Should We Eat Human Flesh to Save the Environment?

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    Taken from JRE #1349 w/David Sinclair:


    the Joe Rogan experience so your mom your grandmother had your father when she was 15 years old right whoa yeah back in the early days of World War two she apparently was playing around with her boyfriend she claims to be a virgin but at that point what something got somewhere that shouldn't have and she suppose during high school right so I was raised by my grandmother she was in her 40s when I was a kid and she was the one that taught me to always stay young keep your you know adults ruin everything that's probably why I work on aging adults ruin everything but how was her advice like in terms of like why how do you avoid what adults are doing wrong well you know she she'd grown up during the Depression and then World War two and then the Communists came into Hungary and raped it a lot of people she had no she had had no respect for Humanity so by the time I came along first of all she put all of our energy into to me and I'm I was a spot bride as a kid so that that was wasn't helpful to me I think now as an adult but more importantly she wanted me to do the best I could with my life she said David do what you can to make this world a better place make sure that you leave this place better than you found it and that's what I'm trying to do wow what a pro founded piece of advice for a grandchild she was a rebel she taught me forget the rules right kind of like you do just I'm going my own way and we'll see how this goes she so she went to Australia she said Europe I'm outta here she went to Australia the furthest place she could find from Europe never went back she went on Bondi Beach in Sydney in a bikini which was rebellious notice she got taken off the beach boat by the police would you have to wear back then are the full little British thing deep dandy knees would it down to your knees I think so did they look like maybe it was a full one-piece but it allowed to show your belly that's what I think but she was a rebel she went to New Guinea by herself in the 60s what year was this where she was wearing a bikini that would be fifth six you couldn't wear a bikini in the 50s Wow well okay like those pinup girls right when you see them they always had one-piece suits on like it yeah so imagine you Guinea in the 60s as a woman on a run up in the highlands she claims to have eaten human flesh and she spent most of the time drunk as well did you see that article that was yesterday where they were interviewing an Australian a guy it was a doctor or scientist who's talking about climate change and he was saying that we have to start eating human bodies and that human bodies are very nutritious and that we just put them in the ground and it I was reading it I was like okay is this guy trolling like what is what is he doing here is he a completely insane person but his advice was our dependence on meat is ruining like in some places where they're you know they're stripping the rainforests to make room for cattle grazing he was saying that we are getting rid of perfectly good meat every time we put someone in the ground well we are but but to suggest that it sounds insane to me yeah because it was we throw away half our food anyway at least in this country it was a mainstream publication that this guy was talking about like the last thing you want to encourage is people getting used to eating people he's been watching World War Z maybe yeah I mean it's just one of those like come on I was I was going is this guy just trying to get attention like this seems like such a or is it did he eat was he joking and it's hard to tell in text you know yeah well yeah not every Australian is sensible I'm the article but I don't see anything about him saying wasting human body is there meat there's been a more than several articles written on it maybe someone extrapolated but the idea was he was saying that people should eat meat and if they want to eat meat they should eat human because well maybe waste animal rights activists might be just an idiot ate your relatives yeah yeah but just last thing wants people getting that taste of people you know right no I do do not need to go that not yet
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