happy you know just that's a buckle day here Laura is a whole mood go y'all saying Ellison started it oh I wonder what she was so mad about who stole my Lulu love it liking those dang leggings cost your life a jewelry store was robbed in daylight oh no they took everything several people saw the robber running out of the store wow you suck at robbing stores if several people are gonna see you I mean they've been doing in broad daylight so that's pretty ballsy if you ask me the police interviewed all witnesses he has a scar on his left cheek he is slim and humpback he has a bald spots bra everybody's looking at his head the detective found for criminals who fit the description but all these dudes look exactly the same which one of them is the robber okay bald spot are like half a head of hair missing all these dudes got like the principal haircut that in a bald spot that's like when you are more than 50% of all you got a principal haircut he got a scar on his left cheek here's a bald spot and he slim what the dude just like just straight-up walk-in no disguise or anything I'm not even wear all black just like walk in hey let me get your diamonds thank you meanwhile everybody literally saw what he looks like I'm gonna go with like bottom right that dude is slim the first dude he looks thick by me all these dudes look almost identical oh no he has good posture it's not him okay so it's bottom left he is too fat Wow Bru didn't ask for y'all to judge him how could you all do him like that he has a scar on the left cheek okay so it's not him yeah bottom left okay I forgot about the Hunchback y'all look he thought that was his arm like he go to the gym he live ways but nah it's a hunchback okay y'all could have said he had a mustache but you didn't like y'all saw the scar on his left cheek but you didn't see a mustache was like the first thing people see like can you detect your partner's infidelity urgently going to New York for business business we got a basketball in a purse we got he almost heels and a coffee whose was that who puts this shoe so rudely on the dashboard like that I mean unless he's gonna wear those yeah what those red bottoms doing on the dashboard imagine being that stupid like sending your wife a picture like look I'm on the road headed to New York for a business trip and that literally the girl shoot right there like you sir are a fool Richard was an art expert one day he went to his aunt's birthday party she lived in a big mansion and collected works of art there he saw a new picture on the wall and asked us aunt about it oh wow what an exquisite photo in medieval times we loved having picnics on pee pads with a Starbucks cup and some good old Kentucky Fried Chicken what did that cup doing there this is illegal this is the picture by a painter of the 16th century I bought it from an old collector Richard doubted if it was original come on Richard it's auntie's birthday you're going just waltz into her house be like hmm pop is this our tree all auntie I'm sorry I don't think so we don't have to throw hands over because this ain't real legit from the 16th century he asked for the collector's address and visited the old man the next day brah really really that escalated real quick like okay aunty you know what I'm going to investigate this isn't a real original authentic piece of art the painting was a family relic I got it from My Father he got it from his father and so on but now I'm poor and I really need money that's why I had to sell it Richard figured out that he was nice but who come into my house and asked for my story about my art and then you just gotta rudely call him out have some skinny legs and you are a liar because there's a freaking Starbucks cop so obvious first thing I notice about the picture you're exactly a plastic cup ain't got that it couldn't exist in the 16th century that seems literally so stupid like why would you even include that in...
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