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    Bon Appétit’s Brad and Claire are back for a very special crossover episode (Part 1!) of It’s Alive. Claire says they’re making doughnuts with sourdough starter. Brad’s trying to make “sourdoughnuts” a thing. Who will win? You will: this episode had so many good Brad and Claire moments that we had to make it two parts.

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    Brad and Claire Make Doughnuts Part 1 | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


    hey guys hand it's alive we're here with the lovely Claire Safin it taps our self that's not too good and yes they were we making a little sour dough nuts which is just a little yeasted doughnut meringues bread starter sour go that's right sourdough donor sourdough yeast donuts with sourdough starter perfect set of yeast so yeah clean so we're starting with kind of like brioche II a brioche type Easton yeah it is kind of Ryoji right yep I mean that's basically what it is so it's like a really rich dough and instead of using commercial yeast we're using starter you'd use to make sourdough yeah I mean I'm having been having a blast working with the starter and getting them dialed in I've been frying them throughout the week over a super low flame yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah what do you need bread well what are some of the differences you think between using commercial yeast and sourdough I think with starter you definitely get a much more complex flavor thanks more time taste yeah it takes longer oh not even I mean I always benefits we do it cold overnight rise so we actually we're gonna make the dough today but fry them tomorrow right you have starter at home and you're a sourdough Baker you're gonna have a lot of extra anyway it's a great it's a great way to use it yeah and also I love that it's naturally fermented that's what it's a live is all about so and I think it really does when a superior flavor and also a cool texture today I don't know these are the more that's so white I love the final just go home yeah you're going it yeah but hold on let's take a look at the starter cuz so Brad's been feeding this this is a beautiful starter let's do the plastic it's right at like peak ripeness it's gained well you don't know what it looks like before but it's gained a ton of volume and it's just on the verge of collapse I mean even started to collapse a little bit over here and that's I mean this will pass the float test right oh I moved so much air in it right man jiggles like sea foam you want to do a quick flow testers to demonstrate anyone who's seen a sourdough episode knows what that let's try it well that maybe is a little bit of a big piece I've been cut just a little bit I think we're going a little aggressive with the size they're like a brick that was a different different starter yeah oh yeah that's floating so that means that the starter has its very active it's built up a lot of gas yeah well I first started developing it I was putting them in quart containers yeah every time I put it in a quart container lid blows off half of its on the ground you know what headspace you need some room oh yeah I got an the mixer here with a dough hook which we can use again it started but I mean I don't think you need that you could do it by hand and this is makes like a fairly it's a lot of dough you're not gonna make this much so we were gonna add all the ingredients except for for the butter yeah right now we just got sugar 3/4 of a cup a little bit more added this is 5 eggs plus one additional yolk we have 3/4 cup of whole milk we're going we're gonna use 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 3 tablespoons of like a neutral oil vegetables and all the 2 tablespoons of honey yeah so 2 teaspoons I'm sorry 775 grams of all-purpose flour yeah so this is I should say is it fairly or mixes yeah pretty measured in a sweetness the final dough I don't like them real real real yeah yeah I think keep the interior less sweet and then you can do anything glaze or sugar on the outside obviously it's sugar adding Alessi to the mouth yeah if you wanted to like go savory which I guess a little bit wrap it leftover prime rib on his it was so good salt I mean it's basically a you said it was kind of like a little bit of a go it was like a warm fried brioche yeah would stake out of it Saul I mean I mean you could serve that already yeah what's bad about that Sugar's the wet ingredients you can go ahead and add that yeah and the honey and all that gets in the oil no Earl I'm gonna try to nail 50 grams all right 250 grams that's it Oh all right I can't see it oh you're trying to if I feel high or low Oh 238 though I mean come on that's not that bad I'm very impressed yeah you're okay baking's the one thing I really wish and I think that should just always be in grams yeah I agree right yeah but here's a question our doughnuts baking question yeah no I think it's important actually Claire we are gonna be doing a little bit of baking