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    Dodd's she didn't get my in a while you're getting good last night did you sleep good I was worried you weren't gonna get your ass I got enough food we need one of these that thing is nice everyone would die on it they'd flip every time anyone that comes over do they definitely flip we got people flipping on four wheeler dude a 90 Ivan shaved someone's hair since tor probably that hairs going everywhere it is gonna go in someone's drink dude I bought these ones for a tour for like 200 bucks I mean that hair is gone in a second hi I'm Danny Duncan president founder and co-founder of the Virginia rocks world tour people keep asking me hey Danny what are you doing your show so for those wondering here's a few things you could expect to see cows ting dancing singing James Blunt old man haircuts bringing milfs on stage and serenading them angry moms yelling at their kids people getting thrown off stage Mexican wrestling breaking guitars crowd surfing motocross exclusive tour merch also I have a few surprises but I'm working on them right now so I can't show you but I'll do it on stage so interested in tickets now if so visit Danny Duncan 69 calm to get started and if you're not interested fuck you and this gets stuck there's a jammed up you think hey unjam it oh god how it fixes it Lou Lou hey it works hey you're not wrong we also have a key my Pokemon cards the first card you've gotten so far since you've been tried this in there getting dizzy jump off the bird into it anyway cool there's a bird I just got a mic on like if it's wireless mic so it'll go away oh you want me to ride and you jump off the back don't miss and hit the curb I hop on the back dude got my microwave dude hey you got my mic away literally the one reason engine oh my god is that jump of it near three easily do one more egg can you let out I was joking with this guy's seriously yeah just lay down first I don't hit you I don't want to get that's what I'm saying I don't wanna get a charge for like assaulting a senior citizen hell six oh that's fine that's five people thank you a pro at this I don't know if there's much competition I think anyone could robably do this to be honest can I jump you I did five people yeah this shit hurts does it oh sorry guys sorry that the wind isn't saying yeah rear brake safety first why am i racing you this boy charged tracking always my batter Danny what do you think you got this isn't a lime scooter race so what do you think you good I think you got it lime suck are you gonna hit 69 miles an hour six point nine six point nine miles an hour he said when do we go I think they gave me a slow one yeah you probably did anyone need a break hey you ain't know who I was pedaling my legs are sore you know I was pedaling as fast I could although how can I not catch up don't drink too much I came from Alcoholics over there when they let it get in the shot gonna come through for you I have to come over here overnight I forgot about ya but I I knew you didn't forget it forward I just need get this thing off my heel but I'm being a pussy I don't want to repeat it how much to eat it the one thing I would have done it if by the fin the privacy of my own home with nobody watching that's disgusting Wow if you had one recommendation what would I get Oh glass case oh shit then I don't think I wear any of these Travis Travis Scott's 100 at least at nine half oh they fit small I just feel like I would look stupid in this in there they look cool though good on you oh the bronze dude these are old aren't they yeah yeah I remember and these are like dude these are like fucking from 2000 times did Eastbay magazine when I was a kid you know one day all my fans will be like older and they're all owned stores and I'll be able to do this so where did you get these on Zach really what is their fake yeah I mean you can just look at like the stitching how much seeds they can't pay for in the house did you pay for him do you know that he paid retail yeah really neat sounds like a thousand some for like 952 that's what we have them here at the store right now a month on this that's like eight something and then we have to pay like some fees so it's like right out of that but you're doing well yeah we've only been open for yo we get one they're all dead why are you stealing all the limes are you kidding me we walked this far for a fucking soccer game thought this is a baseball game I just walked this far for a shitty soccer game did he already kidding me baseball game with me sick I saw it was a baseball field so I assumed it might be a baseball game I produced a muffin and this yeah you just put on room 69 I'm a funny guy he I just put it on room 16 one moment please 302 you don't remember 69 here get it because they don't have a 13th floor fuck you guys
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