Eating the ENTIRE Movie Theater MENU!! **25,000 CALORIES**

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    We went to a movie theater and ordered every food item they had on their menu, and we had to eat everything... The craziest challenge ever
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    If you read this far down the description I love you


    there's still like 10 more boxes back there we don't show much food yo what is going on guys faze rug here and today I'm for you guys a brand new video I'm here with my cousin Marko I don't know if you guys remember Marko he wasn't one of my videos but they all showed you love like they all wanted you in more videos so we're bringing Marko back especially for what we have planned today so we are in front of a movie theater right now and as you can see by the title we are going to be buying every single food item from the concession stand and if you guys know movie theaters they definitely know how to prize overpriced a lot of food but the challenge of this video is that Marco and I are gonna try to eat the whole entire thing and there's a twist to it so we actually brought a scale over we brought a scale because Marco and I are gonna weigh ourselves before we eat the food and then we're gonna weigh ourselves after and whoever gained the most weight wins the challenge and I already know Marco is gonna win because you beat a lot of food right along you can eat so much and that's the reason why I brought into here because I don't want to waste food and I know if I stop eating Marco will continue to eat but leave in the comment section down below right now who you think is gonna gain the most weight at the end of this video we're about to go in order the whole menu bro how much do you think the totals gonna be I want to see your guys's comments to your guys's guesses what do you think the total of the whole entire thing is gonna be you want us to take guesses yeah let's take some guesses right now yeah I was thinking like maybe 400 to 500 bucks here let's guess exactly I'm gonna say 458 bucks I can agree with that yeah 450 858 458 all right we're gonna see the total we're gonna go in right now so we actually rented out a whole entire room so we could eat the food so we can have a nice little scenery it matches the theme of this video you know we have to eat at the movie theater so guys I hope you all do enjoy this video subscribe if you are new and let's get right into it are you ready can we just get more than everything on the menu it's like the wall been used one of them thinking everything that's doable okay all right I could imagine it would be a pretty penny we don't get too many one of everything's in here oh brother bit lovers yeah guys they got ice cream popcorn nachos hotdogs everything a movie theater ass like we're gonna get everything so I even have water and candy bars water candy chocolate what don't you guys have okay guys so here's a quick little update we've been here for like 20 minutes but this is just the snacks the real food has not come out yet this is just a snack oh by the way it's you know one of everything for each of us yes basically two of each month at the whole menu so two other then two Swedish Finnish two of everything tater tots are here tonight these cheap can I just can I just try it no you're gonna oh yeah I'm not trying to make any excuses or anything but I did have in and out like three hours before this I don't know why I was just hungry I should have the same way they eat anything today I had like I had literally nothing I that mean inches in the morning I always literally like preparing for this I'm like okay I'm gonna eat everything I lost this challenge let's just just put in the comment section right now Marco won so we've got two large popcorn - Marcus - nachos with cheese we've got to the decals tater tots - chicken tenders - hot dogs too to I'm just kidding okay okay is it time for the total yeah okay so my guess was 458 dollars what was here yes like six or seven hundred six or seven okay hit us with the total seven let's go 347 hey that's better than I expected okay that's not bad yeah that's pretty good I'm sure some of you guys guessed in the thousands of all right let's pay for it yeah oh no I'm good there's still like 10 more boxes back there okay guys so we're gonna show you the theater where this is about to go down look at this guys this is all for us right here let's go for all my oh geez this is the same movie theater that I want a fortnight game in so this movie theater actually has some luck in it so I'm probably gonna win the challenge yo look at how comfortable the seats look this trip okay so guys we got a table set up right here you're gonna stack all the food bozhe we throw up a phase rug video or something all right I think that will help you want to stop a phase drug video come on yo how many of my fans actually eat food while they watch my videos I see all the time in the comments section that you guys are eating so leaving the comment section down below right now what you're eating as you're watching this video we're gonna go grab the rest of the food set it up all on the table and then we're gonna weigh ourselves and the challenge will begin let's go all right guys I think it is time to start this video finally Marco how confident are you I'm so confident I think we're gonna finish every single thing you're all you think we're actually gonna finish all of this though I think if you realize that you have 12 million so I need ya guys the pressure is on because if I don't finish this you guys could all roast me but I'm gonna do a good job we're about to do our weigh-ins right now the before and then we're gonna start eating this is so much food guys who wants to come and help us please we definitely do need some help you guys we got hot dogs we got egg rolls we got Tater Tot everything is called like green pea fry I don't even know something something but we got all the candy and I think it's time to start yeah let's get it all right guys we got the scale right here I'm gonna weigh myself first don't make fun of my weight I'm pretty skinny but here we go all right what is it gonna be one 13.6 gosh I thought I was 120 geez I think it's embarrassing man okay keep that in mind one 13.6 before the challenge wait Brian so you got to be 130 after this challenge okay 130 okay I'm pretty sure this food altogether weighs more than 17 this has to be at least 25 thousand calories easily 100% 25 thousand calories okay Marco your weight my watch weighs like 10 pounds all right I'm gonna say 190 the starting weight for Marco 189 196 196 guys I'm gonna gain so much weight out all right so whoever gains the most weight at the end of this challenge wins so finally we can start eating it's been like 30 minutes since we got the food it's probably all cold but are you ready yeah mein food first get it let's get it let's get it okay okay okay we're getting our sauce is ready so we don't die and shout-out to the manager here got a trash can for us in case we need to you know but that's not gonna happen there's some honey mustard face or good luck thank you bro thank you got waters on deck we're gonna get that ready I know right so man all right Marco are you ready for this are you really asking me that question of course I'm ready that's fire okay all right when we say go the timer will start 15 minutes we have 15 minutes to try to eat as much as we can here we go in 3 2 1 go it definitely did get cold we should have opened the right of the sauce is very excited I don't know about you hey guys without sauce you'll probably choke to death haha well this is about the slowest eating competition I've ever seen it you know so much food hey I love popcorn okay guys dry hotdogs here we come dude I'm already gonna pass out we're two minutes in the show that guitar that was good movie theater hot dogs are always good yo give me a second man I'm like 110 pounds I'm a buck ten dude come on man yo you ate all four chicken tenders and ha da I lost I lost oh no I know how much time we have left but I'm so full like I feel like I'm gonna die this is good wolf down will go 12 million you can't let them down Brian come on wait guys Brian's actually eating a lot look you're almost three of this of his chicken nuggets his hot dog there's no good this is a healthy guys don't try this you know how it's cardio I'm gonna have to do tomorrow yo where's Steve we'll do it where's Matt's Tony we need them right now we need your guys's help they would finish this in like two minutes nice worth it I'm already getting into a food coma Wow guys Ryan just went crazy you know I got YouTube right ready four minutes left okay really just don't try this at home don't go to your local movie theater and order the old menus I know you're gonna give me a brain freeze I love you it's good oh well only a little bit of time we got to go all right I'm hittin the the chocolate ice cream you know if my dentist is watching this I'm so sorry it's for the Rugrats that's not good enough you gotta go crazy okay oh oh I lost I'm in it though sit down a minute left okay a minute a minute what do we do in a minute open some candies candy we haven't done too much candy quit Brian I'll help you I'll take this home everything sounds so great bad idea right open up all right watch your back okay ready 15 seconds oh my god I'm topping out the timer is about to run out anyways that's water God yo just qualified just go our way cuz I ate more after the 15 minutes yeah okay how much food did you eat and how much money they done you ate a lot yo Ryan you ate more than what you kid you fit that in your stomach I'll do you understand how I feel right now like I've never felt like this up real food salad oh wait we should weigh ourselves before we lose s...
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