Last To Fall Wins CUTE GIRL!

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    Last To Fall Wins CUTE GIRL!


    all right guys come here come here come here let me explain this what's going on all right so basically what's gonna go down is you guys are all gonna like stand on this box all of you guys are getting it for what for I don't know you know what what are you usually guys like girls breath problem I self you know hello some boys so whoever stands last is the one that's gonna be able to you know take this boot thing out here I'm trying to win she's kind of cute i'ma win this watch it's me I have a point what's your plan can't tell you because then it's like it's a super point hey we'll both make a plan now no cheating no that's we get in the blocks yeah come on guys I can participate I have a girlfriend yeah how do you have my place yep what are you here for take your clothes and your money that's why win on the box now yeah let's do come on that's 100 gotta make more get up there get up there come on quick but you touching your foot yo true buddy be disqualified now do you have a girlfriend so easier now that's cool who do you think is gonna win I think mines gonna win more kisses need to go we'll see everyone like it up 100,000 lights make sure I subscribe almost at 14 million really it's crazy boys who do for guys yeah told you I told you no thought of money some was been enough oh oh you can't pose no hugging them dream movement one black you will block yeah we're be lock whoa yeah move a block what you better do no we should make it like that hey yeah I got mine I got my own space all right oh come on yeah I'm gonna jump over there talking them all push it you can't go no look I already have it plain I'm disarming make sure you know what you're good I'm good what happened here yo he pushed me off it's all part of the plane how's your turn cuz we don't want only one one yeah one block so Kaylee what do you think is the cutest I don't want it laughs remind for sure no no chill okay so we have to move to that one right protocol Bros we don't fight over girls oh yeah we're gonna make it more challenging yeah we're gonna make him hop on this one okay now do Wolfskin we do not no no don't Roose nah Otis go first clap clap clap everybody thank you hi who's next he's with the supreme I think you I think they're long don't try to move it what no where does this weird guy whoa good job that's one bro let the lady leave told y'all so the next step is you all have to jump to that little box what that's the challenge jump or figure it out no too soon can you move it closer little box that good enough holy place lost I'm calling you out the pressures on No Go Go Vermont know what I'm helping you got it you got it yeah you got it we're gonna have to catch on that's the only way the only way yes this is impossible but I'm gonna get out brother good luck right MA ready set go yo yo what crazy touching the ground Nana it's not all right what's next a smaller box hold on what what no we're not getting smaller No are you serious that looks like only two people could make it oh and that's one well I think we got wait why am i helping you all right I have stops choke stop laughing become the next one so guys um you guys need to jump in this tube now all of that oh well figure it out yeah whoa Jojo yo should I hold it for them nah oh yeah you think oh yeah mmm who wants to go you're wrong I go yeah you got it I mean fail no he's out finally okay to left to my hand Wow oh hey you feeling good I'm winning this you think you're gonna win for sure since you guys are the last two people you guys have to race across in the winner is the bar yeah if you fall off you have to restart until you make it okay yeah yeah I think you had a question please come on come on please once an arm wrestle is allowed back in let's do it they've made it this far like why isn't it fair it's only one it's not bull right fine go ahead I'm gonna win regardless it looks like my mom really likes Kaylee I don't talk about it I never like eighty two one go yeah what yeah yeah I think my hand slipped he's back in yeah my boy out here doing the moves bro no I mean yeah what the heck no right sorry Ian let me down we have another person to worry about so now what do we have to do strong he looks this yo nah would we choose you what's up what's up you look good show guys come on guys lucky I can't stop off go i'ma hold it Yeow oh boy you got it for nothing told you is gonna get out the cheetah me brother yo who do you think is gonna win I'm not sure he's gonna win but no way is the one that loses yo this is almost impossible how do you step on this what how am I supposed to do that look at that won the challenge yeah someone's about a win right now I know easy one you got it come on yeah what there's no space for me yo yo yo there's no way look well how do I get that weight once you've done jump to this one ready there's no way he's making that Oh oh no what uh-huh did the kids crazy I don't care all right kisses game yeah it was the craziest game crazy but fun don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe I post every Tuesday does and Sunday hey love you guys peace
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