Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game Highlights | October 8, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason

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    Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game Highlights | October 8, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason

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    Tokyo Japan the capital of that country a mix of the ultra-modern and the historic and it's the NBA Japan Games 2019 featuring the defending NBA champion Toronto Raptors against the Houston Rockets you saw PJ Tucker get the address he's played one hundred and sixty nine consecutive games for most of the NBA since 2012 13 or underway the NBA Japan game a very good team as their balance or their ability to go to events and Ibaka can be a starter you come off the bench you can do whatever you need them to be Gary isn't a post I work on the smaller coordinate and hits rockets in black Russell Westbrook hardly got the three off and it's good for James Harden and it gone here's an anova I'm gonna reach harden I should say Westbrook knocked it loose Westbrook finds capela go to the rim and one Rockets are scored five straight take a five two leaders VanFleet around capela what a finish there by VIN either first or second of the MVP voting for three straight years ciacco awkward spinning pass and Ibaka knocks down a three eight assists two years in a row matched up with OJ and Adobe pull-up is good for Russell Westbrook by another first-team all-nba player and see if he can mesh yeah but sometimes it doesn't have to do with ability sometimes there's other things involved who don't work low by again Wow return to Euston where they played the Shanghai Sharks the other night a relatively easy time I guess you could say is Westbrook mates I think that's a big part of his role as Patrick McLoughlin is back on the floor Westbrook finds capela and those three makes it great deliveries the penetration ability of these guys predict Sayaka against the terrific defender and Tucker at C octave able to score 92-93 season his Japan to regular season games against the Seattle SuperSonics James Harden to get where he wants the joke his speed and there's a three except with heart right now James Harden averaged over 40 points a game over a 40 games fan last year between December and March and there he finds capella guy like Westbrook Maine elbow you know these guys Faisal to receive for adequate rest because of the talent of each player Terrence Davis in the game fine co-come for the puck buzzer Wow inks behind the three-point line 13 for siakam river is a deep three he hits and the rebound and an OB for Toronto that Thomas that lays it up and in rivers finds McLemore wowing them in Tokyo the old fans anticipating to clear out hard step-back Kansa 321 for James Harden goes to the bench for the first time then Russell Westbrook we enters the game but the Rockets turn it over Boucher in transition on an Obi to the rim free really good house in between that Thomas driving drift action to set up a great shooter Anderson of three that's what he does and that's a championship level their defense has to be at a high level beautiful speed Sefolosha three is good Charles are standing outside the velvet rope ahead now McLemore to the thrift sent an interesting NBA career so far he's looking to make a breakthrough there at all look at that oh gee Westbrook hits the three got to show it on this side Oh Gianna no be twisting through rebounded by the Rockets Westbrook pushing accelerating and finishing and politte finds an Adobe Thomas a three is good for Matt Thomas it's the match of siakam and Harden clemont's off the ball fake drains the three harden played by hollis-jefferson who's a good on-ball defender oh he nutmeg them about this when the Malik Gordon oh he has got unlimited rain with his rocky team his fans bleep with a shot clock winding down it's off the front of the rim he'll get a reset here with siakam his three is good forgotten his James Harden is vowing guys to be open at that line fans lead fallings on the hollis-jefferson finds towels were three ciacco blocked by capela the lead ahead to Clemens going strong the rook Nets comes gonna cheat up they need to stay attached better hollis-jefferson I'm sorry harden the step-back three and it's good for James Harden's harden nutmeg them prior to that then dreams of three over 27 for harden as if up finishing on the other see Optima three back tap and the Raptors keep it alive and lead us deep three is good glass and this week tipping it out by sea outcome and then a Bentley's from James Gordon two three and it's good for every court that Felucia harden in Westbrook were all former Thunder players that's a lotion to three and it's good for Thabo Arden to Westbrook to bring it out Westbrook attacking with six assists Russell Westbrook and again here in the second well in second halves you will take a little bit of break his heart and some paints and give it a hardened late the shot clock RZ on him tough fadeaway is good 32 time Missouri Valley Conference Player of the Year for a very good Wichita State program his emerged as a key figure for the defending champs as rivers gets that one will go Martin Stein temple I back it out McLemore a 3 tip in deflect it away and bleach spot up three is good proof that they belong on rosters reserves on the floor right now Oh positions for the for the Raptors wants to be that guy here's Anderson was ruined the three is good for Ryan Anderson traits Boucher working didn't want to shoot that initially and Davis with the rebound puts it employment on the other end won't ball rebounded by Davis on the move Terrence Davis the rack followed Chan for buescher's Malcolm Miller number 13 checks into the game now for the Raptors Ryan Anderson hits step back game out for Toronto one-point lead for the Rockets McLemore Hopeton three is good for Ben McLemore by and reset defeats drained it changed the Boucher and one national star and Italy there's Davis hits the runner aim Davis a load goes rondae hollis-jefferson twisting shot and he ties the game for the beam on the floor Austin Rivers in the frontcourt rivers taking it all the way to the rim Anderson rivers runner is good and mutants matchup boomerang pass back to Davis to go ahead to Ryan Anderson babies can't score but a putback jams airBaltic Toronto look at a time were set or take the lead Miller gives the Raptors don't see how these younger players can execute down to stretch in this game Clemens for blossom games Rodney's got it back the drive and one if you're sated they still are the position that was a movement try and change today mark the steam back to Clement to thump off inside for blossomgame at all rondae hollis-jefferson with a rebound Thomas finds Miller Parton Steve's able to score three rebounded by blossomgame shamora Khan's step through and the left-handed finish is a lefty figure they got it got about without a foul gotta learn to understand now there won't be any time left now they do and they're going to score advantage here for the Raptor clements blossomgame between no good kept alive Raptors control at a foul committed at three for three seconds remaining rebounded by Houston but that'll do it Raptors come back from 17 down
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