My Mom Is Living As A Slave For My Father Until I Showed Him Who's Boss

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    hi I'm Lynn it don't you think that keeping secrets could be hard sometimes well the secret I'm having trouble hiding is in fact my own I'm here because I want to confess something that I've been keeping to myself for way too long something I did that would ruin my reputation if people knew about it in my world but to be truthful I don't regret it not one bit because it's what ended up changing my life first I'll tell you a little bit about myself I'm only 16 but I'm also one of those girls who most people tend to stay away from why do you ask well look at me I dress and act in a way that can scare any living being and no it's not an act I am really this way because I don't know how to be something else life has forced me to be like this I should always be strong enough to defend myself because I'll never know who will try to hurt me especially when I'm home around my father Arnold it's hard to even call him a father I had to stand up to him my whole life every single time he tried to bring me down I was not intimidated despite the fact that he is a big buffed police officer who scared the whole town unfortunately I couldn't say the same about my mother she is probably the sweetest woman I know she had married Arnold when she was only 18 even though he was 10 years older than her it was a traditional marriage you could say my grandparents were very religious and they pressured her into marrying Arnold because they thought of him as a good husband who can take care of her she had dreamt about becoming a businesswoman one day but her parents never supported her never even offered to send her to college so when she married Arnold her only job in life was to be a good submissive housewife that obeyed his every word and when she didn't my father would make her suffer the major advantage he had over her was that he controlled all the money and didn't allow her to work outside the house I'm the man of the house he always repeated he would even remind her every now and then that her only job was to take care of the kids and stay in the kitchen with the years passing my father was able to crush every single dream and ambition my mom had and she went from being this special free-spirited individual to an obedient housewife whose opinion didn't even count I felt so bad for her sometimes I cried all night but when the Sun shined I was the strong fearless Lynette who could not show any weakness I used to wonder how long I could pull that off before I broke into pieces but soon enough I came to realize that I had a breaking point it all happened one morning I woke up at 6 o'clock a.m. of loud screams coming from my parents room when I rushed in there the room looked messy with lots of shredded paper all over the floor in bed my mom was sitting on the floor begging my father to stop while crying her eyes out even though this was not the first time I witnessed them fighting I was shocked to see my mother begging him like that get out you nosy woman he shouted at me with the scariest voice I will not I said as I walked in the room I picked up one of the shredded pieces of paper to see what was on it it had lots of numbers and drawings that I didn't understand but when I picked up another piece I saw something written on the side that said business plan for beauty product one and then it hit me I understood why Arnold was so angry with my mother she was pursuing her dreams behind his back I know that it was not the right time in place but at that moment I felt proud of my mother she was not as obedient as I thought she was in fact she was playing it smart my thoughts were interrupted by Arnold's loud screams that brought me back to reality he continued to destroy her work as he called her a worthless liar stop my voice joins my mother's but Arnold wouldn't and I wasn't gonna give up that easy especially this time I ran towards him and grabbed his arms I said stop but he pushed me off even though at that point he had shredded every piece of my mom's papers he didn't stop there instead he headed towards my mom's closet where she kept her stuff and started destroying more of her things what else are you hiding he kept screaming I could not take it anymore I couldn't take the view of my mom laying on the floor sobbing while Arnold was destroying the little things she had and before I knew it with all the force in me I've ran towards him and jumped on his strong built body trying to disturb his movement I clutched onto him like I had nothing to lose I did not care what if I got hurt or even if he threw me out of the window I just wanted him to stop when I felt his hands pushing me away from him like it was a piece of cake I grabbed onto his hair and started pulling with all my power he screamed in pain and his movement started trembling finally I thought something that got him to stop but before I knew it things took horrible turn he was trying hard to push me off of him and I was unable to keep up with his force so I let go of him as he was pushing and when that happened I felt myself flying to the other side of the room and that's when I fell on my mother hitting her with all my bodyweight seconds after I could feel the most horrible pain in my knee when I moved I could see that it had landed on my mother's arm she screamed in pain my arm I'm sorry I cried and I quickly tried to get up to get her some ice but I couldn't stand up my knee was killing me when my father saw what had happened he got nervous and quickly called an ambulance when we arrived at the hospital we were told that my mother's arm was broken and I suffered from minor injury and my knee Arnold waited outside when a nurse came to talk with us she insisted on knowing what happened and most importantly if Arnold had physically abused us I kept quiet as my mother answered all of her questions about what happened I wished my mother would say something that would get my father arrested how amazing would it be if he could just leave both of us alone as the nurse was leaving the room I watched my hopes walking away with her but I couldn't just go back home with him I needed to do something I turned to my mother and said I'm going to the bathroom I walked quickly enough to catch up to the nurse who left the room excuse me I shouted my mother is not telling the whole story I said I then went with the nurse and made up a different story that would definitely get my dad arrested and of course it worked shortly after two police officers came and they arrested Arnold and took him away to the police station he was surprised but I looked at him and said you should have seen this coming Arnold my mother tried to stop them but with no hope that day my mother and I ended up ending the night alone at the house for the first time even though I was happy about that break of routine my mother kept saying that what I did wasn't right and that he didn't deserve that I of course disagreed but my goal was never to make my mom this upset a few days passed and despite my mother's persistence I didn't change my mind about reporting my father every day she tried to convince me to help my father escape the trial awaiting for him but I refused my mother couldn't see the truth in front of her eyes he did deserve this it's like she had Stockholm Syndrome where she was a victim who was determined to stand with and protect her own abuser the court date came and we went to trial even though my mother has assigned the best lawyer she knows my father got two months in jail my mother wept as she saw them take Arnold to his cell I didn't care it was what Arnold deserved but when we got home my mother was furious with me she yelled at me constantly how could you do this to us she'd scream not giving me a chance to tell her it was for the best I didn't like having my mom angry at me she was always calm even when Arnold was a jerk and got out of control over the next week my mom went from anger to sadness at night I could hear her in her room sobbing and during the day she would walk around the house like a zombie she wouldn't even give me a second glance the way she was acting made me worry I thought she would never be the same until Arnold came back and that bothered me even more but after almost a full month since my father was gone my mother started to change it happened after she started going back to classes it was like she got a new outlook on life she started to smile more and even seemed to forgive me for what I did we'd sit down for dinner together and do our homework together it was nice seeing her like this but that just made me worry about how quick the days went by soon his two months were up and my dad came home my mom was at school when he arrived at the door I met him at the front and told him to get out the last thing I wanted for my mom to arrive and welcome him back we don't want you here anymore I tried to shoo him away but he didn't budge he kept asking where my mom was but I wouldn't tell him he screamed and so did I then mom walked through the door she was shocked and he started to make demands I quickly got in between them she doesn't have to answer I started but my mom gently pushed me aside I thought she was going to take him back until she said I would like it if you left and didn't come back I was shocked and so was Arnold he forced a laugh leave you would be nothing without me you're worthless you can't even survive a day on your own my mom stood her ground not fazed by his insults my school held a pitch meeting with some local companies and I was picked she looked over at me with a smile I start my new job next week then she looks back to Arnold so I don't need you for anything now leave before I call the police Arnold stormed out in a huff and I was so...
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