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    this year didnt start the way 2K planned...
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    welcome to the sauce my hit that button sa subscribe and join the ride you've been just rocking back with chicks and it ain't even Cactus Jack why would you leave that house a day you need alright ladies and gentlemen on Twitter last night fixed 2k was trending number one and and I don't know what's going on there are a lot of problems in 2k 20 so I can't I can't imagine what's going on is there a patch in the game coming I don't know is there a patch right now I haven't played the game yet today so I don't know what's going on hopefully 2k dropping a patch soon there there's a lot of stuff that need to be fixed I keep getting error codes in 3b threes I keep getting error codes in the park people wrap bars are getting glitched people bash progression is getting glitched endless list of problems that like loading screens take like 40 minutes what else y'all want to talk about like whatever a problem you could imagine is in the game you feel me but this is crazy bro this is really a crazy year to start hopefully you patch is coming let's get into this let's get into this 2k thing that's that's the only thing I want that's on my mind it's this hashtag like first time I ever see 2k trending and it's for fix it let's see what they talking about chat if you go over to trend in and say fix 2k 20 let's check out this whole Twitter interaction Twitter moments issues in NBA 2k that our frustrating players are being pointed out look at Zion what actually the hell is this a 2k community after coming together to make fix 2k 20 number one on trend in what we've been told one there was gonna be new neighborhoods from Ronnie 2k he said that you can respect your players at any time for free basically that mean like start over if you don't like how you like how you build your character which turned out not to be true we need to get more pie charts and including custom ones Ronnie to K also said he was gonna mention that to the devs but instead we've been we've been some Ecuador me walking in the game stopped at the 2k gave us this week games gonna bring me mama turn the bring me money you know GameStop you pay $60 for again you only did $20 back rub a rather head and 20 didn't have to k at this point bro bro I don't know if you big influences are paid to say certain but the way you guys advertise it in the beginning allows for them to get away wooded and LSK he replied nah bro what we played and what we talked about wasn't wasn't what got released I mean this clips and screenshots on what 2k told you me everyone don't put that on me or other influences cuz right now I'm just as lost as you I'm tired of the BS thrown my way like damn fix 2k 20 y'all are wild even shake down like fix 2k 20 let's get it done ty see no I just woke up a c 2k 20 trending I can't hand do all these glitches all my boys got stuck rep bars you can cook whole meals during these loading screens let's run it up patch the game ASAP Beluga after you win a park game you get an error code you can't even go on the win streak or at least I can't hit you played a 3v3 pro-am the damn screen go to the top of the world like you trying to look at plays and Matt and you know there's a lot of problems in 2k 20 and I see why people is man Mike Wang was in my stream as I was getting kicked every single 3v3 game bro me and my boys just trying going to win streak and 2k said no you're not doing it you only can play one game and you got to get the hell out of there I don't know what's going on fix 2k twin me go on it too this shouldn't be I shouldn't be able to go to my kitchen fix me a sandwich it comes back and still be at a loading screen I gotta wait 15 minutes and a fucking loading screen major my $60 fish motherfucker mate I paid $60 for fucking me you are robbing me Rob you might say you are wobbling in the microwave get stay rowdy big wall these the rookies in it and you bring Dean fucking with me don't be doing shit he be lying he just worried about these Instagram models and celebrities I saw that bro I went to the 2k party this may be floating around like he loved Brian there's some shit I'm telling you bro and we got them and we got them down look at the others already enough we are looking at 2k 19 all over again they won't look just like UK Knights in them look at this you're not open right now the park look just like to k-19 Thank You Rosie my bar is folks oh my my weight my bar is frozen has been frozen fire I'd hold eight running a whole thing I can't get no progression I can't get shit man so I'm hoping for free I'm hoping for nothing man come on me I gotta fix this man take fix 2k 20 brats bring it god bro I swear I have a goal I saw fire Ronnie took a trend in that's what I see fire rowdy trending Bravo to have me crying after scoring two points in the first quarter they do be done they throw a double team at you at half court I swear to god you don't make us be running a full court to sing you a double team you inbound the ball to niggas just come running at you and if they catch you in that double team you throw in the ball 35 feet the opposite direction of where you aim why do a double-team force you to throw the ball completely out of bounds yo my career is so annoying you really only be having like four points and they throw a double team at you I need to start cooking yet like relax I'm sick of this man Ronnie need a fixed surface I'm tired of this hey Billy how much you pay for 2k bucks for the legend Edition why Billy Billy Billy I'm sorry to say you got ripped off oh my god and I'm sick of it Ronnie then fix his service and ten you don't have told me to buy - Kim oh man don't do me like this bro but to return it like like a bass man I feel like you worked for Ronnie dollars gold you story not a service gonna hack up so today we gonna stop this go tell Ronnie give me the update his damn solvers gonna go a lot Popeyes got the best chicken sandwich what the hell oh my god shit I ain't gonna sit here and lie to you I thought a patch was coming the second the game came out I thought there was gonna be a day one patch you remember when they said oh yeah we fixed blow-by-blow Boz is still a huge problem in that game bro stamina he said that was gonna get a buff that's still a problem in the game like I don't know what's going on man I got black instead of playing a damn game you are making a music video to a song that ain't yours I gotta go I gotta go ladies and gentlemen hit that like button this man right here is a reason that two cares a damn problem here the reason that they add and Damned disc golf and shit and our here at and gold cards to the game instead of fixing it the game been out for two days he making music videos who does that go put it under the hashtag fix two kids get somebody to fix this dumbass what is he doing here got this big-ass character that man was like seven feet tall turn you to a dance saw head ass look what do you do it this nigga seven feet out here breakdancing a loot second man's is this nobody want to see that shit well they put that in here for thought that was a good idea at all oh my god bro hit that button si subscribe to join the mob while you at it follow me on my social media my Twitter my Instagram they both ID sizi AR EA as e yeah beast x2 katewhenabroad has been a lot of lies going around people rep bars is frozen man mr. Rodney nigga ruined NBA players in FL place ain't you hanging our fucking waiver I told you Ronnie don't be doing shit he be lying
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