JEFFREE STAR being LOVED by NATE for 5 minutes gay | Jeffree Star and his boyfriend cute moments

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    JEFFREE STAR being LOVED by NATE for 5 minutes gay | Jeffree Star and his boyfriend cute moments So enjoy... and don't forget to like share and subscribe.




    what's up everybody welcome back to my channel hi how are ya yeah so soft hey baby I'm babe wait this is like a first impressions because I've actually never used this some Nate's putting it on me first all right cool so I guess we're gonna go see if I can get pregnant oh all right guys we'll be right back do you still love me yeah baby I've had blond hair for over a year now how do you think like what do you think you met me with pink hair yeah I did what do you like more um I mean both but different yeah I mean I like both baby I like you for yourself down there pink so let me shave my head do you shave your head I won't go pink yeah yes I am wearing Nathan on my mouth today it feels good good beautiful standing out huh looks like Wow beat me alright you guys this is a fucking funny Asia I think I've ever done in my channel look at candy floss you guys like my baby's been using that one it's a really pretty highlight color oh is it yeah I have spit all over me alright so this is what happened after 10 minutes of in the shower so we're thinking about getting a little boy we have a name in mind over and out gonna tell you yet and fries and a few bites and eat and I love this all right well I'm gonna go mess up this makeup you ready yeah I'm ready I mean it's probably a little dark but it wasn't going so like we'll see you back we go hopefully within Bob yeah baby baby I got a surprise for you baby what huh happy late birthday babe you say surprise thank you babe dan don't this read like you yeah all powder-coated for you baby you like it baby yeah stick your city let's finish this makeup and let's go on a date just love back well I'm just glad that you're in my life and I'm I'm in such a good place mentally look at the cute little lawnmower it's very thirsty very on brand right now love God but um we'll just keep it right here I do it with my neck cool fresh hey dude hey baby yeah got us up the face yes there's about 30 setting sprays behind you whoa I know let's go baby BAM all right kill it whoa give him a shake good you guys ready mm-hmm I'm ready are you guys ready blast off yes I mean a family that sets together stays together we're gonna go fishing we're gonna explore and just enjoy the enjoy the fresh air yeah and enjoy fucking in the wood let's take nachos this big macho box god it's 90 degrees out we want some sauce oh yeah this I'm actually gonna wear these later so have you tried it mm-hmm okay I mean I'm not a huge steak alone like I'll eat steak with stuff like cool and hot yeah thanks for coming on again baby it's my pleasure
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