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    Elle controls our life for a day!!!

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    someone told me never saw please don't exist in real life these days nice but you showed me if I just find the fit I need to believe anytime is possible if you want it bad look this guy high-test your limit until I stopped in France hey welcome back guys go away no if you are new to this channel make sure you hit that subscribe button and join the family so as you already by today's title she's in this whole like mimicking stage so that's jewelry by today's title Elle lively McBroom will be running our lives today so pretty much you're gonna be making all the decisions you're gonna be making it for example right so we're already ready do you think we should eat breakfast at home or at a restaurant yeah we're restaurant our home restaurant okay so do you want cereal or do you want blue keys okay okay okay so it looks like we're going blah blah all righty I'm just gonna get straight to the video today and we want to leave the house cool bye bye and we want to go eat blue keys the breakfast restaurant by the way so remember you're making all decisions today so whatever you say we got to do deal yeah all right few novels mommy knuckles kisses mommy kisses I am the kisses daddy all right Elson says mommy and daddy you're already dressed you get to pick out her shoes okay what shoes should we wear the sandals which ones you want me to wear those so I'll wear those ones okay what is mommy gonna wear those are for mommy those are too big for mommy here yeah make mommy wear these real quick when we put those on let me see mom got is huge foot ooh you did like a light Valley Green Giant what xuxa mommy wear those okay good choices I kind of like El making decisions for Sam I have we do this more often what you mean true we got a long day ahead of us guys all right elves before we drive off you wanna listen to music or no music no music okay just let's just be in the silent that's cool yeah well daddy needs gas should we get gas or should we go straight to get food we should get food we may not make it there if we don't get gas so she so I think you should say yes - gasps no flow Keys girls we made it so I was just talking to us and I was talking about this these two people over here they look like a good couple like they match like you know how some couples just match like physically and I told her that this is not a couple these are people that just work together just trying to have a nice lunch and she said all right let's bet so we're gonna bet are else what do you think you think we should ask them if they're a couple or not huh you should all right we got to do whatever you say oh hey oh no this is not a couple hello excuse me my wife said you guys are a very good-looking couple you guys are a couple I told you working partners right you guys work together I told you she said it looks like you guys just matched perfectly man we made a bet I was right have a good day I told you so as we were ordering food captain said imagine if they ended up getting together from this video imagine they ended up being a couple just from this video much legit we're no longer youtubers we're the ace family matchmakers it's over here we have the chicken guy row with fries over here we just have a regular hot dog but it is mighty delicious over here we have a breakfast croissant mmm and Katherine was craving pancakes and you girls are called Dan food was mighty delicious so now where we headed to Elle you want to go to the mall jumping or to the park park the park we made it alright Elle so should we go straight to the park or should we eat our dessert first go to the parker he desert he deserve worse okay Ethan we're gonna show you what we got well so what a change in heart you don't want to eat your dessert first look this is the dessert right here who doesn't want to eat this oh my god you don't want to eat this first and then go play you want to eat this first or do you want to you and she's so hard she's smart she's gonna have both see don't I try to go down yeah you're smart baby I'm so I'm so proud of you so smart you gotta have the best of both worlds we're gonna go outside okay I got you I got you so do you want to eat on the tables or the swings table okay okay good call all righty we're now eating our dessert at the table at the park right now you did right because you're making all the decisions today you're doing a great job I got a question for you so should mommy breastfeed - laying here at the park or wait till we get home play at the park well we can't have mama pull her boobs out in the park all right well it looks like Mama's gonna be breastfeeding here damn girl real all right baby so you want to go play at the park you want to go home okay let's go play let's go come on all right mama we'll be back so are we going right here all right nice you're gonna get up there so we want to go on a slide can Dedic want to slide with you okay let's go oh that's a big slide look at this slide oh come on let's go okay you want me to go okay here we go here we go where we going now swings oh I say swings we do swings or should we do sand sand all right and it is one take your shoe off you trying to get dirty you want take your shoe off okay listen over here come over here let that I help you all right sit down sit down right there take your shoe off I don't think mommy's gonna be too happy about this because you're gonna be dirty and we gotta get in the car and go home so what heck wait you took your socks off - oh look at your toes are so pretty I love you tacos oh yeah what your hands - should a some of your hands those are really nice let me see those those are nice mama those are really nice okay you can go play in the sand now all right let's do it I'm coming with you I got you I got you oh go go the cold is it cold no feels good who's twice of those I don't think those are your toys if somebody else is telling those are yours really you brought those yeah will you make it for a family oh you're so sweet so where you want to go now al you want to go home or you want to go toy store or go play place jump at the play place okay damn we ever gonna go home Shh well wait before we leave that has to go peepee should I go peepee now or wait till I get home oh I got it I got a hoagie our ace family I think L changed her mind instead of going to the play place last like jump place she wants to go to the toy store so we are headed to the toy store right now toy store go ahead grab a little cart she knows look good a car it looks like you can get whatever you walk is you running today what was her favorite section the baby sexy a7ii l probably has like 20 babies at home so what do you want you see baby you like but you have a baby sister that's not good enough no you want this one okay okay hey she's running today so that one is cute you don't like though you like this one better you do okay hey she's running today and you want this little bag - what is this little bag for a my baby for you oh bottle it's so cute you want that baby what is that you want him it's upset L if you can have it or not L can mommy get that can mommy get that right there what can mommy get mommy and daddy get something from here only you only you yeah I feel okay maybe I am regretting today maybe I am regretting this so even I gotta let her do this again one a lifetime opportunity oh look at these you got some cars can daddy get one of these no what do you mean that I can't get this it's too big what do you mean this can fit in the car I can't get this okay what you're all done oh yes one thing I love about you you don't ask for much and you're happy with little you get okay I love you she always literally just gets me wrong I am she's happy but my daddy told you I know daddy told you to get the whole store if you want but that's all you want okay okay yeah wait where you going where's your money huh your purse where's your purse oh you left it how are we supposed to buy your stuff if you don't have your money but daddy you know okay I got it I got you today's your day okay baby maybe open your eyes he's let me see you happy you give you baby kisses Oh where's your baby's bottle well right there what's in there milk or a fruit punch milk RL is it okay for us to go home now or can mommy go to the mommy store first what remember look at this shirt it says let's talk about it everyone should they send what you got okay they already saw what you got okay okay all right Elsa can we go home now what are we going now yeah we got assembly at the house how about we jump at the house yeah okay cool all right ell we're home here's your jumping trampoline right here come on wait there for you you're gonna feed your baby first okay did my daughter just told me wait for me I gotta feed my baby this girl is growing up Oh how's the lair doing oh my goodness look at this little flower on her head what is this I love you we have had a long day especially because of Al and today today was a all day we're gonna go and pull out today's video right here wait we gotta a scale first Al's location close out today's video right now okay thank you yes whoo I thought she was gonna make it do something else so thank you all for tuning in as always before we close out today's video we do have to give our pulse notification vacation shout out to the sassy sisters I like that name the sassy sisters shout to you guys thank you so much beep are these family you already know we love the sassy sisters what you what you laugh before what is all that's go by you well that's for the baby okay oh that's pretty cool with it Oh what is this pacifie...
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