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    In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones we met up with Noah Schnapp, a professional actor who plays the part of WILL on the iconic show 'Stranger Things', to get some insights on what it's like to be an actor on the big screen and to learn out to become professional actors ourselves.

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    what's up sup guys yeah dude that's that's an uncalled right action what's up guys we're back if you can't tell that that cheesy joke has a lot to do with what this video is gonna be about so it's a title Grayson that's what I meant to say guys it is back out of our comfort zones is back it's been gone for a while everybody thought that we were giving up on it we were never going to film whatever again you guys don't know what out of our comfort zones is my series I fit them sweaty refined you know soon as the camera turns on dude Suzy they actually sweat a little bit if you guys don't know what out of our comfort zones is which some of you might not because we did it so long ago we had a series that came out in November where we meet up with professionals in a certain field and tried to become professional in a very short amount of time we've just never really done this stuff ever before really last time we did it out of our comfort zone we teamed up with Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler and we learned how to dance kinda and it was really nerve-wracking experience but it actually I'm not gonna spoil it or not just now go watch if you want to see it alright but this time we're learning how to become actors professional actors yes I'm like dancing we have a little bit of experience in this field it's something that you really need to take a lot of time to practice you need to hone that skill and we're gonna take basically no time to practice and home the skill so Grayson and I have done some auditions here and there and what I took away from all those experiences is that it's nerve-wracking yeah acting is probably one of the most nerve-wracking things that I've done this far in my life so today we're meeting up with Noah snap from the iconic Netflix series stranger things he plays well on the show and he is going to be coaching us he's gonna become our acting coach he's gonna show us the roots and the ropes of how to become an actor and how he became a professional actor because we have no idea how to do that and he goes make youtube videos we stare at a camera but usually it's just a camera on a tripod is know behind it so no I should know a lot about this because he's on one of the biggest shows of all time we've acted off of a script once in a real live set for a television show where we cameoed which is pretty sick it was a cool experience and on that show we played ourselves and we only had like two each so it was a really cool introduction to acting but we didn't have to take on a character and completely transform ourselves into someone who or not we did used to do that a really long time ago in our old old videos but that was on our own sets aka our living room and like our sister was just filming us yeah so after we have an acting class with Noah today and we learn everything that we need to know about acting we are gonna have to study a script and audition live in front of real Hollywood casting directors so the pressure is on so we're gonna do the auditions in front of him and then we're gonna hear back whether or not we had the ability to get apart on a show or not so now we are going to head over to the studio where Noah is going to teach us the basics of becoming a professional actor um I'm probably more nervous and excited hence the reason wiping my sweat off my face hey well we're supposed to be out of our comfort zones you're right right so we're here at the studio for our first official acting class with an acting professional how you feeling a little bit we got a little butterflies going on right now let's talk a little bit but that's uh I think that's the point of this whole series so no was on his way um I kind of want to talk to know a person to ask I'm looking about like you know how did he become a professional actor ladies are acting warm up with with dancing they're stretching but is there like quote-unquote stretching that you have to do before a scene forget a pretty cold feet right now and then acting in front of a professional actor pressures on the pressures on also is it going to judge me because my first acting class and I'm probably not gonna know what I'm doing in the beginning I'm probably gonna judge you okay yeah all right so the nerves are starting to fly a little bit guys just a little bit I said we hold our questions and we save them for Noah cuz he's almost here and we should just get used to our surroundings I'm Grayson hi Grayson I'm Yuqing - today we're here for in intro to acting we want to learn how to be professional actors like you yeah I mean just like I you guys have you ever taken an acting class we've actually gone additions in the past we've done - I remember like but what I can really take away from all of it was just like the nerves are insane yeah I remember like when I first started auditioning for things that would get like super super nervous I always tell myself to treat like an audition or anything just like it's a rehearsal like you're alone in your room and you're just like practicing like your mom or something you just kind of have to like and pretend that there's not like - like Hollywood casting agents staring at you with a big like lights help like whenever I'm on like stage and there's like lights like in my face and you don't see the audience and use the lights as kind of a tool that's a really good pro tip action so to stare at them until your eyes get like kind of like a little bit blinded by them and then you won't see anything I don't forgot who said this I think it was like Tom Hollands but he always says like turn nerves into excitement so like whenever you're really nervous for something use that nervous energy and turn it into like excitement and be like excited so before we start our little unofficial class I we have some some questions for you just about acting how did you get started in acting and how old were you when you started how old are you now I'm 44 - northie yeah okay so how long would you be acting for I've been acting well I like started professionally when I was eight I mean I took a class when I was six I did it for two years and then I remember the acting teacher told me like oh you seem like you'd be good at this why don't you try it like professionally I went into the city for like like five days a week for like a year or two years or however long until I got my first thing and then well yeah writing it out when you're lucky yeah I mean it's corny but like I always say like such as it was thick like if you if it's like your passion and like stick with it you'll never give up and as we've done two auditions and nothing like this yeah I think some of it not gonna lie I mean it is kind of discouraging when you don't get something that you yes that's a huge thing to but if you don't let it but you didn't stick with it you wouldn't be on one of the most iconic shows in the world right now yeah I mean it's crazy I you just have to have like thick skin acne pro tip number one have thick skin no the pro tip number one was look at the lights okay sumber - sorry pro tip number two have thick skin okay so let's talk more about that what was it like when you had to audition for stranger things stranger things was like a cell table I mean it was nothing it was like I remember they told us like they pitched the show to all these like different platforms like pitched it to Netflix and then Netflix said yes and it was this tiny thing that like it's just another audition for another like small show and I didn't expect anything and then they called me back Princeton I actually acted one time on set and I just remember yeah we did cameo to the show and the show famous and loved Bella Thorne preformed it was our first time on a real set and I just remembered soon as I heard the words action I kind of throws up a little bit and I was a little nervous are you ever nervous on set like still to this day I remember like in the beginning filming stranger things I was nervous just like for anything but I I did it and and I got comfortable with everyone and and it became kind of like everyone became like my family so the nerves are normal like I remember I was my mouth was so dry cuz I was so nervous so drinking so much water but I was also real like really nervous so if PE laat I was really nervous I get nervous so easily though like for everything I get nervous yeah so now that we know these nerves that we're experiencing right now and normal and they're not a bad thing necessarily why don't we try to turn them into excitement and get started with this acting class okay what are some acting warm-ups we stand up like stretch out uh I used to do a thing like shake one hand eight times and then your other hand we did this is for the dancing big one two three four five six seven eight one two three four five six seven eight one two three four five six seven eight what was your girlfriend okay feel pretty loose I feel pretty pretty good sweating a little bit yeah but now we're we're ready for its little shiny somebody help but I have to dab it off a little bit now we're gonna do with tongue twister warm-up Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers in a peck what's a yeah I don't even know what it can you pick a peck we could say that I don't even know that's right Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled out I gotta slow down a I'm a little bit nervous and turn those leader hats deep breaths deep breaths the less nervous I am deep breaths yeah does it go that's like my main like this go for Grayson Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers let me try Peter Piper...
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