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    hey you guys video we're going to be buying recommended ads throughout all of my social media accounts I fell into this trap this morning where I started and then I decided to stop so that I could do this with all of you alongside me I know that a lot of youtubers have done this before I think the first thing I saw was Sofia Nygaard and honestly she's like the reigning queen of this type of video but before I talk for too long let's go buy everything we never knew we needed you wanna go swimming baby ah is also so hot in Los Angeles right now but I did want to introduce you guys to the newest member of our squad and that is a bird that is invaded my entire life Morgan's named him Gerald and I think this is honestly the reason why there's always bird shit on my car for a while Gerald here and I would fight literally every time that I pulled into the garage like bang up and down and then fly out and we would both be so shook it but now it kind of has accepted my presence and I've kind of accepted his as well I think he might have eggs in there and I don't really want to move his nest if he has children I also don't know how to properly remove a bird's nest I think I'll figure that out after he has his children because he's not hurting me he's just pooping on the car but anyway meet Gerald oh my god it's okay oh so I'm just going to scroll through Facebook because I guess that is like what's easiest to access ads that are catered towards you although I see a lot of them on Instagram I feel like this is going to be easier the first that I'm coming across is this smooth a3 access extendable smartphone gimbal which combines some of the best features on other gimbals while also adding the smooth twist I have seen a bunch of like at the Apple Store I've played with some of these before my issue and my problem with something like this is that I don't ever film on my phone because the audio sucks I mean I guess this could be fun for like Instagram stories or something on smooths website it says that smooth is the only smartphone stabilizer that actually doubles as a phone charger while you're using it it says that it has 360 panorama shot capability and then the auto face feature which will follow your face it is a hundred and fifty nine dollars before shipping so I guess I'll get it okay I've been listed sister Morgan and all my packages and finally Roo I got the bow because I also have a surprise for you oh I hope mine's the big one first oh my gosh I don't know yours is outside did you get me a card did you get me yeah that's true I love how you knew that I would just want a chair Alicia Marie is it gonna be very disappointed this one is actually oh whoa I do like the box and the packaging yeah that's cool whoa this is awesome it looks like it's working it was like a 10 okay or not does it work yeah I think so what why are you kids you know I said what's happening oh my god yeah filming I don't know how the functions work and I watched ten tutorials can we have a pool party with honey in the room oh my god that's revolutionary Oh what so I was the stupid one beforehand it worked I didn't what do you mean what did you do is a flick of the wrist watch that's crazy so what I move it follows my face but I have to turn oh my god I finally figured it out I look like a little boy oh my god there's footage of me running that would not be yeah I give that a 10 out of 10 okay so after scrolling for a minute the next ad that I'm coming across is actually quit which I've seen pop up quite a bit specifically on Instagram and you basically can just take this out of course Boop there are these trendy looking electric toothbrushes that I feel like all beauty gurus would have feel good in your hand the price points when you can get plastic for 25 for metal for 40 why and you could also pay $5 every three months to have them ship you new brushes subscribe oh my it actually turns on yeah oh wait oh okay and there's like a little sticky thing pretend it's your a bathroom mirror yeah it's just so practical there you go oh my gosh wait you just stick it on the mirror oh that's nice I also hung it crooked Oh No if it was the middle of the night then you were really tired there's no way you'd get it in that little hole okay yeah all right after I used my quick toothbrush for a week I would say that this is the perfect travel toothbrush it doesn't compare to my other electric toothbrush that I love so much but it is quality and compact and it's stylish I will utilize this toothbrush do you like click my tongue okay so the next thing that I just saw pop up is nectar sleep this is your brain when you enjoy a sweet night's sleep when I'm nectar mattress because hear me out my sister has now been living with Shane and I for like three or four months I guess I would say and she's still sleeping on an air mattress I could get her one of these mattresses it's kind of expensive but it's something that she would use literally every single night I also kind of just want to try it out so it's so hot out I told you it's literally not bearable out here is that blue baguette yeah it's so hot that my eyes are watering not getting enough sleep can actually hurt your brain hi gerald no research proves that a lack of sleep lowers brain function you might want open it inside causing symptoms like inability to concentrate oh my god you're gonna break it I don't know they must be strong is this a literal punching bag are we going to keep boxing a clock because I am NOT going I guess I could help you oh my god what if I was like a cartoon and I okay I got you your very first Los Angeles mattress because it's one of those ones that like fold out and then it like breathes into becoming a mattress breathe what are we gonna say now it's gonna be sad that if the air mattress is actually more comfortable oh there it goes oh no I love that all right this is my little knife okay oh you could have a sister sleepover Wow and it's pretty nice actually yeah cuz you stink right of it wow this is way cooler than my air mattress what if I wake up tomorrow and I'm like brilliant and hilarious we should build a whole house with these so everywhere you walk it's just mattress Wow okay Syst are you what's not rolling in nectar nectar fantastic I think out of 10 stars I would give the air mattress like a 6 and I'd give the nectar like a 8.5 Wow good increase I love how you can like step on it and it doesn't like deflate yeah and I think cheater likes it honestly more than you yeah cheeto loves it so than like your money was well spent either way but I love it thank you okay so the next thing that's popping up is actually this men's underwear / clothing line I also can never find socks I'm gonna get like the no-show cuz look at these I'm wearing like dress socks right now with my gym shoes not the cutest look I like their advertising and marketing they have something for every occasion I'd say there's between like 20 to 35 dollars per pair I'm gonna get two different kinds okay the packaging is super cute they're a little thicker than I thought they may be i like their really those are like winter camping socks oh my god they're so large they're sick let's see your foot just grew eight sizes and those so far the socks are not killing it you could literally fit two of you in those these are massive must be nice you don't need to wash them yeah but no underwear so the thing I legitimately probably have used the most are these Mac Weldon underwear they're very comfortable and even the ones that look huge after I wash them shrunk but I will definitely say that I would 100% order underwear from this brand okay the last thing that I am purchasing for this video is this gravity awaited sleep mask so I guess the benefit of this mask is being that it's weighted it says that it distributes the one pound of weight to different pressure points on your face that helps you fall into a deeper sleep faster the packaging is already an a-plus like I really like this bag that it comes in it's like oh my god I'm gonna have to sleep with this overnight before I give an official review let's see oh wow can you see anything no it's you can't snow fan of this I think it was 30 it looks like a literal minion map it's okay we're testing out the new sleeping mask do you like it I just feel like somebody's balls are on my face it's so perfect I don't like it this is gonna make you sick it's like pushing my eyes into my head like my eyes are in my brain right now okay give it back okay so the gravity is that I honestly don't think I would use this every night and I do see the benefits of this being weighted but it's honestly it's just a little bit disorienting in the morning if I can't sleep because it's too bright I would put this on for an hour too so I like having it on hand but if you don't have an extra $25 maybe don't do it the next is another clothing line it's called be Y LT basics it looks like it's a higher-end basic clothing line it looks a little like more mister bro than I typically am and they are advertising their long-sleeve black shirt with a man in front of a black mat g-wagon so I just feel like it's a sign when I went to check out I actually saved five dollars and 96 cents by using honey and this wasn't sponsored by honey it now is but it wasn't I called them and I was like your extension is legitimately working in my real life when I'm shopping online can you sponsor this video and they said yes if you haven't heard of honey before it is a completely free web browser extension that helps you save money...
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