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    Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1219:


    usually women that want to push this and men who are bitches it's like these these men that don't like the roars they don't like aggressive men they don't like manly men and so they they push it as well no because they're aggressive and they're controlling and they want to run shit and that's because that's the thing where it like if you really look at their agenda when they say the future is feminine that's not inclusive and they're and they're all about I'll make this more inclusive it's like no let us in so we can take it over and then we'll push you down is is the psychology of the kind of person that goes after that someone that's after like power I'm not saying the average woman is like that my wife is a feminist and she's into like inclusive shit but like people who are spearheading stuff yes like those people are wired the same way like you know I mean a Dominator is yes yes and there's gonna be no room for you it's gonna be like think the way like a lot of that that so-called progressives extreme left is think the way we think say what we say or we will fucking destroy you pull up that tweet that I retweeted today the David Pakman retweet David Pakman is as liberal progressive guy this woman posts on Twitter she would never vote for a man or a white a white man or a white person why why is someone who's white or male he says that's racist and sexist it is so she blocks him on Twitter today she called Boston College demanding that they not have him back as adjunct faculty it's crazy so this woman post this and he points out that it's racist and sexist so she blocks him and she tries to get him fired okay that this is why that whole thing is fucked up okay because he's acting like white people exist on an even plane which is what a lot of people try to do so it's like he's not necessarily he's just saying that what she's saying is racist and sexist yes because she's determining who she's gonna vote for based entire on the race but there's other elements involved like the level that white people not saying all white people but why people have fucked over people who are not white forget about poor white people who they fucked over so you understand that but there both right but then like the fact that she then takes it to the point that because he had the audacity to have a difference of an opinion that that's the thing now that now we're gonna destroy you and you can't be on this thing and then the other level of that is how the corporate entities are so afraid that one fucking nickel is gonna roll out the dough because all of this shit is you're just to pay for tiger until you get the big behemoth to listen to you and there's all of these these fucking things from award shows to this bullshit that someone just needs to be like listen this guy already apologized this is this is an old fucking thing or look you just had a difference of opinion that you know this isn't the first time you're gonna say something and somebody's gonna disagree with you that doesn't mean that this guy can't come back you know and you obviously because of some shit that's happened to you have an extreme opinion about this guy because of the color of his skin it's like there's so many fucked up elements to that that but for some reason you can't like if you address that on any level then you're part of the problem and it's not just part of the problem a she's trying to get him fired she's trying to get him fired for pointing out that something is racist no I'm saying if you say what I just says try to look at it 360 oh yeah New York as much as I can which is why I love South Park is everything that they do they do it 360 right and so I learned a lot from that show by the way they look at stuff like that cuz I don't fucking know everything but even just to try to be like well hey you know you know you salted them a little bit I understand what you're saying about blah blah you can't fucking do that anymore cuz then so I mean you're part of the fucking problem and no it's really getting crazy got to the point like I've seen my can name names but I've seen like you know a tweet from a fellow comic telling comics what jokes you shouldn't talk about this topic it's like who the fuck are you it's like there's already enough people doing that you're gonna do like cannibalism now have you really ever seen comics say man real comics yeah I mean everybody has their opinion on somebody's fuckin act but I mean yeah yeah that's ridiculous that's not a real comic um well I wouldn't say that they are real comic they just have an opinion I don't agree with they can fuck off yeah I mean yeah I mean trying to have less confrontations of I understand in my life here that kind of shit drives me crazy though which drives me most crazy is this bullying like she's trying to get him fired she tried to get him fired for having an opinion on something that she publicly stated one of these that somebody running one of these things has to be like you know and it can't just be private it has to be a public tweet to say that this is it's just going too far and this fucking thing where you have a difference of an opinion now and they're just gonna you know take your fucking job away you know I ran into this shit you know when you know when the me2 stuff first started coming out people would try to like you know you know you had to tweet the right fucking thing and if if you said anything sort of oh let's let's look at the evidence god forbid you fucking said that it just became like this whole you're part of the problem then they would try to take you down or someone you were you were friends with or doing a show with I represented by they would tried to do like that pressure to try in and it was just like you know you to say I was like no I'm not doing that and then it just goes away cuz you're not a fucking leg to stand on well also the people that are doing it it's a small percentage of it's a very believably small yeah unbelievably small and the end you know comics it's like we're literally running for office we're out there campaigning you're in for this election that never happens and you're going through red states blue states you're going through fucking everything and the general consensus of people is like like dude that was fucking crazy like that that doesn't make sense but no one wants to say it because they're gonna get steamrolled and we all saw what happened to Matt Damon right Matt Damon said we have to make a differentiation between the Harvey Weinstein's in the world and then someone who you know because he's on sorry he goes on a bad date there's a big difference between those two and they attacked him they tried to get him pulled off of that movie Ocean's eight yeah and they were acting like that like killing somebody versus stealing a car versus jaywalking like the litter the whole judicial system is based on what you did is your punishment your parents do that right and I mean your bad was what you did yeah yeah that's all that's what that sounded like that yeah he's exactly we live in a world now I have to be measured in the way that I say that what he said you know affected me how I heard it and then also this is just a typical fucking bald white male yo and they do they go in that route it's like youyou literally sound like what the fuck you're against and it's it's a it's not gonna last and I feel like it's like the end of the winter and people want to go outside and get some Sun on their face and you didn't like no no like taking people by the back of their fucking neck and fucking shoving their face in the shit it that you can't sustain that no you can sustain it doesn't because work you don't get people to change by yelling at them doesn't work or bombing them like what the fuck we're doing it like yeah that's not all you're doing is you're just building up resentment yeah and more people want to fucking take you down so that's like they don't understand psychology so what they think is this is their time this is their time to get back at man this is their time to yell at men this is a time to where the futures feminine t-shirts this is a time to take their stand and they did you not see the women's March saw a bunch of people walking right listen I'm not saying the points that they're making don't need to be made I'm not saying that their complaints are not just it's it's the execution of it yes where it's like you're gonna go through intimidation and destroying people like exactly people's careers and people you have to publicly apologize it's so it's like bullying people yes some of the biggest bullies right now I can't believe it because I'm a lefty are on my side of the fucking fence and you know when someone's on your side of the fence and you're looking at them like you sound like a fucking crazy person that's when you've entered like you know what was your special strange times yeah weird yeah like it's like it is strange yeah it is strange because it's it's they feel like they're justified because they feel like with a maniac like Trump in the office that they have to do what they have to do to change the world but you don't change the world by yelling at people doesn't work that way and there's this real points to be made there's real points about I couldn't imagine being a woman working in an office with a bunch of guys trying to fuck you all the time it's got to be a goddamn n...
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