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    FLOOR IS LAVA IN GROCERY STORE! (we got banned)


    ah just feels like home it just feels like home back in the grocery store I feel like it's been years yeah if you guys not know we did all of our dancing videos in the grocery store that's how we started guys anyways it is 1:30 a.m. and we decided why not go to the grocery store and place bro and Slava since you guys like to ask for lava in the gymnastics gym we were like why not take it in the grocery store where we started and our home Luigi scores lover 5 4 3 oh yeah 2 1 no no whoo let's not floor is lava lasts a few seconds thank you sir please before we start this floor is lava game I'll go for this video is to get 175 thousand 625 like anyone like it out right now you ready to play I'm always ready you ready yeah what are we playing flow is lava all right first of all Marcus did my hair second of all I am lava so I read it that's doing right now ready floor is lava 5 4 3 2 1 Oh Oh No what is this no oh look at him over here that's pretty good that's pretty good where'd you find that shot what what the heck why why is that there what are those need for the floor lava I'm pretty good this is definitely gonna be a lot of fun we're just getting started Mack salute no protection let's go definitely she taught me hopefully not get it like this again you know that you've got a death move you know Danny Ruben he proved it keep he do this oh oh this is the seller's market Hey oh you guys poop it up like this like this wait let me do it let me know go ahead kill it eh eh oh eh eh eh wait what are you looking for trying to fly it right uh oh whoa yo we floated yo we floated you this floating your Lucas what is that I think I'm in the magazine are you or looking Lucas look at you made it you made it famous now wait watch you tonight I guess I'm not cute enough hey rod thank you my tequila twist I don't know wait what's this horse novel Oh five four three the end of the game floor is lava Morris close lava do it ah towards our mortgage camera camera sorry about that gives a nice especially my guy we decided to come to a bigger supermarket yeah haha this is what I gain money you guys ready I'm always ready wrong Lord Allah five four three two one I'm on here Lucas is up there and time is up there and where's there is wiggle urgent he's on this is up there Holly wait I know you're bright and you loose you the whole story no way yeah oh you guys dig come on yeah what are the odds that you guys jump into that long as only half is a good idea one through five all right you first one two three three Oh get on one two three - what up with 25 all right one two three four Oh your trick the left knee one two three five Oh let's go mutton well one two three four Oh bro I did i way they wrote in I was like I'm working out and not causing trouble Markus toward lava yep full of ammo how you gonna get out now that was crazy we're good to clean it up now oh yeah mugs I got a mitt bro that was pretty intense no I had to you can't stop it yeah I know that was pretty intense right Jesus Madeline market you've got some serious basketball there guys close Abba sweet - no I win I win the game maybe like ten invited movies I think you're missing one thing what is it No uh-huh oh that's it no not that this Marcus safety foot haha yo look this way you finally toy yeah I've always wanted to travel yeah I ride it you know just like a table read I don't think something don't know he's swivel not Oh told you not about it yeah quick back to the battalion oh you gotta write with me right what it should be cool I'm putting cosmologist I think you I just want me to be cool or I am cool I think I look like an absolute no you try to be cool afterward he was trying to do a nice coffee now it's free Lake boy lava but uh oh yeah we missed it yeah so I'm good over here uh what we do it today I don't know what we're doing today I know what the floor is lava is what if you don't break it don't break it yeah a much broke it was nice seeing you yeah mama mama oh she's good boy I can't go anywhere Benna Lucas is someone calling I'm not calling but Auggie I don't wanna pick up the phone you shouldn't pick up the phone I'm Argus I don't think it's for us so what should we again but I think it's YouTube telling everyone could like you subscribe yah yah yah yah yah yah yah we are horrible there and we're making a video 3 now Jacob is claim what is what we doing on this channel I don't know it was people that followers at the door my brother's YouTube channel down in the description everything is lava except for going wrong oh my god no oh no I think 3 a.m. go away oh oh Oh that's going to close out this video looking to do have fun markets are all ways of dancing and grocery stores and playing floor love and grocery stores if you guys enjoyed the video please give it a big fat thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to youtube channel I post every Tuesdays cuz it's a Sunday we have crazy videos coming up did you guys have fun oh yeah buddy the one honest we all want row make sure you guys subscribe to our doorway photos box we post every Saturday down in the description clay certification shoutout goes to Dylan thank you so much for having our post notifications on cycle over Lucas so I'm August if you guys want to win a shout-out all you have to do is turn on our post notifications and comments done when you are done hopefully I've enjoyed this video I did I love you guys peace
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