why is that when we roll them out and cut them uh-huh there's extra dough and you could roll this is a pretty good yield of donuts uh-huh but there's extra dough from the from the cutters but I like to do I try to stretch it and make this weird loaf and bake it mm-hmm make a little weird donut brioche loaf your breakfast bread say brioche brioche uh-huh don't you want to France soon yeah we you say it Rios it's clear that's what I'm saying brioche uh-huh this thing's kind of loud you have all these not that size you got a mixer home yeah you know you don't have one y'all get many of all the attachments we do fresh pasta oh the fresh pasta I got the hand-crank pasta oh that's good too though because you're real Italian not really actually I'm Dutch Irish Italian no Dutch Irish Italian at all as far as I know I've never done like the 23andme always wanted to but then I got some friends like no man they're selling your DNA to the Illuminati oh I don't know I don't listen out trust much you know when it comes to big companies I don't yeah oh yeah it's a good you got the apple day terms in agreement yeah okay click here I don't no idea what that thing says I don't know what they're doing all right whatever Illuminati no I missed it this is all like wacky conspiracy uh-huh no it's good let me here living in a damn brown dog go ahead close me window sell my organs great let's get dark cheer up yeah so you can see it's like sticking to the side of the bowl usually it's real wet looking but eventually this will bring it together and as it develops all the glutens it'll become a lot less sticky and then we can move it to the surface I still think this amount of dough would fit in this war in artisan and the regular the total artisans earlier artisan right don't criticize my kitchen he'll be funny aids it's kinda ridiculous I say rotisserie oh that's my favorite that's not presentation that's just the wrong that's about the right word mr. Aryan Fred I don't know if it makes it better than you know that it's not right anyway there's a National Park once know what were the vet a scrapey scrapey scrapey would say you know when like a bakery setting you don't want to waste any dough throw with money yeah Joey's money now I wonder you know how people say oh you got with Joe and Amy first dough is money sometimes like making oh do you think that comes from like a baker bag I truly never even thought about it you got dough I think you should ease and then bakers I who can make Joe Blow please from Park the third year I don't really do well with car metaphors can you drive five-speed no well you should learn I barely got a lot about it I live in New York I could save your life one day I know I have a license I know how to drive no no go what happens all right we're going to turn this off this is serious you're camping this is about zip ties and if your bumper falls off no but stay with me are your camping all right uh-huh all of a sudden all right boom there's okay fine keep going well lose my train if I'm damn bad so you're camping all of a sudden there's a killer running at you all right and you got to get out of there okay oh my god there's a car over there it's not ours but the keys are in it we can get away and you get in the car it's a five-speed where are you going I've no idea you're getting murdered Claire that's way gotta learn how to carry five speeds you carry out I do it in the city really think I'd have a better chance of learning like Taekwondo like lethal self-defense more tools in the Box the better Claire okay do you give lessons turn the mix yeah whoa nice dad Brad tips for ladies I don't know I'm not a trained martial artist dad Brad the lady that's what I use it guys the original tip was always periods at tides and the question why always give me the car with answered by because if your bumper falls off you just drill two holes thirsty I'm gonna put my faith in you but this is not how I've been doing it doesn't matter okay but I don't know at a molecular level it might be a little more stressful oh all right I get it you got to make starburst who it is hey it's no salary yeah salary salary we gotten too close to a windowpane so the folks that haven't watched the first episode of Claire and I when we meet sourdough bread oh we talked about windowpane I don't remember when you take some dough and you can hold it in between your your fingers and you stretch it but it holds it gets like the light you can see through it but it doesn't tear like that a windowpane if you would I need a bigger piece no somebody I mean if you want if you gave if all of a sudden you know uh mr. producers like Claire we've got to get you back on the starburst I can go in the back in the back closet or something in finish this one I mean how long are we talking like 20 minutes right you can't rush perfection there and I don't think we should we got one shot one shot one kill that they called Tommy Tommy Tommy bernzy sniper cheers or watch a show t...
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