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    mark my words the best candy bar on our payday have you ever had a Butterfinger today's video girl is sponsored by honey since everyone always calls me bougie I thought it would be perfect to live on zero dollars for the day to try to save money which is amazing because honey is our sponsor for the day and they save you money for free I needs a tool that you download to your computer's browser and when you were shopping online it automatically scours the internet for the best coupons and immediately applies them at checkout it works on over 20,000 sites such as Amazon Sephora Target forever21 and even Best Buy honey you saved all of you guys that watch my videos over sixty two dollars on average which is insane and I'm constantly getting tweets and comments about how it actually works and that you guys love it and I know free money sounds too good to be true but honey actually earns a commission from the merchants when they make a sell and they give some of that commission to their members there's literally no reason not to install honey you can have it at two clicks of a button by going to join honey calm / rile into you save money and it's free once again you could go to join honey calm / Island to start saving today hey guys good morning okay so I'm running around the house frantically because I just posted a video but I'm running out the door right now because little does Morgan know I'm coming to shock her with some news that we're filming well I think to be a pretty crazy video today now a lot of you guys always comment that I'm the most bougie this is what I love oh my god really yeah screams I mean Kay that's me are you kidding I've sent to calm down a little bit but I thought it would be fun she says dogs I'm trying to film no I thought it would be very fun to attempt to live on zero dollars for the day zero dollars for the day and this is like out and about in the world trying to eat live have fun everything for zero dollars and we all know that living for cheap is not my strong suit so today will be quite interesting but right now I got to run out the door because I'm already late we're heading to sister Morgan alright so I'm sitting in traffic on my way to Morgan's house and I was looking through my bag and she doesn't know that I have a key to her apartment because a lot of things were changing and I literally just looked in my bag I have the keys to her apartment so I'm debating scaring her although I don't know how invasive that is I think I'm gonna try it why not live a little I've never done a prank on this channel first prank with Ryland alright Caesar I do also want to point out that Morgan knows I'm coming so this isn't like a full-on surprise attack also look at Shane's Jeep that's literally just been sitting here on the street by Morgan's apartment since we moved collecting parking tickets okay I don't wanna get mad I've never pranked her I also had to find the ring oh my gosh did I actually scare you wait I have my location sharing with you I'm like kind of shaking because I've never scared anyone before and I was scared that it was gonna be like it's too invasive or that you're gonna be like getting out of the shower and it was gonna be like a fence oh my gosh I'm like shaking because I've never scared anyone and then you screamed and I got scared okay I've never taken on a prank before so I thought why not add a little element we're gonna spend the day living on $0 no card swipes today sis I mean we shouldn't bring our cards oh I think we should leave them in the car so like and gas is justified because things that we already like spent money on we can use if you need a snack well then we have to call a friend or something cuz we can't pay for anything so what you're saying is we should have stocked up yesterday yeah do you have any food for snacks just in case we can't find anything Oh fridge tour alright well we have a busy day ahead of us so let's go have fun for free oh no I don't we should chuck some water oh my gosh you need to do your dishes okay tell me your dishwasher is broken how high up your dish that would be here you rug are water rushed out of the moldy termite sink they will touch their little nests right behind here so wait how do you get in here isn't the building locked I realize that that's why I wanted to shock you I also left your door open cuz I didn't want you to hear me on the door okay so I've been coming up with creative ideas for us to live bougie on $0 for the day like we how many hours is this challenge can we go camping well it's the day the gag is were out and about trying to like have a fantastic day on $0 so I was thinking for breakfast we can try going to Krispy Kreme and either get samples or I'm not a buff straight up being able yeah I think that's a thing like I was googling a bunch of ways to have fun on $0 and then what we just walk out and say sorry we didn't like any of them they all tasted really bad and we like are kind of on a diet here's the thing I think I'm just gonna cop up and be honest and be like hey I'm really trying to live on zero dollars for the day can you help the sister out or somebody's walking out of Krispy Kreme with a dozen of donuts I'm like hey do you really need twelve could you like spare if you could just walk you know what like I'm trying to live breathe for the day you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take you know where I want to go I saw on Logan Paul's blog that he picked up some guy from the side of the street gave him ten thousand dollars so maybe we should hang out that side or mr. beast buy any of these you yes you just got to be strategic I'm gonna start streaming on Twitch so mr. beast will send me a heck a so other things I was thinking like we already have Costco membership so if they're sampling it up oh yeah they're like no that's a good start there's vending machine hacks where you can like try to get free things from the vending machine which might be stealing and then Shane was obviously he's into makeup so he was saying that Ulta has to throw away their returns they can't resell them so to get ready for the day we'd go dumpster diving at Ulta and you used to live on like zero dollars a week um no I lived on $7 a week like actually seven dollars a week mm-hmm they're really like facing up I mean it was an actually a pretty good lifestyle I got really skinny that time of life when I moved to Hollywood I got real broke because I had saved all this money to move here and then once I moved here I guess I had my student loan for college under the same Bank that I was banking with so one day without telling me they wiped out my bank account we're like we're just recouping our student loans and you're not in college anymore so I woke up with literally $0 but my mom was like I don't have like money to just give you to pay your rent and live life so she was like you're gonna just have to come home and I like wrote out a sign like need money because I couldn't get a job immediately and even when you get a job it takes a minute to get paid so like I did set my car for a long time but I never actually got enough balls to do it see that's the thing because people are gonna say oh you're probably lazy but I was like I had a job but they're like payments is there's a little behind so I didn't get paid for like eight months because in Hawaii no one really cares I wasn't lazy and you were obviously trying to hustle whatever way you could yeah I mean I say I was I thought I was smart I saved all this money okay so first stop is breakfast Krispy Kreme is because I want to see if we can try to get any sample doobies Dazs so we're gonna try to get breakfast for free and then we're gonna go dumpster diving at Ulta to get ready with us I haven't had Krispy Kreme in so long and I've decided last time that the actual like just glazed is what I like which is not normal it's like too much actually I'm not going to test it until it's in my mouth I'll probably accepted oh wait here's he is this week suppose wait really we're a baby concierge dollars from the day Mia we're going to be doing I don't think my car has ever been you guys look at this I have my shoes a coke that's not open but leaking and five million pieces of mail from the old house I don't understand how they can do that because this is the size of a real doughnut no this is an actual doughnut yeah so you could either pay two dollars for this or walking back you gonna have a sample and all just give it to you so how does that make sense I don't know if it's actually two dollars but this is everything are you kidding me three delicious breakfast it's so good there's no better doughnut this is what love tastes like cause we're gonna have to figure out how to get coffee too because I get cranky without caffeine I need my second cup around 1:00 so if I can't find coffee for free we're all screwed I think that's like a Costco thing that usually they have ring samples or like energy drinks or whatever detox they're trying to sell this is literally I would gain weight for this I was trying to eat healthy me too but when you're living for free beggars can't be choosers I really this is not cute like watch something well okay Mook bones are like one of the largest things on the internet oh god I'm gonna get thirsty so much sugar did you bring water I have a water bottle we can all share and there's water here from the gym three days ago I would have done it after breakfast I think we're gonna head over to this Volta and do a little dumps...
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