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    say it say often hello before I do this you're not going on a date right okay good better not you want to show that cookie see that good look at you girl you looking beautiful like always good that every kiss I love you miss Heath oh come on please thank you babe what when a boy tried to talk to you you hit him you hit him you say no no no what no you want boys to talk to you ah hell nah you have can I help you for two seconds okay tell me yourself you'll make it okay you give me kiss can daddy a kiss I love this girl's cases so much it's like gold buddy yeah tell Shaniqua she need to go to sleep let me talk Anika let me talk to him let me talk to Shaniqua Shaniqua you didn't stop talking my daughter she's filming a video right now okay she gotta go bye can I have a besito daddy said I wanted to Seto thank you baby you're so cute and your nose is so stinky and then your teeth look like baby sharp teeth and your eyes are so big and your here is so sloppy where's L where's L I don't know where she went can you rub that his head no don't know but a cheerio my head thank you baby I love you so much so I was just in the bathroom cleaning and I came out to this hmm my babies are sleeping I love you do you want what no no look no what's your name what's your name L L how do you spell that L like that but my smile mama spells it oh I wanted to meet her because she she don't got it all she played through twist it like that was three times what the hell what daddy say if a boy ash on a date will you do exactly say no good hey what do you do good job baby good job daddy taught you well this is what we're gonna do you're gonna do a dot okay we're gonna learn how to do dots okay okay so look it's that easy okay so do a dot okay guess what you get for that you get an egg honey who is the only way you'll ever kiss good job baby good job I'm so glad you can't text on that phone tonight iPod daddy will be stressing mmm-hmm Texan Carlos and good job you're killing those dots good keep good good job okay okay oh my give me a high five give me a high five honey you get an a-plus okay I want to tell you about that boy stay away from the boy eventually working out so when I say bird what do you say you say bird god this is easy I know you're smart so next word here is a pizza okay so next word is dog oh God Hey next word here debbye God thank you all but I got you I got you some chocolates and what did that teach you if this is a boy what do you do if you try to talk to you what do you do yeah good okay you want to draw data what does that look like I never met your dad before but he must be handsome you are gorgeous that that's what your dad has a big head all your dad is a really big head okay I got you a gift you want to see what it is yeah okay go ahead open it there you go it's for you look I did a good job besito don't mama no okay that's Ryan okay well okay they don't look like humans are they not human I mean okay no okay she's incorporating the dots here Osito thank you he's such a caring person I'm staring competition get it get it get get it give me hug give me hug it's just you and me in the 8th family tonight oh I love you Oh fruit snack is looking delicious can I get can I have some nice fruit snack wow you just care about me so much no you just share such a sharing person I'm just gonna give you a scholarship this in strict college this hat is beautiful on you hey hey you're forgetting your beautiful will makes you beautiful mom or dad oh I want to meet this young man who made you smart daddy make you smart oh my god do you even have a mom do numbers okay you wanna count here we go one good three good five oh good seven oh he missed eight eight nine ten yeah got which other here okay my backers you want me to do it because you're the only girl you want to be spoiled thank you we're like we're like now we're like Thank You lieutenant l can you get you you come in if you don't want to talk to the aides family then get your butt out the frame show bad bad I'm embarrassing mine right now okay we're gonna put it in the trash okay here we go oh can you put it in there and we help you thank you have a kiss thank you open data love you so much oh hell no what what are you wearing oh no no no no is that is that two-piece oh we gotta close out the video I can't have this no more haha okay my right side yeah good what are you doing you put the whole bottle on my back
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