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    you guys are ready we're ready the players are ready we can't wait for this some of the players will be playing some of them will be watching Jeff this is going to be epic we've been looking forward to this event for months and it's finally here it's finally time that's right and now if you wonder in who are the f 2 billion jeers we have over 10 million YouTube subscribers racking up over 2 billion YouTube views on our soccer videos that's right now I'm not one to name-drop in fact I hate it I detest it I can't stand name-drop him however that being said they're messy Toronado name i'm bap a we filled with all the best players in the world but we've flown all the way from London to Orlando just for this event and we can't wait that's right that's enough about us over to the booth all right Thank You Billy Jays our what a beautiful evening we've had some bad weather throughout the week in Orlando not perfect tonight max to Holden ladies and gentlemen our good friends in the back our good friends in the back they'll be with us all day I'm max bread I'll stew the NBA has the slam dunk Major League Baseball has the homerun Derby we have the skills channel we have the skill challenge we have the best of the best from Champions League two World Cups two stars in Major League Soccer all gonna pit themselves with their skills tonight in all these different challenges the best of the best will be on display we have nine incredible phenomenal players that will be doing three skills competitions that will be going through the rest of the evenings gonna be a lot of fun so buckle down and enjoy it with us so nanny how are you feeling fans looking forward to enjoy this event do you think you got the home advantage I think so we are very positive with our crowd now nanny this is your first look at the layout what's your first impressions very well organized very well prepared so I hope all the players is feeling good of the legs is full recovery to to kick the balls let's see how we're gonna do I'm sure you guys are going to be fine okay if you want to go over nanny back to the booth thank you gentlemen our three teams and I can assure you once they start firing at the shooting range there's a lot of talent there max there is a lot of talent and you know the competitive juices are gonna get flowing here stupid Oh star skills challenge shooting challenge big part of the game 13 targets lots of points yeah look at all those numbers the number Ten's the biggest number on the board they are in the top corners you might have seen Carlos Vela this season in Major League Soccer 22 goals a lot of those have been in the top corner Vail has knocked in one of those down the fives all the rest of them if they only hit a target max no place one day zero points one team at a time 50 total shots max score 76 76 if anybody gets 76 out there I'm donating a thousand dollars to charity oh we've been waiting all day all month for this as the f2 we're touching on it Wayne Rooney to begin our event here at ESPN worldwide of sports a great host I hope you guys having a great time what's so quiet oh yes Rudy just the point one point just missing that number 10 oh nice and simple five points good this is the important part you don't go first you get to see that the others do oh the post the referee says no didn't touch the five that's a zero by the peace Jenny found another post Jonah no points for crossbar Oh posts Oh points does he go back to the left solid five points referee he's giving it five evident it didn't break it but yup and counted referee tell him you can't hit that plate again you can you'll just get a point though Oh anything that was the plate it's only one you can't explain I mean Rudy's over five shots left MLS 27 points on 10 balls at it's pretty good right comes Taylor again another one over I let it go slick one bitch as all the shot oh oh you went right between them gets a point Bella off the crossbar Jonah oh he went for the deal that is it 28 points is a total it's a good start all right so where's uh the consistency was unbelievable there how did you find that compared to shooting with a goalkeeper angle now you obviously smashed it that was incredible consistency but I can't let it go I have to mention this to of your penalties well in fact all three that didn't score points one went toppings one went side netting and the other one come off the woodwork almost broken in massive respect I'm believable do you know what for technique you could just come and chip the ball onto the target you were going for go you you meant you wanted to break them the entire I came with intent yeah no I think I tried to take them like I take a penalty in the game so if they had penalties in the game Lando here I think nanny's going to start this one big the trademark run up yeah Oh outside of the post fires at necesitan only between that's 1.4 season floor Orlando city for yex on Sebastian Mendes hurt them Oh like such a score it's a one-point Organa this time inside oh that's nothing 0 for 8 points 5 feel you got 5 around the board they needed that he's shaping up here we go for the 2 by 2 pointer to first time we've had it to miss they're both pretty stable today both 10 points 8 shots las partes bar can't take the rebound last time with the 5 again with the 5 Chris Mueller is putting Orlando city on his back approaching Oh top corner off the woodwork alerts showing off some Spanish skills Oh was it tied it all right single 28 does look a lot better 26 he's been searching for that one and he connects on his last shot alright remember you can't anything twice do have two other tens but a 5 pointer will put you in front you have a call for 10 a late flurry of points eagle eyes from our officials here today and her 5 I think he's got hey the crowd you know what I loved about that stew each player in a ten each player came up and delivered it's just when you thought max that they were gonna come up with a low score what a great place to be we know it's hot we know it's breezy 46 the total to beat and they are often running Atletico have begun cook a the captain leading the way shouts of vamos Hector here he comes Oh first one over that was that that's where carlos vela hit is Jaffa leaks Oh just missing the 10 on his first 130 million dollar transfer just missing the five one point one point they've had a lot of time to size up the competition they didn't seem that late run by Orlando city exhale good sitting over there they're so nice nice calm five pointer in lower corner Joseph Martinez put his hand up that's a single there for cooking and I'm with the five last time steps up again oh he's gone to the top corner that time a little bit of a divot yes yes yes yes oh man he is shooting sometimes he's feeling it right now it's Kokee again oh no he cut that plate like salt bay more tins there for Herrera someone have a chitchat with after got the 10 a star is born here at Wide World of Sports 40 points for Atleti okay oh we went for the middle ten one point I heard Cinco you got the Cinco there it is we are tied at the top with one shot - gunshot - go gonna see you all we missed it's just the 1.47 okay yeah everybody came here to see some serious teca's with these legends did you think it's gonna pan out like this you'll take the lead on the first challenge okay good luck with the next touching volley alright so this is our there it's gonna be players crossing it in to their third teammate who has a lot of options to put it in the goal chicks six shots per player correct and we have homegrown goalies inside the goal that we'll be looking to make a safe so here we go three rounds last place goes first so MLS all-stars are up one player per team shoots in each route six shops 24 a bicycle or scissor kick ten for a full volley five for a touch in Bali three for a half-volley and twenty-four style points and we have judges that will determine who has the style and flair and for more of that let's go to F do three of those and it's a Miss that's got better lifts Bali Tony went for the full on the full slice to cross it elite this outswinger hey Rudy over the top of it target volley are you impressed Alexei alright so they go up to they get 10 points here they have 38 total that's just what they needed they need more another volley again oh just wide a little bit out of the sweet spot three shots left he's again that's on its way to Kissimmee I've been waiting to use that joke all night two shots left Santos go remember he can hit that hit that ground half all you can play it off your chest what's a nice looking ball from Bella Oh save come on keeper come on keep it but at least he could say eyesight stopped of Bali he's got a little smile on his face there six shots for Nani the first one left foot again alright he's gonna get it from Euler here on the other side pick their strategy now watching this yeah touch touch volley boom let eco knows what they have to do to stay in front based on what they see here from the other teams full volley oh it looks good is the last one for Nani don't forget style points count Oh touch waits for it once the three yeah smart play six six points ok nanny well play bro how did you find that I think we sit there for so long the legs get cold so you get to warm up for the first fee doesn't come for us so after that yeah was more easy and then I have to play on the secure that's why I let the boss one time and then we get the six points so confident with the touch and a finishing well done mate it will be cocky receiving Java leaks delivering well we went straight off the first w...
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