Nicki Minaj Threatens Akademiks in DMs, URL Battles Turning into Brawls | Everyday Struggle

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    On Tuesday's (Sept. 10) episode of #EverydayStruggle Nicki Minaj sends DJ Akademiks threatening DMs following his criticisms of her music, mentioning his family and his relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine. Soon after, the crew weighs in on 50 Cent’s comments regarding Drake’s longevity in the game, and how the ‘culture is broken’ due to so many hybrid artists.
    Later in the show, the EDS squad reacts to a brawl that ensued at URL’s Summer Impact Reloaded event this past weekend, and answer a fan question regarding rap battles getting physical. To close out the show, the crew shares their thoughts on a recent tweet from Reason of TDE in their ‘Big Facts or B.S.?’ segment.

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    what's going on guys welcome back to everyday stuck on the desk of academics and wano here on a glorious I think it's Tuesday morning right Tuesday Tuesday morning kind of gloomy Oh rain in it I was trying to just be positive and a because eka things got really dark with this one last night early on but look at it this was it whoa yeah I tuned in to axe twitch livestream that for the first year is like I don't want them right on wait listen to this I'm just saying like it's like I mean by the way you know if anything have you know well that's kind of mean but like dyrus is dead but X had said it and a couple other people like that's kind of like a oh it's like a funny kind of mean type of thing anything happened the person that don't like me right now oh wait I mean listen that's unless it's serious you tell us what's going on I drank almost a whole bottle of wine watching your stream last night Oh Nikki's having a breakdown she's at the point where the shoe that nearly connected with her dome that was thrown by cardi got her out of whack she's not threatening blockers so Nikki I thought he was trying to convey to have a conversation or at least bring me the Queen radio to defend I thought she was the body on the brink of calling me like cocksucker a week so I'm like I'm bracing for whatever she liked you in New York this week I'm like of course I'm in New York I shoot the show every week four days a week here but then it was severely left all of a sudden she's like you ho ass nigga drop the ADI I'm pulling up talk to my husband blah blah blah I'm gonna break your jaw yeah you were freezing what did she really say I got a message hang on buddy Marley when she sent these messages all I could say is thank you Jesus I needed some content to carry me to like September no well that was September carry me to December and I'm friends really with none of these rappers I'm really just type of content I'm always team me I don't care about the barbs or the car defense no disrespect either or I'm teammate so once he said this I said but no no no it's really a long that she was like basically this is house yeah what set you off last night you went crazy no yeah listen this is how he came at me because she said randomly you've been mad since I made a joke about you with Joe on my show the people you've read one stop your jaw from being broken I'm like ain't that like that's not like warm and welcoming do you know the intention she said are you in New York and I'm thinking a new media a new content maybe she won't do some meteor cock when she sent you the first message what had just happened had you talked about her on this show had you said something on Twitter what prompted oh you think nothing I haven't even streamed in a while so anything came from the show okay she was watching this show and maybe actually if you want to really be frank I've been telling some truths about Nicki Minaj's career at this point Nicki Minaj solo songs are flopping they're not good I've said that she doesn't make at this point good songs she is still a phenomenal rapper she still I believe one of the best female rappers doesn't mean she's making the best songs they're tired they're lame she's been making the same formulaic type songs since like since pretty much own eye we're just tired of it now you know also every time you hear her bragging about these accolades that she seems to really care about is somebody else's song that's a fact that's a facade that's disguising what's really going on with her career that's a facade that she's just supposed to be my reward that was basically claiming a song that was written and really it's another thing a song that you put on your album when you were realized in your album wasn't gonna do do those numbers that you thought it should you took the niggas song that you were featuring you put it on your album and then you complain that Travis got beat you so again pointing out those truth so it's coming from your criticisms okay you guys haven't heard any other conversations before this okay I'm not in the mix like that okay anyway so that's actually opened it something my okay cool I don't even know how to respond no I thought it was a joke immediately I was like oh my god this is gotta be a joke so I said it's noted um