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    Ian and Anthony receive fortunes from cookies that become reality. What will become of this prophecy?
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    Confucius say Manu go to sleep with itchy but shut up that's not how you open a fortune cookie this is Jude that's dangerous dangers my middle name give me all your milk who the hell are you I can smell the milk tell me where it is it's over there in the bridge Thank You Donna Oh that was pretty weird which part the fact that some guy just stole our milk or the fact that he kissed me no my fortune predicted that I'd meet a guy with an eyepatch so is your fortune cookie gonna predict the future again yeah I was pretty firetruck and weird right what does it say get the shovel there is nothing here man I feel like an idiot oh look looks like some sort of ancient language oh sweet God dude we're gonna be rich yeah one what is it it says that you and I get married wait like I like I marry you how was this possible it's not but the other two fortunes were correct I'm not gay are you are you kidding so that's a yes no Jesus Ian it's just a stupid fortune cookie let's forget about it no Anthony you don't understand it's for telling a prophecy there's no way around it what if what if this is all meant to be Anthony danger Padilla will you marry me you need help fine I would have just divorced you anyway then damn it our plan has failed how are we gonna make money on that website now I knew we shouldn't have paid for that billboard to see bonus footage including bloopers and alternate scenes click the link in the description below hey thanks for subscribing I'm naked right now
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