VY QWAINT vs HACKER in REAL LIFE SPY NINJA BATTLE ROYALE (Searching Project Zorgo Abandoned Riddles)

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    After Chad Wild Clay made JOSEPH BANKS is with PROJECT ZORGO? Searching for Abandoned Minerals & Crystal for Tesla, Vy Qwaint created MYSTERY MAN FACE REVEAL (Mixing Minerals for Tesla & Searching How To Find Project Zorgo in 2019), and Daniel uploaded the video STOP PROJECT ZORGO Takeover of MYSTERY BOX for Abandoned Tesla (Searching for Mysterious Caller), the Project Zorgo hackers successfully took over the safe house leaving the CWC crew with no place to go. Luckily, Chad Wild Clay, VQ and Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo found an abandoned tent where they can stay for 24 hours. It was a challenge at 3am because there were mysterious people following them around in the campground. The next day they received a top secret message from the mystery man known as Joseph Banks who took their abandoned Tesla to deliver a top secret mixture to him. Vy Qwaint makes the mixture like B235 and meets up with Chad and Daniel to deliver the mixture to the scientist. Vy Qwaint does not know if she can trust Joseph Banks because she thinks that he has been setting up secret traps and riddles to take out Team CWC. She also see's Joseph Banks talking with the Zorgo hacker holding the mixture 78x and the orange crystal. This was happening in real life instead of inside the video game Roblox. Vy Qwaint uses her spy gadgets to listen to Jospeh Banks and PZ's secret meeting. Until all of a sudden, the hacker takes Joseph and traps him in an escape room! Vy uses her ninja gadgets to battle the hacker in a battle royale in real life! She defeats the hacker and saves Joseph Banks. He reveals that they will see their missing Telsla soon! Thank you for watching my entertainment friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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    hi spy ninjas in chats video he kept trapped by a net and we think Joseph Banks did it so I don't know if we can trust him anymore right now we are heading to Joseph Banks last location I'm not gonna try and confront him to see what is going on here I want some information about where my Tesla is okay all right guys I need you guys's help to see if you see Joseph Banks or hackers or anyone anybody well just a bank oh he has a net you can see that you guys see that he's like he's carrying a net it must be him he is definitely a bad person he's carrying a net right there I mean he was trying to trap Chad that's evidence right there I'm actually gonna go and report him right now to the FBI are you they say I got that behind phone okay hello hi um yes um I would like to report a crime this person took my Tesla and he tried to also drop my husband with a net yes I I actually I can see him right now his name yeah his name is wait um uh hold on I'm gonna have to call you back aren't you guys seeing it closer look that we zoom in what's in his net they're like minerals he's like sifting or some he's doing some science experiment all right guys I don't think we have enough evidence to report Joseph banks to the FBI because whenever we report something we need to be extremely sure that person actually commit that crime I'm gonna actually go to Joseph Banks and ask him what the heck is going on wait what was that noise okay can't hide see what's going on here what's he doing wait why did he just run away from Joseph Pink's where is he going what's going on here let's follow him okay I'm just gonna come back Joseph Inc gotta follow the hacker where's he going what is he holding in his hand oh my gosh he's uh it's a crystal and his him he's holding a crystal alright guys I think the crystal the hacker is the one that Chad was supposed to find in his video and he can't find it because that hacker has it so we need to follow him and get it for Chad I can't tell if he's like walking with Joseph bang it's Joseph Hanks part of projects or go and what is this hacker duty detective any villain yeah like crystals right there it's really big I wonder what he's doing Oh what are you just pull out whoa that blue bottle I'm gonna coke a little closer to see what it is okay oh my gosh it says 78 X on it in the blue bottle what is he doing with it okay what is this hacker doing right now he's just sitting here with the mixture and then we'll stick with the crystal what's he doing is he waiting for someone what was he going oh my gosh he is waiting for someone that's Joseph Banks that's Jamie what's he doing I knew it I knew I knew they were working together Joseph banks cannot be trusted oh my gosh they're just talking hey they're having a meeting right now what is going on I wonder what they're talking about right now home I'll get the baby home we got to follow them you guys they're shaking hands wait what's going on oh my gosh never just took mr. big will be he's on our side oh whoa behind here they're here I think mr. banks is in there I'm gonna see if I can came out whoa what do you know the cold to get in here okay okay I'm gonna try and get you out all right it's fine and just I don't know if the cold to this law I don't think mr. banks know what it is either so if you know what the code might be let me know down in the comments but in the meantime gonna investigate this thing to see if I can get him out okay all right so here's the wall to their side so there's like a vent right there that's kind of high I usually can crawl through that but Chad and Daniel's not here with me so I don't think I can get up there all right oh oh there's a there's a vent down here this one's big and low all right I need a Phillips screwdriver girl how do you think I have that in my backpack but those are see if I can talk to mr. banks in here Joseph Bank can you hear me oh okay so I can crawl up to the vent up there because it's too high so I don't know how to get you out I might have to yield oh you have an idea okay what is it more Mildred one moment she says okay scientists so what are you gonna do okay what is that there's no small community event are you okay you guys it's up there too well okay I guess I gotta stand back let's get out of here he's doing in there what mr. ping are you okay this door comfy quickly okay let me grab my backpack mr. Beggs are you okay I'm flying okay I think we should hurry up because the hacker is probably still after us so can you walk any faster oh wait a minute is that the hacker technology quite fascinating lumic's what is a Lumix gh4 I must sit down are you okay okay hey come on look great hey Jefferson forget the Chris okay great Joseph weeks you know let's try to look a little bit faster because the hackers after a squawking ass boss is like okay so tell me why are the hackers after you the hookers are always after me trying to get a hold of my new technology but now he wants my crystal for it is very powerful so this whole entire time you've been helping like yes I'm still helping you and I'm still on your side so what about the traps with the nets and everything drops what drops sounds like something projects Walker who would do okay but you have my Tesla right I still hope your Tesla okay and you're gonna give it back yes it is almost complete okay all right let's hurry up there's a lot of hackers behind us that's a hobby after you Joseph Banks who's the bad guy what are you doing with him Joseph mr. banks explain yourself it wasn't I that set up those Trump's it was those projects or go hooligan they set up the Trump sent to the 78 X mixture and the crystal luckily we took it from them and it is now in our possession okay yeah you're right that just makes sense so it wasn't you who hurt my finger and trapped Daniel speaking whoosh we gotta get Daniel out of the cage be Daniel still in the cage yeah he's trapped I thought it was just a basic trap to him but I guess it was the hackers oh okay look let's go rescue him then okay you kill the rest meet me tomorrow night at jcpenney okay so tomorrow ajussi penny is fine you're bringing their Tesla there yes okay okay okay do we hug or screw Daniel V okay thank you so much do spine and just to shop whenever I post a brand new video I'm showing you comments right here make sure to check out chats video right here and Daniel videos right here make sure to subscribe to me Chad and Daniel it's not all you guys who are helping us on the spine engine Network helping us defeat projects or go link down below in the description and we'll be right here on bSpace we'll see you on the spine engineer let's go get manual all right let's go
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