I Bought The First 3 Car Accessories Instagram Recommended To Me!

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    Ever wondered if the Ads you see on instagram are scams? Well Ill find out for you 😂 I ordered the first 3 ads that came up on my instagram feed, and tested them out! honestly surprised with the results, what do you think?

    The only one I found useful: https://tunershit.com


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    welcome back to the channel guys I hope you guys are having a great day today I'm sitting here I'm scrolling through Instagram I'm buying car parts I'm doing all the regular stuff and I'm sitting here today just tearing through Instagram just looking at things and you know when you're flying through Instagram and you're just going and you're like what the hell is this and then oh it's sponsored it's just an ad and you just keep going and then you get another one and you get another one but it gave me a good idea for a video what we're gonna do today is I'm gonna scroll through my Instagram I can't show you me scrolling through everything privacy reasons but my game plan is the first three ads I see I buy and it's a simple game you just have to fall within a couple rules rule one it has to be price within reason I'm not gonna go on here and spend thousands of dollars rule two but I start on my thumb rule - it has to be Carly essentially it has to be something I can buy and use it's not a service it has to be like a car accessory or a car part or something number three it just has to be the first three that's it super simple literally just scrolling past all the ones that are random and don't matter and get into the top three car ones I never gonna wait for them to show up we're gonna have some fun so let me get my phone then let's see where this game brings us okay I'm gonna pop up an Instagram and literally the second thing was already in that four master quality title it's not car stuff oh God oh no we found one remember I'm buying the top three that come up first not necessarily the ones I would choose so the first one that came up here is this who do sponsored wheel light wheel lights free shipping you can put them on your bike your motorcycle your Corvette your BMW and it's only eight bucks that's actually not a bad deal oh that's one piece mmm that's where they get you so it's gonna be thirty dollars for for the color options are blue red green yellow and colorful okay I'm assuming these ones are the colorful one we're gonna get one set of four in colorful says they're waterproof easy to install they came up first so we're gonna get them it says click Add to Cart to get yours before the sale ends tonight which I feel like is part of how most sponsored things on instagram go they're kind of just like that not a scam but like to scare you into thinking that you're not gonna get if you don't buy it right now so I added a set of four colorful ones to my cart okay so I'm learning how Instagram ads are working essentially you have to wait for your pup your feed to update and then every time there's a couple new posts they'll shove an ad in between so I went down to like yesterday and they're the only things that are coming up are like very repetitively similar like products I'm gonna check Instagram for an hour I'll come back and then whatever is the newest non like product one will grab that one okay I just took a quick break in the garage here and I open up my Instagram and literally the second ad is this have like and you go this up you guys it's tres on out and I used to stress out to one of you guys sent me an opt to scanner and I purchased an obd2 scanner on like the exact same day I guess that's what this would be like an obd2 plug it says it plugs into your phone you can whatever delete your fault codes and do all that stuff and when I click it it's only 17 bucks so it says it has Wi-Fi which you can use with an iPhone and Android phone diagnose and clear engine lights that's a main thing you want to be able to clear your engine codes if you can't add really no point it can be used on multiple vehicles more than one so it doesn't like have to be married to a car which obviously would expect it has ten five star reviews and one four star reviews based on 11 reviews it's a four point nine so seeing that this thing's only 17 bucks I think I'm gonna go ahead and add this one to my card as well because it's super affordable and if it actually works it could be something you guys are interested in so we're gonna go ahead and check out on this okay I'm gonna hop on Instagram one more time see what I see this time what the hell is this solar-powered window ventilator why are these the odds of getting why do I not I guess now that I'm thinking but I don't think I've ever really seen an ad for like a car part like coilovers or something so it doesn't waste any of your car's battery or anything and it's just essentially they're showing this girl getting into a hot-ass car that there's an egg cooking on the hood of that was an egg cooking on the hood and it's saying it's gonna keep your car like 20 degrees colder I don't know about that I think it might might move some air but I don't know if it's gonna keep it 20 degrees colder we're just gonna have to put that one on our cards and now essentially I'm just hoping everything shows up my biggest concern is that a lot of these things might be like scams or like one time you know they run an advertisement you buy it they take your money you never see your money you can you never hear from them you never get anything what I've done too is I've emailed all three companies right after the purchase just asking like a random question about it to see if they're even like real and I'll let you guys know how that goes when the products arrive but I thought it would kind of be cool to see like if you should even trust these Instagram ad companies at all because I don't have to tell you the truth I do not and just like that about to three weeks later we got all our products finally showed up the obd2 scanner from tuner shit it showed up within like a week or so those wheel lights fit up in about a week or so and then the fan actually took like two two and a half weeks all right so we're gonna start off with the biggest package all I know is that this one came with a slip that said I owed an extra $25 alright so inside this is another package with the label cut off of it and it cut into this layer and this layer inside we have a nice semi crunched up box why was this such a big pocket inside the semi crunched up box we have this tiny ass little thing but this is the obd2 scanner you guys remember like last winter when I had the Subaru and I had a bunch of engine lights is something kept coming on I don't buy this guy this guy is like the exact same size right I want to purchase this at a store for like over a hundred dollars and yes it comes with its own app and it works obviously like really really well but this one says that it's supposed to work in seconds it's supposed to be seamless it's supposed to do all these really good things and when I clicked what app do I use with this it actually took me to the website I picked like Android phone and then it was like usually you need to get - command I believe this thing is tiny super light and to tell you the truth feels like I could probably crush it with one hand why don't we start by putting this thing to the test actually currently have an engine light in the BRZ let's go ahead and plug this guy right here all right let's see just how easy it is to use this okay I download a different app I'm pretty sure I've actually been here before in the same situation I just command app seems to shit itself every time I try and use it never really seems to work so I got the torque light app but said you see you okay like right away when I turn it on so I guess we're connected I'm gonna go to fault codes show logged faults because this is really why you would buy one of these is to clear codes after you try and fix your problem so you've got to pay someone to do it a huge pain in the ass there we go p0 420 I know I have this code that's why it's here soon as you go catless you get a code because it thinks your cat's blown cat system efficiency below threshold clear log faults ok that was actually pretty easy not gonna lie that that was about as quick as it could possibly have been they worked about as fast as my other one works once it's all connected and once we fire this thing up that's dope that's actually pretty cool how easy that work and like how cheap that was I honestly kind of regret spending a lot of money online I know my code gonna come back it's one of those things where like I don't even bother clearing it my excuses I want to boost the car one day and if I leave that engine light on there there's no point in getting a tuned out because one day I'm gonna get a boost it I'm gonna need to get it tuned anyways so it's just motivation every time I look at that engine code I'm just like save more money boost your car so with these other guys you can actually do a lot more than just clear the codes which now I'm talking about it I guess it wouldn't hurt just to you know add a couple gauges here where would be like okay so I found one that's kind of ugly but it's gonna work instead of doing like a million little gauges I pulled up this one which has just like on two random stuff all on the same screen now I will be able to make sure that it's actually doing stuff and like really it's not fair to judge the app because you can pay for apps you can use free apps you can do whatever you want this is just to make sure that it's getting a proper reading seems to be working into the depth about 1500 rpm I'm sitting at about 1500 rpm and everything seems to be working pretty fine which is good but like I said this isn't we're not gonna judge those kind of things today because it's not really fair but the mai...
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