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    hey guys so today's video is something I literally have been wanting to do for so long I redid my entire bedroom I'm just gonna take you guys through the journey and if you guys want a room tour where I actually show you like things that are in my drawers and whatever and like a closet transformation let me know so I knew I wanted to do my room with white furniture because my old room I grew out of it I was with that furniture in high school I needed to upgrade to a queen bed it was just time and I hated the darkness that was in my room the sunlight hits here in the mornings then in the afternoon it progressively gets darker and darker I ended up getting a Lowell mattress maybe like a year ago or something so I had to reach out to the company again and I was like hey so I love your mattress so much I'm doing a room transformation like lull was kind enough to send the mattress this video is not sponsored but they were kind enough sin has sent pillows and the mattress which like thank you so much lo I'm like obsessed with them so if you're looking for a mattress highly recommend low I've slept on it for a year now at least so in order to redo my room I knew I needed to figure out the measurements of everything I was pretty set on getting my furniture off of like Wayfair or something but then the set that I wanted got sold out so then I was like you know what whatever IKEA I figured out what bed I wanted the dressers how I wanted them fit to fit in my room and I measured everything I went into Ikea with a plan I brought my boyfriend and my boyfriend brought his best friend and his best friend brought his car which was so handy because it turns out I underestimated how many boxes would be needed because the bed itself came with four bucks and he was just so overwhelming and it all did not fit into one car so bless our souls for coming and helping me carry I was also injured and I couldn't use my hand it was a mess and if you want to see the vlog by Kiev like follow me around IKEA I'll make sure to link it down below but once I got the furniture and that was all in the garage I was basically ready to go I started with my desk which had a lot of stuff and doing this entire process I realized how much clutter I actually have and I feel like I completely cleanse the space I got rid of a lot of stuff there's like so many boxes and bags of donations which I'm so happy about I wanted to be a professional organizer at one point in my life when I was a kid I would go over to people's houses and I would organize the shoes that all the guests brought in luckily I grew out of that face so if you invite me over to your house I won't organize your shoes and taking up the wall decor which the wall took we're actually fun fact if you guys have those lights on make sure you're careful with it because I actually found out that I had like little black dots all over which it looked like smoke on the walls so I was like really concerned really worried and I ended up washing them off so new chore wash your walls but I do want to sell my bed my desk my dresser and there is a nightstand that goes with that set and like it's just it's a good furniture I grew out of it but like maybe somebody else would want so I'm gonna put it on Craigslist hopefully somebody wants to buy it oh my gosh this is almost stressing me out so much so far we've built that dresser and then I built and kind of decorated this sort of but it's 4:00 in the morning and I'm going to bed I'm getting my phone charger oh I thought they're building this frickin bed and you guys I had to drink wine to do it because this bed was so annoying especially putting on the I don't know it's called the headrest part or whatever it was such a mess and like it said in the instructions this is not a one-person job I couldn't do it myself and the next day my dad helped me finish my bed because the mattress had come and we went ahead and got the bed set up which it wasn't that hard it's just that it was like a lot of little steps so I I built the frame it was the part of the butt it lifts like the bed actually lifts like so the mattress will go up and like you have all this storage underneath the bed which is really cool but again like it's a process so once the mattress came it was like super easy it came in a box and the pillows were in a separate box I just brought it into my room on package day it was rolled up already in like a plastic thing so I didn't need my dad's help to get the mattress out of the box but we lifted it up put it on the bed and it didn't like once you start cutting the plastic off you'll see that it kind of starts to like expand and become an actual mattress because like you're it's and you have a hard time comprehending how the heck they managed to fit a mattress in a box but they do it's like amazing cut it up and it like ended up expanding which is really cool that I caught it on camera what's really awesome with loll as they give you 100 night trial so if you hate it you can literally tell them and they will give you your money back it's free shipping and for your returns which the bed itself is like super comfortable my sister literally was obsessed with it once she laid down so they couldn't help herself but it's like super soft but also super firm and when I switched to a low from my previous mattress I stopped having back pain my dad and I put on this mirror which is like a circle mirror I got this off of Amazon I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with like the silver gray one or the black but I'm glad I went with the silver I think it like fits better with the room and then we put up the mirror over by the door it's called the hobbit mirror and basically every Instagrammer has it and then I put on the comforter set and obviously my parents had to come in and we're like are you sure you want a white comforter like you're gonna spill something on it decided to actually use the calyx shelf that I ended up buying it for my closet there instead and I liked it so much I put the drawer inserts it's amazing he just ends up adding a lot of storage but still look like kind of like counter space and obviously my cat was a big help in the entire process of making sure to sit and try to explore everything especially the fact that the bed lifted now once all that was done the only thing that was basically left was decorating so actually didn't really buy much decoration I just went into my office and found things that was kind of lying around and I use things that are kind of your daily things like perfumes and and jewelry as decor I had some fake plants I did buy a few things like some some bins and such to make the process just a little bit easier but overall I'm really happy with how the room turned out and I think that you guys will like it too so let me know what your favorite part of the room is and if you want an overall room tour let me know because I'd love to do one for you I think that my favorite part is definitely the bed I got a new blanket for it used a few old blankets that I had lying around and I can't wait for my wall art to come in I got that and it's gonna be amazing once that's up and then I couldn't decide what curtain to get um I'm I still have the like teal turquoise curtains up in here but like I don't know if that's like the the vibe I'm going for I was thinking about going what more like white but then I feel like it would be too white in here so if you guys see any curtains somewhere that you like a really like and think of cool let me know um but yeah for now I am really happy with the room it's like inspiring me to make more videos I feel more comfortable filming in here and I've noticed that I keep my room a lot cleaner because everything has a home and once it has a home it's like you always make sure to put everything back where it belongs I wanted to give you guys a finished overview of the room because I kind of didn't do that in the video but I changed the decorations up a little bit since you guys last saw I also got some paintings which you'll see in a coming vlog finished up the bed did a little bit of redecoration over here on the shelves still haven't finished up the curtains we are going to switch from that color to that worn neutral white shade but yeah I am so much in love with this room hopefully you guys like it I definitely did change up the decorations because I just I wasn't super happy with it so a lot more happy with these flowers now so thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know if you enjoyed this room transformation let me know if you have any questions if they're something that I didn't answer that's that's basically the process so I hope you guys enjoy this video thank you so much for watching they need a lull for sending in the mattress again you guys are super sweet and if you are looking for a mattress how you recommend to 10 like literally Lowell didn't pay me a dime for this video this is just my favorite mattress and I stand behind it like I am so happy that I have a lull because this will come with me once I move out of this house this will continue with me for a long time don't forget to give this video a giant thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoyed it because I went through a hell of a rollercoaster okay emotionally and physically just trying to get all this together but now that it's done I am so ready for you guys this new year is gonna be amazing and I hope you were as ready as I am this channel is going to just Kapow at you okay get ready to be kept out okay Kapow Kapow Kapow Kapow Kapow okay I love you guys I'll see you later and if you're still bored and you need something to you kno...
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