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    New MEGA JACKPOT for Iskalls mini game RUN, iskall has also made a lot of diamonds and decides to add a troll reward in the mini game. In addition he meets up with Bdoubleo100 and tries to sell him a Sahara NOW Membership!

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    hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another episode of hermitcraft season 6 today we're starting things off back on the island which it's been a it's been a little while since we've been here it's good to be home we're not gonna be home for long though because in between episodes I have been mining and I think I was on a two-hour Mining session and I only got 21 diamond hers I mean mining the traditional way is quite it's not it's not always the greatest when I do my end raids I get a lot more diamonds than that if he is like anyway the reason I've done this is because I want to start today off by restocking run you know our minigame in the minigame district where you can get very frustrated or you can get super lucky a lot of Hermits has been playing it and I'm so excited to go and check out the further prices that have been picked up but we definitely need to add some more prices and for that I need valuables that's not the best is it 42 that's less than two diamonds per or right let's see how many diamonds I have all in total where's my Richard II box where are my diamonds I can't believe this I may have oh no did I forget it at hermit Ville maybe that's literally the worst box to forget that makes me genuinely worried but I guess what we can do is we can start with the other boxes that doesn't include diamonds and so what I've done is that I've prepared all the shell key boxes that I have in possession and it's not a lot I definitely need to go and busting very very soon but I'm gonna do a few things different this time just to shake things up the very first thing I want to do is that I want to have two or maybe three four let's do four I want to have four four boxes that are really bad previously every single box has been kind of good common hasn't been great but you've still got some good stuff I want to create a really terrible one this time as a kind of counter to the mega jackpot and I think that the best color for it is brown kiss it's it's not the best is it I'm gonna name it super boot me one of these we're gonna put this reward in to red stained glass and a black tie that kind of looks like a sad face well let's change this up instead of red glass let's do these did you play this Gabe you run back and forth that you finally get your key and you can you get this one hump is some rails and a white guard yes I feel like an artist this is a boat with a fish and the ocean seriously though these tours are terrible and this is super poop boxes they look really good but obviously they are they are super poop they are terrible they're terrible and we're gonna have some good boxes as well I'm thinking of adding two more epic boxes and maybe to mega jackpot boxes and then some comments and some rares I thoroughly enjoy creating these boxes I don't know what it is but it is an exciting thing this time I was a little bit smarter with my common boxes by using a lot of things that I can trade with villagers and these aren't terrible like - fortune 3 books etcetera but they're not great either their common boxes for the rare I decided to up it a little bit block wise this time so like this box is super super good now again I'm not going to show you all of these because I want them to be a little bit of a surprise but I decided to do two epic ones and then they make a jackpot the mega jackpot I'll show you however this is what we're gonna do and then we're gonna put some diamond blocks in the center but back to that original issue I need to find my Richard II books in fact I am very very nervous about the fact that I don't know where it is so time to pack all of this down and head over to her material and hopefully that's the only other place I've been today because that's where I was mining so I really really hope that it's there I don't know what to do otherwise I seriously don't know what to do please please please please please be here okay my Ridgely box is yellow so that's sad no you gotta be kidding me could it be so bad that I have broken my box and it's de-spawn like I've broken a lot of schalke boxes because I did pick up a lot of stock a box from there so done that and then it has these four they can't be it carries it yeah please so I'm adding all the rewards into the system that are ready and these three are not ready quite yet but I have to find my books I have to find my box it cannot be actually I'm gonna bring these with me it cannot be that it's these warm the last episode I built the die right house somebody's flying around that's great small world Hey oh okay so last episode I built the die right house I wonder if the curse of this stupid house if this may be where I put my books and forgot about it no it's not here either Oh unless it's been kidnapped I mean there are a lot of yellow boxes there and there's agree in here I am now super stressing about this this is the last place where it could possibly be and this is where I was mining in between episodes okay pretty please yes oh thank goodness thank goodness and this is where all the other boxes that I have oh what a relief I mean I should be ashamed of myself for saving the die right and that's that's why this happened obviously who so now that I have my original box again thank goodness for that I can finally count my total rich at ease and it comes to this amount 64 blocks plus 11 plus 7 I'm still I'm still very very rich but that is about to change because I'm gonna do this so again this game is not about me making profits necessarily what about that for the mega jackpot I mean they get for nether stars yeah I think I think that's a very very good payout let's also see if I've done some more diamonds as last episode I have 34 more diamonds this thing is a private machine well not really a diamond making machine is it because I probably leaves out more than I gain but it's fun for everybody so that is gonna be our mega jackpot should i I hear that a little bit more yeah I would be super happy if I played this game like 20 30 times and then I got this I also want to spice this epic box with one diamond block just to just a hint that there are diamonds in the game you know this is also a little bit about looks so I'm actually gonna do that that looks a lot more than that what would have weird difference that us it looks a lot more here's also an interesting thing we've had 51 openings in this game 51 keys have been used in this thing ah that sounds a lot I didn't put 5151 boxes in to be I guess that may include the tests that I've done as well and that is the final epic books completed with a bunch of quartz books as well that that's a really that's a really really good box I'm gonna put that in here and that is all of the boxes put in so we got one epic we got a mega jackpot epic epic yeah there is a lot of good stuff in this thing and by the way these things are not in order this is actually a shuffler so whenever a box is queued a random one is selected among these so just because these are here doesn't mean that these are the next two boxes to be shot out I just want to clarify that so far this episode has been all about the boxes all about the loot boxes and I'm gonna I'm gonna shock you guys we're gonna do one more box I got this red shell key box here filled with what you may think is very random stuff theraphy it is very random stuff and I'm gonna name this box be double box be double box that's that's brilliant if you haven't guessed it yet this box is not for my minigame this is a collection of items that I am going to give to the new hermit P double O hence the the B double box which is brilliant absolutely brilliant and I'm hoping by giving him this I would charm him enough to buy another Sahara now membership but it doesn't stop there because P double O is such a good builder I came up with the idea that what if I at the same time as I give this to him as a gift I also challenge him in building something only using the things available in this box so the idea would be he uses anything in this box to build a beautiful build dear Peter below welcome to her me craft this B double box TM contains blocks and items that I think you may like but above just being a goodie box it is also a challenge I would like to see you build using only the contents of the books which you are of course allowed to craft sub thing is with that is a sub thingy something if you manage to build something be double-o extraordinaire I will reward you with 50 diamonds I'll be honest the definition of be double-o extraordinaire is very vague but basically I want him to build something nice something beautiful let's sign this book be challenged so I broke my b-double books TM and I've made my way all the way over to the village and this is or today I think this is yes okay this is actually super far away from me and b-dubs is online so hopefully a response hey be Tubbs I come with a gift are you around I gotta remember to put the charm on as well who in my village yes hello oh hello there hi how are you doing sir good is you said you have wait wait you said I come with a gift yes I like gifts I've been getting gifts I like you so I brought a box in your favorite color to my knowledge okay okay it's a it's a be double box and it has it has some stuff in it that I usually think if I know my Pete of law correctly that you need or want or life yes saplings yes I love them yes that's what you got you like Japanese and rods Lantern this is huge so I thought as I'm here and I've given you the gift I was gonna ask you if you've heard about the wonderful Sahara now Sahara now i I&...
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