then she's like yo what's that he were yet so even at this one I'm like what is he talking about did like I get my whole perception of Nikki and I'm so happy that these that I kind of got to realize who she is because the Nikki I see who is nice and charming that's a fraud Nikki right now things she's like some she's like the next coming off like I don't know she's like some tough wild gangster chick and that's how she approached me and I'm the Imps but I mean I just want to read one of them because it goes on basically saying oh um at first she was saying I only criticize woman that yeah she know I criticize anybody it's not it's not only women like anybody right like I've criticized I told her I say I criticize your ex-boyfriend Meek Mill a lot of times you get me it's not there's my critique doesn't own isn't gender bias and eventually again that's something she's going through a breakdown any anything that I said in response when she was basically saying that I am mad she was just like drop the ADI I'm gonna break you yeah I'm gonna break your jaw I know all about your family I'm like what is she talking about this last one though because this is all pure jokes Nikki's going through a meltdown we gotta help Nikki this shit is jokes and I woke up this morning cuz I was slumped off there any last thing and I thought Nikki was done messaging me this is I think either I'm under her skin or something of the sort because you know what you've done arguing with somebody but they not done argue with you like she might turn off your shoe meudon you passed out and that's out I wake up there's more messages from Nikki still in my PM's gonna try paragraphs out to see its paragraphs this one is funny though this is funny hey by the way I don't even gotta say it's not true fuck yeah think it's true this is the sounds funny listen okay last time I was at the studio is six-nine he told me that he could really tell that you were hoping that he was gay in real life and that you really tried to touch him in that pool the reason you mad is due to me and him being close before he went to jail I mean to hang out boyfriend holding your head I meant to only do dope songs make sure you post that part too I like this name - Alvin but I did I did always question that in the leg nose going back to watch your ass he got me Nicki expose me yo but honestly I was remiss and I've never seen an artist who considers himself a queen an artist which is undeniably a legend we just bothered you know like this this is size of a meltdown this is signs of a downward spiral I don't know what she's going on with but maybe her game of intimidating bloggers and media members it's worked I've seen her like we've seen like remember she got at some journalist who got who criticized her and eventually that journalist got fired she got the right one like me I like to keep it all the way public this is how I came up baby like this is great so she really just gave me content I'm gonna pray for Nicki Minaj while I'm gonna void her in her husband apparently she says they're all my heels you'll feel me so if anything happens Nicki did it is there any end to this where you guys ever talked us out are we it's just that like I think yesterday she reached out like four or five people to talk afterwards but like you don't threaten them a nigga that you're gonna break they John you know this that and they're about their family then you want to talk usually the threats after you threatened someone and I don't know how y'all perceive shit there's usually no more talking until yeah I see each other or until you I really have somebody who's really mutual put that together they I could actually have that conversation but if you just wanted to call me to send more threats like Nicki no one's scared of you we get it you got like some gangster aa boyfriend no disrespect to him but you're not gonna like get me scared that I'm gonna stop criticizing you still do my commentary whether on this show on any platform that I own about you of course even though this may this incident may just think outside the box make me a little bit buys I'm gonna still try to be as unbiased as possible but you hang me over here like dick sucking you cuz you anything against the wall with it's not gonna happen it's purely well what you talked about is we're purely huh music right it's strictly her music right yeah well I mean I think you know what it is it's just I don't think that anybody's like publicly like I want to say just going at her but have given her the type of critiques that you've been giving her and you probably she is bothered by that it's like it's is it in your delivery dough is how are you saying she got to watch that twitches I didn't see last night I don't see why she's reacting to a twitch okay I think it's years of buildup for example let's meet Clara's on this very show even though we're a different building and at a different course at a time Joe that we unraveled the whole motorsport thing something that she still talks about to this very day I leaked the record you get me I definitely publicized a lot of behind the scenes stuff th...
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